Chapter 455 Spirit Breeze Village

Chapter 455 – Spirit Breeze Village

This is the Three Realms?

Ye Zichen got off the bed, and noticed that someone had already changed his clothes to a set of hemp-made clothes. After getting used to the clothes from the Modern Realm, he was not very comfortable wearing the hemp clothes at all.

He walked over to the window and looked outside. The old village made it feel somewhat like a paradise.

Willow trees were everywhere, and grass covered the land…

Greenery really is nice.


At that moment, the door to his room was pushed open. The person who entered was a girl in a flower dress. She was holding a basin of water, which was covered with a “towel”!

“Hey, you’re awake!” the girl giggled and put the basin of water aside before quickly running over. She was only as tall as Ye Zichen’s shoulder, and Ye Zichen could smell a faint fragrance when she neared.

Her gem-like eyes were filled with innocence, showing that she was as pure as a white sheet of paper.

“You…” Ye Zichen subconsciously took a step back and said hesitantly.

“Hehe, I’m called Xue Lan. I’m the little sister of this village’s village chief!” the girl replied with a giggle. She appeared to be twenty-something years old, and gave off the feeling that she always smiled when she spoke.


“Yeah, this is the Spiritual Breeze Village. There are plenty of other villages nearby as well. Our village used to be the largest one around, but now… Hehe, it still isn’t small,” Xue Lan smiled.

Her intimate smile caused Ye Zichen’s vigilance to drop a lot.

He smiled with a nod, “Which realm of the Three Realms does this place belong to?”

“I’m not too sure!” Xue Lan answered ambiguously. When she saw Ye Zichen raise his eyebrows in confusion, she explained once more, “This is the cross section of the Three Realms. It doesn’t belong to any of the realms, but if we were talking in terms of distance, we should be the closest to the Immortal Region.

I never expected myself to have ascended to a place that doesn’t belong to any of the Three Realms.

Ye Zichen nodded. Could I not have been accepted by any of the realms due to my constitution?

Or was this Old Man Lin’s doing, and he deliberately caused me to ascend here…

But just who exactly is Old Man Lin? How can he control the Modern Realm? Since he’s so powerful and was able to control all Twelve of the Demon Sovereigns, why didn’t he just directly kill them all? Why did he tell me to deal with the demons?

So strange.

“Our village has never had ascenders before. The Victorious Village beside us is always suppressing our village just because a False Earth Immortal lord when over! It’s so infuriating!” Xue Lan pouted angrily.

However, Ye Zichen was completely stunned when he heard that.

False Earth Immortal?


He had thought that even a Human Immortal should be a small fry in the Three Realms. Why can even a False Earth Immortal be called a lord here?

“What level of strength is rewarded as strong here?”

“One has to be at least of the Spiritual Body level,” Xue Lan blinked. “Those with of the complete stage False Spiritual Body level shouldn’t be considered too weak either.”

Is this really the Three Realms?

Ye Zichen was truly stunned. Even a complete stage False Spiritual Body level person wouldn’t be too weak, then the ones I met in the Modern Realm… Even Human Immortals were small fries!

All of a sudden, he realized something…

This doesn’t belong to any of the Three Realms, so the situation here might be a bit special.

Ye Zichen nodded plainly.

“Don’t mind it too much, it’s fine for you to be weak since you’ve come to our village. My older brother will protect us. He’s a Spiritual Body level expert.”

“Thank you,” Ye Zichen replied with a smile.

Xue Lan asked once again, “What sort of world did you live in before? I’m very curious about the place you ascenders have lived in before. How did you ascend up here?”

“My place… was a very beautiful city. Technology was very advanced, but the environment was terrible. As for how I ascended, our place was attacked by the outside, so I was forced up here without any other choice,” Ye Zichen smiled.

Hearing that, Xue Lan immediately put on a moved expression, “Wow, you’re so pitiful.”

“I’m alright,” Ye Zichen smiled.

At that moment, a shout rang out outside the door, “Lil’ Lan, Lil’ Lan!”


The room door was pushed open. A dark-skinned man in beast-skin clothing walked in. When he saw Ye Zichen, who was beside Xue Lan…

“Who is this kid?”

“He is…” Xue Lan replied. Then, when she remembered that her older brother told her not to tell others about Ye Zichen’s identity, she smiled. “He came from another village. That village was attacked by a beast swarm and only he survived. Older brother saw how pitiful he is, so he took him in.”

“So it’s like that,” the man squinted his eyes, then raised his eyebrows. “What are you called?”

“Ye Zichen!”

“He looks so thin. Can he work?” the man walked over, then patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder. When he huge force caused Ye Zichen shoulders to lower, the man chuckled. “Laddie, you have to train more.”

“Big Brother Stone is so mean, you always bully the new people,” Xue Lan pouted and waved her fist at the man. Then she introduced him to Ye Zichen. “He’s our village’s vice village chief, and is my brother’s good friend since childhood. He’s very nice. But even though he looks honest, he has even more crafty ideas compared to my older brother.”

“Hey, girlie, I don’t have as many ploys to screw people over as you,” Stone rolled his eyes speechlessly. “Your sis said she wants to learn embroidery from you. I told that old woman many times not to learn it, but she is very insistent on wanting to learn… Go and teach her. If she can succeed, then keep teaching her. If she can’t, then just get her to come hunt with me.”

“Alright, I’ll go over right now,” Xue Lan skipped out of the room.

Stone set his gaze onto Ye Zichen once again, “Looking at you, you should be at the level seven or eight of the body tempering level, right? We have one rule in the village, and that’s those who works can eat. You should be able to live properly with your strength, so work hard, then get a girl in the village and have a child here. But let me remind you, don’t think about Lil’ Lan. She got an engagement since she was a kid.”

“Ai, I understand,” Ye Zichen nodded.


At that moment, quick footsteps were suddenly heard outside. Not long later, a topless man ran in with blood on his face.

“What happened!?”

“F*ck, our village’s brothers found an unexcavated lode. Those bastards from the Victorious Village said it to and insists that its theirs… We’re fighting now. Village Vice Chief Stone hurry up and go over, I’m worried that Village Chief Xue Qi can’t endure it anymore!” the man cursed angrily.

Stone squinted his eyes, then rolled up his sleeves, “Go, bring mei over. Those bastards from Victorious, they think that they’re invincible with a False Earth Immortal backing them up.”

Just as he was about to walk out of the door, he suddenly turned and looked at Ye Zichen. “Kid, together?”

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