Chapter 447 Establishment of the Heavenly Court’s Industrial Area

Chapter 447 – Establishment of the Heavenly Court’s Industrial Area

Yue Lao had already ate countless ice creams as he waited at the land which he purchased on the Sky Sovereign’s orders.

When he saw that the Sky Sovereign sent him a red packet, he immediately clicked it open without thinking.

The industrial area Ye Zichen scanned and sent him immediately appeared on top of Yue Lao. Seeing the thing cover the sky, the old man was stunned as well, causing him to immediately retreat to a safe position.


The industrial area made a huge sound as it fell on the piece of land in the Heavenly Court. When the dust finally settled, Yue Lao blinked as he looked at the humongous thing in front of him…

Sky Sovereign’s treasures are becoming more and more advanced.

Yue Lao gulped, then sent a message over to the Sky Sovereign on his phone.

“Sky Sovereign, I’ve already received the red packet.”

Ye Zichen naturally knew that Yue Lao had received his red packet, because his system has already indicated his completion of the mission.


Mission completed. You have gained Reputation x10000.

With another ten thousand reputation, Ye ZIchen’s reputation had already reached 25902.

System Notification: You have received Manufacturing Guide x1. It has already been saved into your Treasure Chest.

System Notification: You see that Manufacturing Guide I gave you? Send it to Yue Lao. You should understand the rest. Also, a friendly reminder: things will reach success much easier if you get Chang’e and the Jade Rabbit to join in.

Ye Zichen immediately started to suspect that the person sending all the system notifications was able to look at his chat history with other people. If that’s the case, then doesn’t that mean I have 0 privacy?

Ye ZIchen nodded faintly, then clicked to the Treasure Chest, and saw that a Manufacturing Guide did lie within.


Yue Lao received your red packet.

“Sky Sovereign, what is this?” Yue Lao flipped through the Manufacturing Guide completely. When he flipped over to the food manufacturing processes, he immediately sent another message. “This is the manufacturing method of those treasures?”

“Yes, from now on, all products will be produced and sold in the Heavenly Court. As for manufacturing, you can invite Chang’e and the Jade Rabbit to be your technical advisors. I’m sure that you can find the staff required, right?”

“About this… Yes! If there really isn’t enough people in the Heavenly Court, then I’ll just descend to the lower realms to find some.”

“Mhmm, then I’ll leave the industrial area to you.”

Ye Zichen said a bit more to Yue Lao, then returned his phone to his pocket.

At that moment, Xiao Yumei was pointing at the industrial area, which had already disappeared, and staring at it, which she covered her mouth in shock.

It really is gone.

“Alright, stop looking,” Ye Zichen reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist with a smile. “No matter how much you stare, it won’t come back out again.”

“Then where did you move it to?” Xiao Yumei asked in shock.

“The Heavenly Court,” Ye Zichen shrugged carelessly. “Isn’t this industrial area ours? They can’t actually say anything even if it disappeared, right?”

“It seems like… You’re wrong,” Xiao Yumei blinked in surprise, then bit her lips. “Actually, we rented this place.”

After they got into the car and drove back, Xiao Yumei contacted the industrial area’s owner and bought the entire area, while making sure to lockdown on the information.

However, it was impossible for no one to be aware of the disappearance of such a huge industrial zone. All she could do was minimize the discussion of it.

Back in the apartment, Taibai Jinxing and Wei Chen smoked as they sat opposite each other on the sofas.

They had smoked countless cigarettes, so the moment Ye Zichen opened the door, he felt a huge amount of smoke flow towards him.

“Boss Ye,” Wei Chen stood up from the sofa.

Ye Zichan nodded towards him. Although he already found out from Taibai Jinxing that Wei Chen was the Body Double of the White Tiger, he was unable to act too respectfully towards Wei Chen.

The main reason was that they were already too familiar with each other, and they had already gotten used to their ways of talking.

“Wow, you guys are always stuck together. Even after so long, I’ve never seen Old Wei’s wife, so you two might as well get married,” Ye Zichen teased.

Wei Chen instantly chuckled, then told Ye Zichen to stop making jokes, but Taibai Jinxing continued to smoke gloomily.

“Alright, Taibai Gramps is in a bad mood, so I’ll stop annoying people here,” Ye Zichen shrugged and returned to his bedroom.

The moment he entered, Xuan-Yuan Xiang came out, and casually wandered around the room, “What’s with Tenner recently? He’s always playing with toy bricks at your mansion.”

“You’re asking me, but who am I supposed to ask?”

During the recent few days, no matter when Ye Zichen went out, Tennar would play with toy bricks at home. Before that, Tenner always stuck close to him, and always stayed in the middle of Ye Zichen’s eyebrows when he goes out.

“The little fellow’s acting a bit strange. I have to ask him properly when we get back,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang stretched lazily.

Ye Zichen nodded in agreement, “Asking is fine, but it is natural for children to like playing, so don’t be too mean.”

“Ha, big sis has lived for so long already, I don’t need you to tell me,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang giggled.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly, then sat cross-legged on the ground and called out to the Dragon God in his mind. He had to make use of every single second to strengthen himself!

“Little fellow!”

“Bring me in.”


The scene in front of him changed. When Ye Zichen appeared in the Dragon God’s sub dimension once again, he noticed that Xia Keke was actually there as well.

“How did she come in?” He pointed at Xia Keke, who sat on the ground in confusion.

The old Dragon God replied calmly, “This child has pretty good talent, so I gave her a sigil, allowing her to come in whenever she needs. I’m already dead, so I’m just doing my part for the dragon race by training these descendants.”

Ye Zichen could feel the old Dragon God’s deep care for the dragon race. He nodded after feeling a bit moved in his heart, then grabbed the Dragon Race’s secret manual, which was floating in the air…

Dragon Soul, Dragon Spirit, Dragon Bone, Dragon God.

These were four levels, all of which had nine different layers of understanding for it. At that moment, he was on the second layer of understanding of the Dragon Spirit level. As long as he could further his understanding of it, or make some slight progress on the Dragon Bone level, then he would be able to reach the level of a Human Immortal.

Focus, and read…

The moment Ye Zichen’s gaze landed upon the characters on the secret manual, he immediately submerged himself in it.

Ten-odd hours passed by in the blink of an eye. During so, Ye Zichen’s had strengthened continuously, and it began to seem like he was on the verge of breakthrough.

“Oh? Ye Zichen came.”

At that moment, Xia Keke awoken from her own cultivation. When she saw Ye Zichen, she immediately noticed the rampage of the spiritual energy in his body.

“He’s about to breakthrough,” the old Dragon God said plainly. He was already a bit numb to Ye Zichen’s breakthroughs.

However, nobody expected that…

“What is this kid doing!?”

Ye Zichen, who was about to breakthrough, actually proactively dispersed all of the gathered spiritual energy.


He spat out a mouthful of blood, then pushed against the ground with his hands under the old Dragon God and Xia Keke’s gazes of confusion, “Quick, let me out!”

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