Chapter 453 Drown in Despair and Hatred

Chapter 453 – Drown in Despair and Hatred

Everyone was stunned. None of them expected Ye Zichen to make that sort of choice.

The system notification also told him to choose the Modern Realm, but truth be told, he was unable to do so.

He could not do something like discard his woman for greater good. Perhaps, I’ve very selfish.

As tears flowed down uncontrollably, Xiao Yumei repeatedly shook her head at Ye ZIchen, as if she was telling Ye Zichen to give up on her.

However, Ye Zichen merely smiled softly, then shook his head, “I’m a selfish person. Sorry.”

“Hehe, Ye Zichen, Ye Zichen, I really couldn’t tell before, but you’ve got a way with girls!” Su Yiyun laughed, then pointed towards the soldiers from the Three Realms. “Make them leave!”

Ye ZIchen nodded, then flew beside Yang Jian and co., who were arguing with Lord Black Dragon.

“Bro!” Yang Jian immediately turned towards him.

The apologetic look on Ye Zichen’s face also became more apparent when he saw them. They must have paid a huge price to help me…

But now, I’m telling them to return.

“Yang Jian, Great Sage, Nezha, take your people and return to the Three Realms!”


All three of them were shocked upon hearing that.

“Sorry, they made me choose. I really can’t give her up. I’m so sorry, but take your people back,” Ye Zichen smiled apologetically.

Yang Jian knitted his eyebrows and wanted to say something, but the Great Sage pulled him back.

“Alright, then we’ll leave.”

The Great Sage dragged Nezha and Yang Jian away, while Ye Zichen repeatedly muttered “I’m sorry” behind them. Gradually, the forces from the Three Realms begun to leave the battlefield, even if they did kill plenty more demons as they were leaving.

“They’ve all left. Give Yumei back to me!” Ye Zichen walked tiredly in front of Su Yiyun.

Su Yiyun raised his eyebrows and glanced around. When he confirmed that all of the people from the Three Realms had already left, he raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Ye Zichen, I didn’t think that you actually chose to discard the entire Modern Realm for this woman…”

“No need to make fun of me. I had already fulfilled your request. Give Yumei back to me,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and raised his hand. He had already thought up the method of redemption. After he gets Yumei back, he’ll get Taibai Jinxing to open the path, and take the people around him and from the Modern Realm to the Three Realms!

Then, he’ll stay in the Modern Realm by himself and kill as many demons as he can, until he dies…



Su Yiyun suddenly laughed loudly, while the six Demon Sovereigns also quickly suppressed Ye ZIchen and the people around him.

“Su Yiyun?” A bad feeling rose up from the depths of Ye ZIchen’s heart. Then, his light flashed across his eyes. “We had a deal. You have to keep your word.”

“Hey, don’t you think that talking about trust with someone like me is hilarious?” Su YIyun laughed mockingly. “Actually, that was only a way to scare you. I never expected that to actually work. Ye Zichen, you weren’t such a fool when we met.”


“Me? What about me? You had chips to negotiate with me with when the people from the Three Realms were here. However, you actually told them to leave for this woman. Do you think you still have the right to bargain with us without their support?”

“Su Yiyun, you’ll die a terrible death!” Ye Zichen struggled, but even the weakest of the Twelve Demon Sovereigns were of the Sky Immortal level, so no matter how much he struggled, he could not do anything.

“Hehe, I don’t know how I’ll die. What I do know is that… your woman’s about to die!”

Ye Zichen’s pupils suddenly contracted when he heard that.

He struggled even harder, and shook his head intensely…

“Ye-zi, let me tell you. I’m going to make you drown in despair and hatred. Do you think… she’ll be enough?” Su Yiyun grabbed Xiao Yumei by her head, while a ball of scorching flames appeared in his right hand.



A ring fell down from the sky and in front of Ye Zichen. At the same time, the two demon sovereigns behind him also stopped restraining him.

He picked up the ring with a tremble as he kneeled on the floor and looked at it lifelessly…


Ye ZIchen’s arms trembled as he grabbed hold of the ring.

At that moment, Su Yiyun also walked over, “You feel very pained, right? The feeling of losing the woman you love hurts, right? Hehe, there is no justice in this world, and you cannot be justice. Just look at your choice just now… You are a selfish person, right?”

“Yumei,” Ye Zichen looked lifelessly at the place where Xiao Yumei disappeared from, then murmured as he grabbed the ring in his hand.

“What a pitiful fellow,” Gu Li sneered on the side.

Su Yiyun nodded, “What kind of story do you think humans like the most?”

“Comedy?” Gu LI raised his eyebrows.

“No, it’s vengeance,” Su Yiyun twitched his mouth and snorted. “A main character who lost what he believes in. The look of such a person swearing to take revenge in furious rage would cause anyone to move. Right now, isn’t Young Master Ye just like that sort of main character?”


Su Yiyun kicked Ye Zichen, who fell onto the ground without reacting at all.

Su Yiyun also chuckled, “See? So pitiful. Even I feel bad when I see this.”

“What is even more pitiful is that he doesn’t seem to even have a chance to take revenge,” Gu LI smiled, then raised Chiyou Sword up high. “Let’s end this right here!”


Ye Zichen raised his hand and grabbed Xuan-Yuan Sword, then used it to block the blow.

He put the ring carefully into his pocket with a lifeless look, then stood up from the ground as he continued gripping the sword.


Ye Zichen screamed out, as purple demonic energy continuously surged into his body.

The aura his body gave off continued to increase. Complete stage Earth Immortal, early stage Human Immortal, mid stage Human Immortal, late stage Human Immortal…

The rate of increase was completely shocking.

His aura only stopped increasing once he reached the level of a complete stage Human Immortal. Then, he rushed over to grab Gu Li’s and Su Yiyun’s neck…

“It’s time,” at that moment, Wei Chen suddenly knitted his eyebrows.


The wave swept across the sky, causing everybody except Ye Zichen to stand still and lose their consciousness. Then, Old Man Lin slowly appeared in front of everyone with Lin Ru by his side and looked at the scene.

“Alright, let this end. From now on, the Modern Realm will be frozen. Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation, everything will be left to you now.”

Old Man Lin’s voice suddenly rang out in Ye Zichen’s mind. When he turned to look back at Old Man Lin, the latter squinted his eyes and snorted. “The Modern Realm does not belong to any realm, and no realm should come and try to conquer it. Those who don’t belong here will be expelled, but if it happens again, then they shall all be killed!”

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