Chapter 443 Discharged

Chapter 443 – Discharged


Wei Chen!

If he’s talking about the people who went to the Otherworld, then only Wei Chen had a scar on his face, but why is Taibai Jinxing mentioning him? He’s not particularly strong.

“Kid, it seems like you don’t know everything, right?” Taibai Jinxing smiled, then raised his eyebrows. “That scar-faced man is the Body Double of the White Tiger of the Four Sacred Beasts.”

“Are you sure?” Ye Zichen looked at him in surprise…

Wei Chen is the White Tiger?

Although Ye Zichen had once suspected Wei Chen of his identity, he never considered the possibility of that guy being the White Tiger.

“There is still a lot that you don’t know. Hurry up and call him over, I have some very important things to discuss with him.”


Approximately half an hour later, Wei Chen appeared in the apartment in silver clothing. The moment he entered the door, he nodded towards Ye Zichen.

“Boss Ye, why did you call me so urgently for? I was leading those little fellows and repairing the torn spatial barrier,” a hint of fatigue could be seen from Wei Chen’s eyes. He had been on the front line of the battle with the demons for a long time.

He would take the people over to the scene the moment he caught wind of everything. Furthermore, it wasn’t only him, all of the members of Tribulation were extremely tired.

“I’ve troubled you. I’ll lead the team to repair the holes later. You just stay here and rest for a while. Taibai has something he wants to discuss with you as well,” Ye Zichen patted Wei Chen’s shoulder.

Wei Chen took a glance over at Taibai Jinxing, then his pupils instantly contracted as he shook his head, “Boss Ye, that sort of place is too dangerous…”

“Don’t talk about danger. I won’t be in any danger with the Xuan-Yuan Sword by my side,” Ye Zichen pressed Wei Chen onto the sofa, then picked up his jacket from the sofa and put it on. “Do chat, I’m going over to the scene.”

Then, Ye Zichen directly left.

At this moment, a sharp light also flashed across Wei Chen’s eyes as he stared at Taibai Jinxing, “Taibai Jinxing?”

“White Tiger?” Taibai Jinxing also looked towards Wei Chen with a smile.

Hearing that, Wei Chen instantly shrugged, “Alright, since we know each other’s identity, then speak. What business do you have with this sovereign!”

Wei Chen took out a cigarette from his pocket, put it into his mouth, then raised his hand and repeatedly massaged his temples, as he occasional puffed out smoke.

“Simply said, this old man merely wants to ask, I wonder if you can get your Main Body to descend upon the Modern Realm?”


Wei Chen, who was smoking, suddenly coughed intensely. After a while, when he finally stopped coughing, he put the cigarette out in the ashtray and shook his head, “No!”

“Why?” Taibai Jinxing’s face stiffened. He had thought that since the White Dragon’s Body Double was fighting here, he was willing to help with eradicating the demons.

“Alright, then this Sovereign will tell you the truth, but you cannot tell anything to Ye Zichen. Do you understand?”


Wei Chen mumbled a few words, causing Taibai Jinxing’s eyes to instantly open wide as he exclaimed, “How’s that possible!?”

Time passed by in the blink of an eye. After a few more days of rest, Su Yan’s body had completely recovered. Logically speaking, it was impossible for her to recover so quickly, and even the doctors at the hospital were completely shocked when they saw the reports.

Everything was fine, and the wounds on her body had also healed completely without even leaving behind a single tiny scar.

It was already something that could not be explained with logic….

When Su Yan was discharged, all of her friends and roommates all went to see her… except Sun Yige.

“It seems like we haven’t seen Sun Yige for a long time,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Xia Keke nodded, “Yeah, ever since that event at our school, we haven’t seen Sun Yige anymore.”

Due to the serial murder and the disappearance of various students at Polytechnic University, the school had already been stopped temporarily, and all of the students were on a long holiday!

“She might be out to travel,” Liu Qianqian said. “I went over to her family’s store earlier, and it was closed as well.”

“Possibly,” Xia Keke muttered. “But that bad guy, she actually didn’t bring us along to travel, nor has she replied when I called out to her in the group chat.”

“Hey… Didn’t you guys come to get me since I’m discharged? Why do I feel like I’m not the main character?”” Su Yan smiled. Since her body had completely recovered, she was already no different from a normal person. However, Ye Zichen suddenly felt that she seemed even more mesmerizing after the situation…

“Why are you looking at me like that,” Su Yan blushed slightly after noticing Ye Zichen’s gaze.

“Cuz you’re pretty,” Ye Zichen did not hold back his praise.

As they chatted happily, the Su family arrived.

The one in the lead was naturally Su Qihu, who held a stern expression, while Su Qilong and Old Man Su followed behind.

When Su Yan saw Su Qihu, she couldn’t help but think about her older brother Su Yiyun…

That situation, that cold gaze, and those heart-breaking words.

She bit her lips softly. At the same time, Old Man Su also walked over. He nodded towards Yey ZIchen and co. then held Su Yan’s hand softly with a smile, “My darling granddaughter has suffered a lot. C’mon, come back home with grandpa.”

“I want to go with them…” Su Yan pointed to the people beside her.

Old Man Su instantly shook his head, “No, come back with us.”

Previously Old Man Su would never put on that sort of expression towards Su Yan, and when Ye Zichen’s there, he would always push her towards Ye Zichen.

However, the fact that the old man directly refused without any space for negotiation caused Su Yan to be rather shocked.


“Be a good girl, and come back with grandpa. Or do you want grandpa to get angry?” Old Man Su’s kind face instantly turned solemn.

Su Yan bit her lips and still did not want to go with them.

“Su Yan, go back with Elder Su. You just got discharged, so you need to rest at home,” Ye Zichen smiled.

“Since Lil’ Ye said that as well, come,” Old Man Su dragged Su Yan away by her arm, while Su Qihu and Su Qilong also followed and left the room side by side.

When they finally left from side, Xia Keke blinked and muttered, “So strange.”

“It is strange,” Ye Zichen had never seen Old Man Su like that either, but since he chose to do that, Ye Zichen felt like he must have had his own reasons.

Ye ZIchen patted Xia Keke’s head, then looked at the two girls with a smile, “What are you guys going to do?”

“I need to continue my internship at the hospital,” Liu Qianqian shrugged sadly. “Grandpa just texted me and told me not to run around…”

“Then just stay in the hospital. You do need to learn properly from Elder Deng with your skills.”

“Tsk, none of your business,” Liu QIanqian stomped her foot angrily, then left.

Ye Zichen smiled when he saw her leave, then looked towards Xia Keke…

“Don’t look at me, I’m just going to follow you.”

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