Chapter 444 Who Won?

Chapter 444 – Who Won?

Beep beep.

A car horn sounded out from behind Ye Zichen and Xia Keke not long after they left from the hospital.

They turned around, and saw Lin Ru wave toward them.

“What?” Ye Zichen said as they got into their car.

They haven’t met for a while, so her sudden appearance was definitely no coincidence.

“Don’t give me that shitty look. Do you think I want to come and find you? You have a girl with you every single day, seriously… Are you trying to make everyone feel bad?” Lin Ru rolled her eyes at him. “My grandpa’s looking for you, but don’t ask me why. I don’t know. I’m just a driver.”

Old Man Lin?

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, while he wondered in confusion. What’s that old man looking for me for? I already healed all of his wounds.

There isn’t anything that we have in common, and he’s finding me several months after I treated him…


Meanwhile, he could also tell that trying to see if Lin Ru knows something looks impossible. She acted as if she was on her period, and put on a cold expression like someone owed her a lot of money.

Thus, none of the three people in the car spoke as they drive straight into the Lin household.

It was already winder, and Bingcheng’s temperature was lower than the south, so it was already terrifyingly cold. The servants and security guards in the courtyard all wore thick padded jackets. However, Old Man Lin only wore a shirt, while he sat in the courtyard and played go with Lin Hanben.

“Grandpa, they’re here,” Lin Ru shouted out.

Old Man Lin, who sat next to the go table smiled, then nodded, “Okay, go in. That dumb kid has been waiting for you in the living room for a long time.”

“Mm,” only then did a brilliant smile bloom on Lin Ru’s face. She ran into the living room with a giggle, while Ye Zichen walked over to Old Man Lin’s side with Xia Keke.

“Hanben, stop wasting time with this old man. Leave.”

“Okay,” Lin Hanben stood up, then nodded towards Ye Zichen with a smile, then left.

“Sit,” Old Man Lin pointed at the place Lin Hanben sat in before.

The moment Ye Zichen sat down, Old Man Lin said…

“Who do you think has a better chance of winning in this match?”

Ye Zichen did not know what to say. I might be able to figure something out if it was Chinese Chess, but Go…

It’s too advanced for me.

“White!” Ye Zichen randomly picked a side.

Old Man Lin nodded faintly, then raised his eyebrows, “Mm, I understand. Leave!”

What the hell?

Is there something wrong with this geezer? He got Lin Ru to bring me over with so much trouble, and we were even stuck in traffic for two hours. We barely said anything to each other, and he merely asked me who will win… That’s it?

Ignoring everything else, Ye Zichen immediately expressed that he was not someone that the geezer could call over and force to leave at will.

“Gramps, are you messing with me?”

“No,” Old Man Lin smiled, then pressed the black piece in his hand onto a spot on the board.

“You play there, you lost!” Xia Keke raised her eyebrows.

Old Man Lin smiled, “This old man naturally knows that, but since Lil’ Ye said white will win, then I’ll let white win.”

Just what kind of weird stuff is he sprouting? Why don’t I quite understand?

He’s letting whichever side I said would win gain victory? Then if I said the black side would win, then the blacks would win? But what does that have to do with anything?

“Gramps, why did you actually want me to come over for?” Ye Zichen looked up him in confusion.

Old Man Lin merely messed up the Go board with a shake of his head, and a smile, then put the pieces away piece by piece.

“I just told you to come and watch a Go match. Hanben and I have already played a lot of games before coming. I never expected you to see this one,” Old Man Lin shook his head with a wry smile. Not long later, he stood up from the chair and stretched lazily. “Alright, go back. I already know your decision.”

“What do you mean by my decision? This Go game… Gramps, make yourself clear,” the more Ye Zichen the more he confused. Just what is he saying? I don’t understand at all.

“Hehe, alright, go back!” Lin Hanben walked towards the mansion with a smile.

Ye Zichen frowned and wanted to block him off, but two men in black masks suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Sir, you can’t walk any further!”

“Go and stay in the corner,” Ye Zichen raised his hands to push the two men away, but when he touched them, he noticed…


Why does the Lin family have these sort of experts? They’re at least of the complete-stage Human Immortal level.

“Let me give you a suggestion. Donate all of your income from your medical company, that might be of help to your future path,” Old Man Lin suddenly stopped and smiled. “Oh yeah, after so long, I wonder if you are ready to listen to how I got hurt?”

“Say it!”

After being through so much, Ye Zichen no longer cared about the reason behind Old Man Lin’s injuries.

It’s just getting beaten up by a hidden family at most. I’m already fighting with the demons, so this level of problem doesn’t affect me at all.

But since this geezer wants to say it, then hearing it is alright as well.

“Demons!” Old Man Lin smiled.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen’s expression froze. When he finally returned to his senses and wanted to ask Old Man Lin about the specifics, he noticed that the geezer had already returned to the mansion.

“Sir, please leave,” the two masked men made please gestures.

Ye Zichen stared straight at the geezer’s back, “Let’s go.”

Ye Zichen turned around and dragged Xia Keke away without any hesitation.

Meanwhile, Old Man Lin stood silently at the entrance to the mansion, when Lin Ru walked over, “Grandpa, what did he choose?”

“White’s victory!” Old Man Lin smiled.

Lin Ru’s expression drastically changed, “Doesn’t that mean…”

“I feel like he chose very well. At least he still has the hope of turning the tables, but this kid will be very troubled,” Old Man Lin let out a sigh, then patted Lin Ru’s head. “Alright, stop caring about so much. Your talent has only awakened, so overthinking so much is of no good to you. Let everything happen naturally!”

“Ye Zichen, what was that gramps saying just now? Why didn’t I understand everything? The chances of black winning were clearly larger,” Xia Keke pouted in the taxi.

Ye Zichen shook his head and knitted his eyebrows, “How would I know? I don’t get Go myself… That gramps said a bunch of random stuff. I don’t know why, but I have a bad feeling about it.”

Actually, Ye Zichen still had a lot of questions, an example of that was what the old man said…


Were his injuries due to the demon race?

Also, why did he bring me over to ask who the victor of the match is? Does that change everything? Why did those two Human Immortal experts appear in the Lin family? Isn’t the Lin family just a family of businessmen?

There’s something wrong with all this!

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