Chapter 456 Fight for the Lode

Chapter 456 – Fight for the Lode

Deep in the mountains, two groups of people were arguing with each other in front of a mine.

“Zhou Zhenhe, don’t be too outrageous,” the man in hemp clothes held a large saber and shouted angrily at the man who was dressed in silk clothing and smiling evilly.

“Xue Qi, you are a village chief, but your clothes are too shabby, right?” the man in silk clothing snorted, then stretched lazily. “We, the Zhou family, are taking this mine. You guys from Spiritual Breeze Village can leave and go back to whatever you were doing.”

“Don’t act too over the line,” Xue Qi glared. “Our villagers found this lode through a lot of hard work, and now you’re saying that the Zhou family’s just going to take it?”

“What? You don’t accept it?” Zhou Zhenhe took out a spiritual sigil, which fluctuated with terrifying spiritual energy, from his pocket. “My brother-in-law told me to break this spiritual sigil when someone bullies me. You know he’s an Earth Immortal expert. Say, should I call him over or not!?”


Everyone from the Spiritual Breeze Village clenched their fists tightly. It was because of this False Earth Immortal…

If it wasn’t because of this False Earth Immortal, our village wouldn’t have been suppressed like this. The old village chief had died in anger. Although the young village chief is shockingly talented, he’s too young, and we don’t want to pressure him too much.

“Village chief, how about… let’s let it go,” one of the villagers said. Xue Qi was merely of the spiritual body level. It was impossible for him to match up to an expert of the False Earth Immortal level.

“Hehe, that’s funny. Isn’t he just a False Earth Immortal? And you’re still proudly calling him an Earth Immortal? Do you have no shame?” A peal of laughter sounded out behind everyone.

When they turned around, they immediately saw Stone walk over with Ye Zichen and the man who had went to deliver the message.

“Stone… You-You came as well,” the first thing Xue Qi did after seeing Ye Zichen was use his spiritual consciousness to detect Ye Zichen’s strength…

He only just entered the False Spiritual Body level?

Xue Qi was momentarily disappointed, but he quickly smiled again. It’s pretty good that he has the strength of the False Spiritual Body level, it’s already so much better than him being an idiot.

“Who is it? Who was speaking just now?” Zhou Zhenhe frowned.

“I was speaking, so what!?” Ye Zichen stepped forward, then glanced at him. “You’re dressed pretty nicely, but why is your hearing so bad? I spoke just now, so? Are you a second grade disabled, and are deaf?”

“You dare to speak to me like that?” Zhou Zhenhe laughed. Ever since his older sister went with the False Earth Immortal expert, nobody dared to speak to him like that.

“Why don’t I? Don’t we all have a head on our shoulders? What? You got a few more heads than others? Or do you think that the shitty spiritual sigil in your hand can scare people? Stop trying to show off. Didn’t you only get that with your sister being the concubine… She’s a concubine if I put it nicely, but if I put it terribly, she’s just a mistress. You’re actually so happy about your sister being a mistress,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Zhou Zhenhe.

Hearing that, everyone from Spiritual Breeze village was stunned, but they begun to cheer soon after.

The person who cheered the loudest was Stone. He put his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulder and laughed, “Good kid, I like. That’s right, curse this little bastard. He’s relying on that False Earth Immortal, and now he thinks that he’s one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. He got so full of himself! Curse him, and Stone-ge will help you out with any consequences.”

“Spiritual Breeze Villager, you guys are forcing me!” Zhou Zhenhe glared, but still did not shatter the spiritual sigil.

It was already pretty nice for the False Earth Immortal to give him a spiritual sigil after his older sister became his concubine. However… He only gave Zhou Zhenhe one. Them, the Zhou family, had been acting cockily through the years with that single spiritual sigil.

“If I shatter it, then all of you will die.”

“Little bastard, are you trying to scare your Grandpa Stone? Worst come to worst, I’ll just die, then I’ll reincarnate sooner or later. Shatter it if you dare. If he wants to kill your Grandpa Stone, I’ll at least knock out one of his teeth!” Stone snorted with a murderous gaze, while the other men from the Spiritual Breeze Village shouted out in agreement.

They had gotten sick of being cowards, and did not want to act like grandsons any longer.

So what if they die? At least they won’t feel like pussies anymore.

“Zhou Zhenhe, shatter it. Don’t think that only Victorious Village has an ascender. We, the Spiritual Breeze Village does as well,” Xue Qi stepped forward with incomparable sharpness.

Zhou Zhenhe immediately hesitated upon hearing that.

He could understand Stone getting cocky, but Xue Qi was like the spirit of the Spiritual Breeze Village. The fact that he acted like that as well…

Could the rumor of Spiritual Breeze Village having an ascender be true?

The ascender from the Victorious Village was no longer living in the village, so all they could rely on was the spiritual sigil. If I was to use this spiritual sigil here, then it would be good if my brother in law can kill everyone from Spiritual Breeze Villager, but if Spiritual Breeze Village has a decently strong person, and the two of them settle the score without violence, then Victorious Village would be ruined.

“Fine, Xue Qi, Stone… I’ll give you guys this shitty mine. There is still plenty of time, we’ll see how everything goes!” Zhou Zhenhe brought the Zhou family members away with a dark expression.

Seeing the Zhou family retreat, everyone from the Spiritual Breeze cheered loudly.

This was the first time Victorious Village had given up to them, the Spiritual Breeze Village.

“Xue Qi, wow,” Stone knocked Xue Qi on his shoulder and laughed. “I didn’t expect you to dare go against Zhou Zhenhe as well, but does that ascender you mentioned actually exist? I always thought that you were tricking outsiders.”

“Of course,” Xue Qi replied, then carelessly glanced over at Ye Zichen.

“It’s real…” Stone was stunned. “Where is that master? How strong is he? F*ck, if he’s strong, then can we directly wreck Victorious Village? I' d been pissed at Victorious Village for a long time!”

“How can we get a master to do things so easily?” Xue Qi smiled.

Stone nodded, “You’re right, but I still want to see that master!”

“You’ll naturally get a chance,” Xue Qi patted his shoulder, then smiled towards the villagers behind him. “Brothers, cover up this mine. We’ll drink till we’re drunk tonight. Then, we’re coming over to work when we wake up!”

The surrounding villagers all chuckled in response, then begun to busy themselves.

Xue Qi smiled, then slowly walked beside Ye Zichen, “Thanks to you just now. You’re very bright. If it wasn’t for you angering that Zhou Zhenhe, I couldn’t have possibly noticed his weakness.”

“It was an easy thing to do,” Ye Zichen replied, but couldn’t help but retort in his heart…

I actually didn’t think so much. I didn’t even treat a False Earth Immortal seriously. If he really came, then I’ll just beat him away.

“What are you called?” Xue Qi raised his eyebrows.

“Ye Zichen.”

“I am the village chief of Spiritual Breeze Village, Xue Qi,” Xue Qi smiled, then raised his eyebrows. “I have to apologize to you right now.”

“What happened?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“I hid the truth about you being an ascender,” with that, Xue Qi begun to explain. “I detected your strength just now. False Spiritual Body… This strength is alright, but it’s not enough. I hope that you won’t tell others of your identity either, is that alright?”

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