Chapter 45 Su Yan’s string is linked again

Chapter 45 – Su Yan’s string is linked again

“What’s the price!?”

Ye Zichen blurted out without thinking.

Old Man Su smiled and wiped his mouth with his hands.

“Do you still have more of the wine…”


Ye Zichen immediately threw a green gourd onto the table. Old Man Su was stunned for a long while, and looked meaningfully at Ye Zichen.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, then soundlessly suppressed his shock.

It was as he had thought, that brat is not normal.

Perhaps, he might really be someone from there.

The moment Ye Zichen took out the green gourd, he also felt that he was being a bit impulsive. He had directly withdrawn the monkey wine from the WeChat’s Treasure Chest. He did not carry any on him.

The old man must have been shocked when he saw me suddenly take it out, right?

Secretly he sneaked a glance over at Old Man Su, the old man was touching the gourd extremely lovingly.

“I probably wasn’t found out.”

Ye Zichen felt rather lucky. Meanwhile, since the old man was also a person that kept his word, he picked up his phone and dialed Su Yan’s number.

Approximately twenty minutes later, a beautiful figured appeared underneath the bright road lights.

When Su Yan arrived, she would occasionally look behind her, as if she was staying vigilant to see whether there was anyone following her.

When she appeared beside Old Man Su, she smiled wryly with a helpless expression.

“Grandpa, why did you sneak out to eat again?”

“Grandpa just like these things, it’s not like you don’t already know,” Old Man Su rubbed his beard and laughed. Su Yan sighed and sat opposite the old man, then said. “If dad finds out, he’ll beat me to death.”

“Does he dare!”

The old man glared, causing a mighty aura to flow outwards subconsciously.

“He’s your father, and he’s just my son in front of me! If he dares to hit my darling granddaughter, I’ll skin him alive.”

Su Yan also laughed. At that moment, the green gourd fell into her sight.

For some reason, Su Yan frowned slightly.


“You noticed,” Old Man Su held the gourd in his hands and chuckled. Then he took off the cork and poured a mouthful into his mouth. “This is good wine. Seeing this gourd, you probably know who came to find you, right?”

“How did you end up with him again?”

Su Yan frowned, bit her lips, then stood up.

Seeing that, Old Man Su quickly shouted towards behind him.

“Lil’ Ye, hurry up and come out. My granddaughter’s going to run away soon.”

At this moment, Ye Zichen finally walked out from a dark corner near the barbeque store.

His face was covered with an awkward smile as he waved towards Su Yan.

“Su Yan.”

Su Yan glared at him fiercely. The scene of Xia Keke kissing him was still fresh in her mind. Thus, she turned around and walked outside, while ignoring him. Ye Zichen quickly caught up and grabbed her arm.


Su Yan swept her gaze towards the place where the two of them touched. Ye Zichen quickly retracted his hand and rubbed his arm anxiously.

“Su Yan, I didn’t do it on purpose.”


Su Yan’s gaze was filled with coldness. It was a bone-piercing coldness that worried Ye Zichen.

“I think that there’s been some misunderstandings between us.”

Ye Zichen hesitated for a moment, then decided to tell everything to Su Yan.

It wasn’t that easy to bump into Old Man Su. Bumping into him this time was pure chance. If he didn’t explain this time, then god only knows when he would have to wait until the two of them can settle their differences.

The differences might even turn harder and harder to settle as time passes. Then, he might really have no chance with the goddess.

“I don’t think that there’s any misunderstanding between us.”

Su Yan did not give any face for Ye Zichen, but her actions sold out her thoughts.

She didn’t leave!

This meant that she wanted to hear Ye Zichen’s explanation. Otherwise, everything would end if she just directly had turned around and got in a taxi.

“This is your girlfriend? So pretty! How did you make her angry? Did you cheat on her?”

Liu Qing teased in midair. Ye Zichen frowned, and shouted.

“Shut up!”

“You’re telling me to shut up? Fine! I’ll shut up!”

Su Yan was shocked by Ye Zichen, so she turned around and left without saying anyting else.

“Don’t, Su Yan, I wasn’t talking about you…”

Old Man Su smiled kindly and gazed at Ye Zichen and Su Yan act like they were flirting.

He took a sip of the monkey wine and exclaimed softly.

“Young people are lively.”

Speaking of which, Ye Zichen finally stopped Su Yan, but she didn’t look at him with a nice expression.

Su Yan raised her delicate chin and hugged her shoulders.

‘I’ll give you a minute…”

One minute!

This wasn’t a lot of time. He definitely wouldn’t have time to finish telling the situation from start to finish.

“Fifty seconds left.”

“I didn’t start yet!”

“Forty-five seconds!”

“Stop hurrying me. Let me organize everything!”

Ye Zichen took a deep breath and calmed down his complicated mood down.

“The situation at the police station as like this. The scene you saw of Xia Keke kissing me was fake. Why did she kiss me? It was mainly…”

Ye Zichen blabbered on a lot, without even taking a single breath.

After speaking about the entire situation, Ye Zichen put his hands beside his legs like a primary school student, while he waited for Su Yan to react.

“There’s more that… You haven’t talked about.”

Su Yan raised her eyebrows, causing Ye Zichen to scratch his head and fall into deep thoughts.

There wasn’t anything else that he had to say?

“Give me some hints?”

“It just happened!” Su Yan said in an unfriendly tone. Ye Zichen immediately understood.

“You’re talking about what happened at the dorms. That was also a misunderstanding...”

Blabber, blabber.

Ye Zichen immediately spoke up honestly. When he finished, Su Yan hugged her shoulders and laughed coldly.

“So romantic, a world shattering anger for a woman…”

“Su Yan, you have to believe me! Helping Xia Keke was purely due to you. As for Li Jiayi, it was purely a coincidence. She was my classmate. What’s more, I didn’t do anything to her!”

“I don’t have that much face.”

Su Yan twitched her mouth, but felt a sweetness in her heart.

Due to her!

However, thinking about this guy’s recent behavior, she still wasn’t going to be nice to him.

After so long, he actually did not try to send any message to her on WeChat.

He didn’t even look for her after she deleted him!

However, she did misunderstand about him and Xia Keke.


Marriage string received.

Possessor: Ye Zizhen, Possessed: Su Yan.

Current affability level: 50.

It was even higher than it was before!

Ye Zichen’s eyebrows raised up.

“Su Yan, you’re not angry anymore?”

Seeing that Su Yan’s expression improved, and that the marriage string improved, Ye Zichen asked in a testing manner.

Su Yan lowered her gaze, and looked at him in a judging manner.

“Are you sure that you didn’t touch Li Jiayi? How did you solve…”

“It’s not quite convenient for me to tell.”

“I’m saying tell!”

Su Yan frowned once again. He actually dared to hide it from her, he was simply too much!

“Then come over, I’ll tell you in secret.”

Ye Zichen indicated for Su Yan to come over, while Su Yan turned her ear towards him.

Very soon, Su Yan’s face turned completely red. She raised her hand and hit Ye Zichen.


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