Chapter 449 The Three Realms Sends Their Troops

Chapter 449 – The Three Realms Sends Their Troops

An alluring moan sounded out amidst the sea of purple energy.

A naked woman laid on the ground, while a bronze-skinned man laid on top of her.

She continuously worked with the man and tried her best to satisfy the man’s every request.

So that she could live.

A fiery blame landed from the sky and pierced the man’s body. At the very moment the woman thought that she was saved…


The fiery blade exploded.

“I don’t want to die!” the woman screamed, but after being engulfed by the flames, the only thing left behind was ashes.


At that moment, Ye Zichen’s heart had already turned numb, he had already witnessed countless normal people die due to the repercussions of the flames.

What’s more, he had also witnessed the ugliest parts of humanity in a short half an hour.

“Hurry up and run….”

A couple held each others’ hands as they ran on the street, while being chased by slime-spitting reptilian monsters.

“Ha’er!” Just as they were about to turn the corner, they noticed that the street they were about to run onto were also filled with low leveled demons.

They tried to take a step back, but they had nowhere to go.


“Wifey, do you love me?” the man suddenly looked at the woman beside him solemnly.

The woman was stunned for a brief moment before she nodded, “I do…”

“Hehe… Then die for me!” the man’s expression turned menacing. He pushed the woman into the swarm of abyssals, while he ran towards the nearby greenery. “I want to live, I want to live…”

As the woman, who was pushed into the swarm of abyssals, was bitten to death, the man who discarded his wife continued to run forward!

“I hate men like you!”

Just as the man felt a hint of relief since he managed to escape, a voluptuous woman with slightly dark skin appeared in front of him.

The woman had grey irises, and pink hair, while she wore a light red robe.

“F*ck off!” There were no abyssals on the street he was on, so the man, who had only just escaped death, knitted his eyebrows.

He lifted his hand and tried to push the woman…


The woman twisted it off, then carried him by the collar, and flew over to the place where the man’s wife died.

“Die with her!”

She tossed the man into the abyssal swarm.

The moment the man landed, the low leveled abyssals who had been waiting there instantly charged over.

The woman listened to the man’s endless screams until he was unable to utter anything anymore. Then, she looked up at Ye Zichen, who was using Xuan-Yuan Sword to kill demons…

“Yellow Emperor? It seems like he’s the only one who’s more fun here.”

Since there were too many demons, even Ye Zichen, who had Xuan-Yuan Sword, only had a tiny amount of affect. He was even unable to find where Wei Chen and co. was. However, he believed that those people would definitely be fighting on the front line.

He held his phone tightly in his hand, while he handed the control of Xuan-Yuan Sword over to Xuan-Yuan Xiang completely.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen repeatedly contacted Yang Jian, the Great Sage and co….

“@Erlang Shen @Monkey King @Third Prince Nezha!”

Erlang Shen: What is it?

Monkey King: What business do you have with me, Old Sun?

Third Prince Nezha: Sky Sovereign, I’m playing ball.

God of Thunder: Sky Sovereign actually mentioned the three of them. Why do I have a foreboding feeling?

Mother of Lightning: ^

God of Fortune: ^^

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the group became very intense.

Due to being short on time, Ye Zichen also chose to directly send a voice message in the group.

“Demons are attacking the Modern Realm. Requesting backup!”

Ye Zichen’s voice rang out through the entire Heavenly Court the moment the message was sent.

All of the Heavenly Court deities in the Red Packet Server looked up into the sky, while the Jade Emperor, Queen Mother, the Three Pure Ones etc. also looked up.


Laws of the World.

Just who is actually able to use the Laws of the World? All of a sudden, the Jade Emperor and co. all begun to make incantation sigils to find out.

However, Yang Jian and co. knew that it was definitely Ye Zichen.

Erlang Shen: Wait a moment. I’m going to rally my troops immediately.

Monkey King: @Canopy Marshal, idiot, Old Sun’s going to wait for you at Mount Huaguo.

Canopy Marshal: Understood. I’m going to get my rake.

Third Prince Nezha: Sky Sovereign wait. Oh yeah, send me the command seal.

Ye Zichen directly sent it over to him.

After Nezha received it, he quickly replied.

“Sky Sovereign, I’ll go over with big brother Yang Jiang!”

They were the only ones who spoke up in the Heavenly Court, while the God of Thunder and the rest… knew that it was not a situation they should speak up recklessly in.

“Howling Celestial Dog!” The moment Yang Jian returned to his manor, he grabbed his command seal and shouted out in the courtyard. Not long later, a panting pug ran over.

“Stop being an idiot here. C’mon, to the South Heaven Gate!”


Howling Celestial Dog instantly turned into a black-clothed young man and nodded. Yang Jian squinted his eyes and gripped the command seal in his hand…

“Everybody, listen. Gather at the South Heaven Gate!”

When Yang Jian arrived at the South Heaven Gate, he saw that Nezha was already fully armed and waiting for him along with his own eighty thousand Heavenly Soldiers.

Not long later, Yang Jiang’s a hundred thousand Heavenly Soldiers also appeared at the South Heaven Gate…


The South Heaven Gate’s guard commander gulped. This… Are they going to war?

“True Lord Erlang, Third Prince Nezha, you guys…”

“Stop wasting my time. Move aside!” Yang Jian pushed him away, then turned towards the soldiers behind him. “Move out!”

Meanwhile, the Great Sage was not standing idle at Mount Huaguo. At that moment, his several hundred thousand monkeys were already standing orderly and looking sharply ahead.

“Ha, the Three Realms have been peaceful for far too long. I, Old Sun, is taking you guys to fight this time, so hurry up, understand?”

“Are we fighting the Heavenly Court?” One of the monkeys asked.

The Great Sage instantly rolled his eyes, “What’s fun about that? I, Old Sun, is already bored of that. Now stop bullshitting and follow I, Old Sun!”

At the same time, Ye Zichen finally let out a sigh when he saw the three say that they were already on the move.

He put back his phone into his pocket and licked his lips. Just when he was about to start hunting abyssals with Xuan-Yuan Xiang once again, he heard a playful giggle behind him.

“You still have the urge to play with your phone right now?”

He looked back…

Only then did Ye Zichen noticed that a woman had already silently appeared behind him.

“Demon!” Ye Zichen’s gaze sharpened.

Noticing that, Xuan-Yuan Xiang also hurried moved the Xuan-Yuan Sword over…

“Zeze, Xuan-Yuan Sword,” the alluring woman looked at the sword and raised her eyebrows. “as I expected. You… are the Yellow Emperor, right!?”

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