Chapter 451 Never Retreat

Chapter 451 – Never Retreat

No one could see who that figure was, and Ye Zichen was no exception to that.

Ye Zichen’s Fiery Eyes of Truth were activated the entire time, but when he looked over at the figure, he felt like there seemed to be a thin veil on the person, which completely blocked off his sights.

“It’s actually you,” Hibiscus smiled. “Why are you helping the Yellow Emperor?”

“That is none of your business,” the figure said once again. “There is no need for you to lower your status to deal with him, right?”

Hibiscus squinted her eyes indifferently, then raised her eyebrows, “But Black Dragon promised…”

“Just treat it as your returning the favor to me?” the figure cut her off emotionlessly. “Just treat you not dealing with him as returning my favor.”

“It seems like I got a great deal,” Hibiscus smiled, then dispelled all of the demonic energy around her and nodded. “It’s a deal!”

Then, she leaped up and disappeared from Ye Zichen’s sight. Then, the demons, including the demon-king leveled experts, who stood beside her, all fell silently to the ground, and lost all traces of life.

“I can only help you so much. Good luck!” With that, the black figure disappeared, as if he was never there in the first place.

“Boss Ye, who was he?” Gou Yuzhan licked his lollipop and asked with a blinked.

Ye Zichen shook his head and glanced at the place where that person disappeared from, “I don’t know either.”

Half an hour later, Ye Zichen and Gou Yuzhan met up with Wei Chen’s forces.

The uninjured members stood on guard around the teahouse, while the injured members were being treated within.

Wei Chen held a cigarette in his mouth, while he watched the situation outside using a pair of binoculars. Meanwhile, Taibai Jinxing also gulped down water furiously.

“How about giving up?” After a while, Wei Chen put down the binoculars and walked over.

They truly had too few people, and there were too many abyssals. It was no longer a problem of whether they were able to wipe out the abyssals.

It was already a question of whether they could even survive.

“Are you telling me to give up?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then grabbed Wei Chen by the collar. “If you say anymore irresponsible words to me, then I don’t mind starting with you.”

“You can consider what Old Wei said,” However contrary to Ye Zichen’s expectations, Taibai Jinxing actually supported Wei Chen. He glanced at the other members within the teahouse. “This is your only fighting force. Do you actually want to use these several tens of people to fight against the several millions, or even billions of demonic beings outside? This is a war with no chance of victory!”

“Yang Jian and co. are already on their way. As long as we wait a bit longer…”

“It’s been so long already. It actually doesn’t take too long from the Three Realms to the Modern Realm, but have you seen them anywhere?” Taibai Jinxing squinted his eyes with a smile. “My guess is that the self-defense mechanism of the Modern Realm has already been activated. The people from the Three Realms won’t be able to come.”

“Impossible!” Ye Zichen shook his head furiously. He took out his phone and tried to send Yang Jian and co. a message…

Message send failure!

Unwilling to give up, he sent messages to other people, and even a few in the group, but all of them could not be sent.

“Don’t try to contact them anymore. I’ve already tried it,” Taibai Jinxing replied plainly.

Ye Zichen clenched his fists even tighter, “Then what do you guys think? Do we still have anywhere we can retreat to in this sort of circumstance?”

“With our fighting force, it is possible to slaughter a way out if we fight with our lives on the line. Leave Bingcheng to them. I can try to connect the Modern Realm and the Three Realms…”

“Never mind,” Ye Zichen shook his head, and interrupted Taibai. “If you guys want to, then go… There are too many people I have to protect here. I won’t leave.”

He took out his last remaining pill from his pocket, and popped it into his mouth. Then he picked up Xuan-Yuan Sword and left the room silently.

The outside was filled with endless abyssals and demon soldiers. Ye Zichen walked in front of them emotionlessly…

When they saw all, all of them charged towards him.


Ye Zichen released several wind blades from Xuan-Yuan Sword. However, even after he killed of a group of abyssals, another group would immediately charge over.

Despite that, he still continued…

To fight and never retreat.

“Seriously…” Taibai Jinxing shook his head with a sigh moments after Ye Zichen left. “Approximately how long left?”

“About an hour!” Wei Chen chucked his binoculars to the side, then grabbed his silver jacket.

“Where are you going?”

“I can’t exactly let him face all these abyssals by himself, right? The Yellow Emperor helped me back then, so I can’t possibly allow him to die outside,” Wei Chen smiled, then put on the jacket and left the teahouse.

“Die!” Ye Zichen repeatedly hacked the abyssals, causing the demons around him to all be chopped down.

“Ye Zichen, behind you!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang suddenly called out, but at that split second…

“F*ck off!” Wei Chen kicked the demon behind Ye Zichen away and walked over with a cigarette in his mouth.

“Why did you come? Weren’t you going to retreat?” Ye Zichen asked, and used the chance to recover his breath.

He had already used up too much stamina, and was already in a state of overworking himself.

Sweat continuously dripped off Ye Zichen’s face, while Wei Chen smiled, “The boss is here, so wouldn’t I be way too shitty as the subordinate if I was to run?”

“So you do have a conscience,” Ye Zichen smiled.

Wei Chen nodded, “But how do you think we should handle the demons?”

“We should naturally…” Just as Ye Zichen was about to speak, countless brilliant lights shimmered in front of him, while endless staff mirages appeared in front of his eyes…

“My children, charge!”

“F*ck, this damn monkey…” An annoyed curse sounded out at a distance. “Stop blanking out, f*ck them up. Yes, all of these monsters, and those black dudes. Chop all of them down. Laozi’s going to reward whoever chops down the most!”

This familiar tone…

Great Sage! Yang Jian!

The people from the Three Realms have come.

The eyes of Ye Zichen, who was already going to live and die with the place in despair, shone brightly.

The people from the Three Realms have come.

So there is still a chance.

“How’s this possible!” Wei Chen stood dumbly in place. The news he got earlier was clearly contrary to what happened. He was told that the people from the Three Realms would not be able to arrive in the Modern Realm.

All of the abyssals around Ye Zichen ran backwards like they got an order, while a silver lance landed from the skies.


All of the abyssals in a hundred meter radius around it turned to dust, while a man in a silver armor also appeared in the sky.

“Bro, we’re here!”

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