Chapter 448 - Apocalypse

Chapter 448 - Apocalypse

The old Dragon God was completely pissed off by Ye Zichen’s actions. He was just about to breakthrough, but he actually dispersed all the spiritual energy and chose to retain his current cultivation level, causing him to be injured by the reversal of spiritual energy.

This place is the best place for him to heal, yet he’s actually going to go out.

“Kid, what are you thinking!?”

“Let me out,” Ye Zichen roared with bloodshot eyes. “Hurry. Let me out, or else it’ll be too late.”

The old Dragon God frowned. Nobody had dared to speak to him like that in many years.

However, Xia Keke did noticed Ye Zichen’s reddened eyes. So she walked in front of the old Dragon God, grabbed his sleeve and whispered, “Old grandpa, don’t get angry. Ye Zichen must have some urgent business, so he wanted to go out. So just let him.”

“Hmph,” the old Dragon God snorted indifferently, then waved his arm and sent the two out of the sub dimension.

Ye Zichen suddenly opened his eyes in the bedroom he was sitting in. At that moment, his bed couch also had golden bloodstains on it, but he disregarded his injuries, only to turn around and find Xuan-Yuan Xiang looking at him worriedly.

Did she feel it as well?

“What is it?”

“What do you mean what is it?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang glanced at him in confusion, then asked worriedly. “I saw you suddenly cough up blood just now. Did that geezer inside bully you!?”

Xuan-Yuan Xiang glared, then rolled up her sleeves with a snort, “Bring big sis in, and watch big sis pull off all of that geezer’s beard!”

“What?” Ye Zichen frowned, the dashed out of the room as quick as possible. Neither Wei Chen nor Taibai were in the living room, so he put on his shoes and ran downstairs…


Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who followed behind Ye Zichen, suddenly stopped when she saw what was in front of her. She covered her lips, while a look of shock surfaced on her face.

The streets were covered in slime monsters, which should have been in the Otherworld…

Several hundred huge abyssals continuously waved the huge sticks in their hand and destroyed everything in the Modern World. Everything suddenly seemed like the descent of an apocalypse.

Ye Zichen turned around, and spread his wings before hurrying to the mansion.

“F*ck off!”

A pair of white wings spread out from Ye Rong’s back as she continuously released a sacred light to protect those behind her. At that moment, Xiao Yumei held Tiantian tightly in her arms, and covered her eyes, while repeatedly telling her not to be afraid.

The Hou brothers, who had already ascended into False Earth Immortals under the aid of Old Lord Taishang’s pills, continuously waved sticks around to clear the demonic beings around them.

Ye Zichen finally let out a long sigh when he saw that…

This is great, they’re all still here.

“Zichen, no need to worry about here. The demons should be launching a large-scale attack right now, hurry up and take your people there to stop them…” Ye Rong called out softly from the sky.

Ye Zichen bit his lips sand walked in front of Xiao Yumei.

At that moment, Xiao Yumei’s body continuously trembled, as she bit her lips tightly and protected Tiantian, who was in her arms, with her hands.

She’s terrified.

Ye Zichen pulled her into his arms, then lifted her chin with his hand and smiled at her.


“Don’t be afraid. I’ll deal with all of this. Trust me. Wait for me to come back!

“Mm, I believe you. You must be careful,” tears circled in Xiao Yumei’s eyes as she nodded heavily.

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth and turned around with a determined expression…



A brilliant gold light was released from the blade, attracting all of the low leveled abyssals and huge abyssals.

“Demons, you guys wanted to catch me, right? I'm the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, come at me!”

Even though Ye Rong told him to not worry about them, Ye Zichen had to lure the demonic beings away. Only then could he decrease the chances of them becoming endangered to the bare minimum.

“Come, I'm the Yellow Emperor. Don’t you guys want to capture me? Come!”

Ye Zichen fluttered his wings, then quickly flew to the opposite direction to the mansion with the Xuan-Yuan Sword in his hands.

It was clear that Ye Zichen’s plan worked, since the moment he said that he was the Yellow Emperor…

And the Xuan-Yuan Sword shone brilliantly…

“Roar…” the huge abyssals howled, causing the low leveled abyssals to instantly turn around and pursue Ye Zichen.

“System this is what you mean by I have no time left, right? You actually know f*cking everything, right!?”

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth so hard that his teeth were about to crack. This time, the demons had sent out all of their abyssals, and Ye Zichen could see that the entire city seemed to have been taken over by abyssals.

More importantly…

There were actual members of the demon race amongst the abyssals.


Damn system.

Ye Zichen cursed silently in his heart. The time was exactly the end of the mission duration. It has been exactly seven days… It was very clear that the system had predicted the takeover would happen, but it did not mention it at all!

All the system made him do was pave the path to retreat…

Does he think that I can actually run away by myself under this sort of situation? Ye Zichen smiled coldly, and held the hilt of Xuan-Yuan Sword tightly.

“Xiang-jie, please!”

He chucked Xuan-Yuan Sword high up into the air, while the sword instantly split into tens of thousands of mirages.

“Enchantment: Incineration! Enchantment: Sharpness!”

Xuan-Yuan Xiang continuously formed incantation sigils with her hand within the sword, causing the mirages to quickly turn a fiery red.

“Little sis, come and play with older brother?” A demonic young man grabbed a woman by her chin.

The woman struggled and cursed, “F*ck off!”

“Hehe, do you want to die? Can you not see what’s going on? If you don’t want to die, then please older brother well, then older brother will protect you,” the man continuously licked the woman’s cheeks and neck with his crimson tongue, but this time, the woman did not resist.

At that moment, her dignity was nothing in comparison to her own life.


At that instant, a solemn voice sounded out from the sky. The demonic young man, who was enjoying himself with the woman, suddenly had a fiery blade appear above his head…


Fire blasted everywhere.

The woman beside him was also affected, but the moment right before she died, she actually managed to chuckle with tears in her eyes.

“At least, I’m still clean, right?”


Ye Zichen, who was in midair, coincidentally saw that. He clenched his fist tightly, then looked towards Xuan-Yuan Xiang with knitted eyebrows.

“Is it possible to not hurt the normal people in the Modern Realm…”

“Kid, stop dreaming!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang criticized him mercilessly. “Look at the current situation. The demons have already mixed in with the people from the Modern Realm. Even if I lock onto the demons, the normal people are still unable to take the repercussions.”

“It isn’t time for you to be merciful. Discard the normal people in this city… Otherwise, the situation will only become more severe if the demons invade other cities.”

Ye Zichen trembled, but after a while, he let out a long sigh and looked up.

“I understand!”

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