Chapter 446 Full Speed Ahead

Chapter 446 – Full Speed Ahead


You have done acts of  a great deed, and gained Reputation x14675.


Side Mission completed. Mission Reward: Reputation x1000.

Several notifications popped up on Ye Zichen’s phone. Not long later, Xiao Yumei pushed open the office door with a look of confusion on her face.

“Aside from the cash flow, all of the company’s money has been transferred into a charity account. But why did you decide to donate all of the money so suddenly!?”

“Mm, to earn some merits for myself,” Ye Zichen answered. He took a look at his reputation, which had already reached 15902.

He still didn’t quite know what was the use of reputation, but did know that both the system and Taibai Jinxing pestered him to earn more reputation!

Xiao Yumei rolled her eyes speechlessly towards his reply.

However, she didn’t say anything else. Since her man wanted to donate it, then she immediately did so. She was sure that he had his own reasons.

“Oh yeah, I asked you to contact machinery producers etc. How’s that going?”

“We’ve already got the factories, and the equipment has been bought. But we are lacking on specialized staff. We didn’t manage to get many even though we asked head-hunting companies to hunt with a huge salary.” Xiao Yumei raised her eyebrows and replied. During the last few days, Ye Zichen had asked her to do all sorts of weird things, and to be honest, she was rather curious about the reason behind it… “What are you building factories for? Isn’t the medical company doing great?”

“I can’t explain to you. Just take me to the factory first.”


As Ye Zichen sat in the car, while Xiao Yumei drove them to the factory, he took out his phone and spammed his chat with Yue Lao.

“Come out.”

Recently, Yue Lao was also extremely busy, since Sky Sovereign suddenly told him to buy huge areas of land in the Heavenly Court.

He had run around way too much for that in recent times.

Just when he finally bought most of the land in the Heavenly Court, and wanted to sit down to eat a bit of ice cream, the Sky Sovereign sent him another message.

“Sky Sovereign, this old man is here… What do you want to do now?”

“Did you finish buying all the land in the Heavenly Court?”

Ye Zichen asked with squinted eyes. Since the system continuously stressed that he only had the last seven days, he started to get worried as well.

Otherwise, he would not frantically busy the others as well. Although he still did not understand the true meaning behind the words of “the final seven days…”

Time was short, and he had to hurry.

“More or less,” Yue Lao wipe away the sweat from his forehead. “I already bought the places you according to your request of being far away from civilian area, and are surrounded by greenery.”

“Good job,” Ye Zichen nodded, then licked his lips. “Go to the lands that you bought. I’m going to send a red packet for you later. The treasures within takes up a quite a bit of space.”

“Alright, alright.”

Yue Lao replied speechlessly, then put his phone back into his pocket and licked the ice cream in his hands as he called over a cloud…

I’ll fly over!

Ye Zichen turned back towards Xiao Yumei after settling Yue Lao, “How long is it going to take till we get there?”

“Don’t be in such a hurry. The factories are naturally in the rural areas, and we haven’t even left the city center,” Xiao Yumei answered speechlessly. My little man has really been in a huge hurry these past few days!

“Is that so!” Ye Zichen muttered, then clicked open the system notifications on his phone.

The remaining time to complete the mission as merely 17 hours. I wonder just what is going to happen after these 17 hours.

Was has the system been stressing that it is the final seven days? Could I be killed if I don’t complete it?

It can’t be. If I was really going to be killed, then that should have been indicated as the punishment for failure.

But this mission had no failure punishment.

Ye Zichen rubbed his temples tiredly, then leaned back in his seat as he looked in front of him with a frown.

After a good three hours, Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei finally arrived at the factory area she mentioned.

What entered Ye Zichen’s site was a huge industrial area, covering a very large space.

The moment the two of them got off the car, someone walked over to greet them.

“Director Xiao, Director Ye!”

“Mm,” Xiao Yumei nodded, then smiled towards Ye Zichen. “This is the place I chose for you. What do you think?”

“Not bad!” Ye Zichen replied softly. “Are there any employees still inside?”

“Yes, Boss Ye,” the man who greeted them nodded. “There are still approximately three thousand people including normal staff and technical personnel.”

“Tell them to leave as quick as possible. Yumei, get Finance to give them half a year of salary…”

“Zichen, what now?”

Both the man and Xiao Yumei were shocked.

These are all people we found through so much trouble. Normal staff was one thing, but those technical personnel were grabbed over from other companies using very high salaries.

Didn’t he want to open factories? Why…

“Listen to me. Tell them to all come out. Then leave immediately!”

“Alright, then I’ll listen to you,” Xiao Yumei let out a sigh, then turned towards the man. “Supervisor Liu, sorry. Let our cooperation end here. Tell all the staff to withdraw. I’m very sorry.”

“No worries, let’s continue cooperating next time.”

The man didn’t say much, and merely walked into the broadcast room to shout a few words. Not long later, a huge plethora of people walked out of the factory…

After Xiao Yumei sent the staff away, she raised her eyebrows in confusion, “What kind of stuff do you want to do now?”

“There isn’t anyone nearby, right?” Ye Zichen activated his Fiery Eyes of Truth and scanned his surroundings.

Xiao Yumei also looked around, then shook her head, “I don’t think there’s anyone else here.”

“That’s great,” Ye Zichen nodded. Then he took out his phone. “No matter what you see later, don’t be too shocked!”



As Ye Zichen expected, the entire industrial area could be scanned and sent through a red packet like any other items.


The system has detected that the item sent through the red packet is too large, so a service charge of 200000 cultivation will be required.


It was clearly the system that told me to build a factory in the Heavenly Court, and now it’s actually charging me a service charge for a red packet.



The entire industrial area, which required ten-odd minutes to drive from one end to another, instantly disappeared in front of Xiao Yumei’s eyes.

She was already shocked beyond words when she saw that.

Was Zichen talking about this just now? How could anyone not be shocked? The industrial area disappeared just like that.

More importantly, where did he move it to?

Even though she had been by Ye Zichen’s side for a long time, and thought highly of her acceptance ability, she was still very shocked.

However, Ye Zichen was in no mood to mind so much, as he was already maniacally spamming Yue Lao’s chat.

“Come out. Accept the red packet!”

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