Chapter 454 - Ascender

Chapter 454 - Ascender

Outside an old village.

A young man whose clothing was in shambles with lifeless eyes was carried over by two guards.

“Xue Qi, someone new for your village,” a guard shouted out.

Not long later, a young man, who looked to be less than thirty years of age, walked out from the village. He was wearing clothes made of hemp, and there were a few patches on his sleeves.

It was obvious that the young man had lived a poor life, or perhaps, even one in poverty.

This is strange. How could a strong person like an ascender be put into our village? Xue Qi scratched his head in confusion. However, his face turned as dark as coal the moment he saw the young man standing beside the guards.

I knew it. How could anyone good be sent here? Xue Qi couldn’t help but retort in his heart, while his original anticipation that was built up in his heart down.

“Hurry up. This is the last one. Just stamp it for us. We’re in a hurry to go out and drink,” one of the guards knitted his eyebrows, showing his displeasure.

Xue Qi nodded, then walked over, before saying thoughtlessly. “My lords, although our village isn’t doing so well, but there’s no need to stuff all sorts of weaklings here, right? Look at this kid, just what is he like… He can’t even do basic farming. Food is really lacking right now here…”


The guard raised his hand and smacked Xue Qi’s head, “You really bullshit around too much. It’s already nice of us to give you one. Hurry up, we’re in a hurry.”

“Fine, then can I ask where this kid came from?” Xue Qi shrugged helplessly.

One of the guards replied, “I saw him in the ascension spiritual formation. He should have ascended here.

“You really know how to make jokes,” Xue Qi twitched his mouth. No matter what, I am the village chief, so I do know some things. The amazingness of the False Earth Immortal ascender from the next village for example…

If it wasn’t because that village chief presenting his daughter to the ascender to be a mistress, our village wouldn’t have been dominated so much.

False Earth Immortal… That’s the strength an ascender should have.

And just look at this guy. He’s a pure idiot!

“Who’s joking around? Do you think I have a lot of spare time? I’m telling you, the only reason he was even sent here was because of our relationship through all these years. You might have gotten a treasure,” the guard smiled, but even he did not believe his words.

We walked over respectfully when we saw the ascender, but… all we saw was an idiot. God knows how this brat ascended.

“Then, let me thank you,” Xue Qi couldn’t help but twitched his mouth. Relationship, ya right… They only sent him over because the other villages weren’t taking him in, right?

Xue Qi took out a stamp from his pocket and stomped it on the guard’s list.

After the guard put away the list, Xue Qi squatted on the ground and stared at the young man in front of him.

“Kid, give me some hope. Tell me you are actually pretending to be insane and dumb!”

No response.

“I f*cking knew it,” Xue Qi rolled his eyes speechlessly.

Not long later, a girl wearing a flowered dress walked out of the village with a white flower in hand.

“Ge, what are you doing here?”

“They’ve brought an ascender to our village,” Xue Qi rolled his eyes.

Hearing that, she quickly ran over and giggled, “Wow, our village would actually have an ascender too? I have to take me a look…”

When she walked closer and saw the young man, she blinked and circled around him a few times, “So strange!”

“It would be strange if he wasn’t. Don’t think about it, good stuff will never be brought to our village. Seriously, this is just another mouth to feed,” Xue Qi shook his head with a sigh, then grabbed the young man’s shoulder before turning towards the girl. “C’mon, take him to our house. I’m worried about just leaving him here. I’ll put him in the room beside you, so take care of him when you are free!”

“Sure ge,” the girl nodded with a giggle.

The fact that an ascender joined the village made everyone in the village extremely happy. They all yammered and walked to see the glorious appearance of the ascender. However, Xue Qi merely shook his head with a wry smile.

He had deliberately spread the news. The fact that the guards did come over and an ascender had joined their village were absolute facts. The reason he spread the news was just to make the nearby villages more wary.

However, he could not allow the outsiders to know who the ascender was. Otherwise, the other villages might suppress their village even harder.

“Ye-zi, let me tell you. I’m going to make you drown in despair and hatred. Do you think… she’ll be enough?”

“So pitiful. What does it feel like watching the woman you love die?”

“Ye-zi, I can only say that you’re lucky. I await your revenge against me. See you in the Three Realms.”

“I really am looking forward to it. I wonder what will the spiteful you grow into.”

“Live with grudge and hatred. Hahahaha…”

Scenes played out in Ye Zichen’s mind like a movie. Then, Old Man Lin’s words before he left rang out in his thoughts.

“It’ll be hard on you, but you are the Modern Realm’s only hope. I’ll leave the demons to you.”


Color gradually returned to Ye Zichen’s lifeless eyes as he clenched his fists tightly on the bed.

“Su Yiyun, just you wait.”

“Ye Zichen, you’re awake?” A comforting voice sounded out in Ye Zichen’s mind. Not long later, Xuan-Yuan Xiang appeared in the simple room with a smile. “I thought you would continue being broken due to what had happened.”

“I nearly did,” Ye Zichen scratched his head, then said in self-mockery. “I really want to continue degenerating like that, but… I suddenly felt like living on with grudges and hatred isn’t bad. People should always have a target to aim for.”

“You want to take revenge?”

“What else!?” Ye Zichen’s eyes suddenly turned dark. He looked out the window and snorted. “I won’t leave Yumei’s matter just like that. Su Yiyun… I will not give him anymore chances the next time I see him. Vengeance plots… Since he likes those so much, then I’ll show some to him.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang knitted her eyebrows when she heard Ye Zichen’s reply.

She could feel the intense grudge lying underneath his words. She was very afraid of Ye Zichen losing himself in the vengeful spirit.

However, she was merely an artifact spirit. The path she goes was where her master’s blade pointed towards.

“Ai. Oh yeah, what is this place?” Ye Zichen calmed down. He looked around the room curiously. From the way the room is set up, it doesn’t look like the Modern Realm…

The Modern Realm can’t be this far behind!

Judging from the scene outside the window, this seems to be a small village…

Xuan-Yuan Xiang also followed his gaze, then shook her head, “This…. should be the Three Realms!”

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