Chapter 442 Nezha’s Command Seal

Chapter 442 – Nezha’s Command Seal

At the Immortality Peach Garden.

Immortality Peach Fairy put her hands on her waist and glared. Third Prince Nezha stood beside her, while a hint of confusion surfaced on his moe face.

“Immortality Peach-jiejie, what happened?”

“Are you asking me what happened!?” Immortality Peach Fairy pouted angrily. “Sky Sovereign Nameless asked you for help earlier, why did you refuse?”

“I had no choice. My dad’s going to hit me.”

Third Prince Nezha frowned pitifully.

Hearing that, Immortality Peach Fairy turned around and ignored him.

Third Prince Nezha immediately felt a bit worried when he saw this, “Immortality Peach-jiejie.”

“Don’t you always tell me that you’ve grown up? But you’re actually scared of your dad hitting you?”

“I am grown up!” A hint of anger surfaced on Nezha’s shota face. Then he twitched his mouth. “Isn’t it just helping Sky Sovereign slay demons? I’ll help, since my dad can’t beat me anyways.”

He wrinkled his nose and snatched over the phone…

“Sky Sovereign, count me in for slaying demons and defending justice. If you need help, then just come to me directly. Oh yeah… In order to prevent any unforeseen events…”


A red packet immediately appeared on Ye Zichen’s phone after Nezha sent the message.

Why is this little fellow sending me a red packet for?

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and clicked on the red packet.

Command Seal x1.

Ye Zichen was completely stunned when he saw the message. Third Prince Nezha actually sent me his command seal?

Ye Zichen frantically clicked into the Treasure Chest…

Command Seal: Third Prince Nezha’s Command Seal. This item can allow the holder to command the soldiers of the Heavenly Court.

This really is Nezha’s command seal.

Did this kid go mad? He actually sent his command seal over.

“Sky Sovereign, this is my command seal. If my dad doesn’t let me help you, then just use my command seal to order the soldiers. The Heavenly Court’s soldiers will recognize the command seal.”

Third Prince Nezha typed the message as he wrinkled his nose, while he sneaked a few peeks over at Immortality Peach Fairy.

Ye Zichen was truly stunned by the little fellow. He purely wanted to trick the little fellow over to his side. He never even considered asking for the command seal.


Ye Zichen replied with a wry smile.

Then, Third Prince Nezha looked up proudly and handed the phone over to Immortality Peach Fairy…

Immortality Peach Fairy received the phone. Since she was watching on the side, she naturally saw that the child sent his command seal out.

The moment he got the phone, she typed out a message on the phone.

“Sky Sovereign-ge, Nezha’s still young… That command seal…”

“I won’t use it recklessly,” Ye Zichen replied sincerely.

“That’s good. Nezha’s personality is still rather childlike. I’ll chat to you later. He’s asking me to play ball again.”

“Alright, then go.”

Ye Zichen left the chat, then blanked out as he looked at the command seal within the Treasure Chest. If I can actually get to the Heavenly Court, then can I really get a bunch of Heavenly Soldiers from the Heavenly Court with this command seal?

If this is the ancient times, then I will also be a general with a lot of power, right?

“Kid, what are you doing?” Taibai Jinxing moved over.

Ye Zichen raised his head and glanced at him, then clicked open Red Packet Server to check the chat history…

“How are you doing over there?”

“Ah, they are all some guys that just want to stay out of it. There doesn’t seem to be many that are truly willing to come to our side, but Old Li and Leizhenzi seems to be willing to help,” Taibai Jinxing replied softly. Although he has already left the Heavenly Court, the only way he had to gain help was through his old friends in the Heavenly Court.

Although it was a bit selfish, he was doing it for the good of his old friends as well.

If they were able to end the war in the Modern Realm’s Otherworld, then it would prevent the flames of war from spreading to the Three Realms. In a place like the Three Realms were beings of all kinds, the demon race will only attack even fiercer.

“Don’t think about how I did. I didn’t see you help me fudge with them. What did you go off to do?”

“Me?” Ye Zichen handed his phone over and pointed at Nezha’s command seal on the screen. “It seems like I had slightly more progress than you.”

“?” Taibai Jinxing received the phone in confusion. Then, when he saw the command seal within the Treasure Chest…

“Are you insane!?” Taibai Jinxing nearly jumped up with a shout, then threw the phone back to Ye Zichen. “You actually told Nezha to give you his command seals. Just how brave are you!?”

“What are you worried for…” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth at Taibai Jinxing and raised his eyebrows as he looked at the command seal. “Nezha proactively gave it to me. He has already told me clearly that he would help. He only sent his command seal over to me to prevent some unforeseen situations from happening.”

“This is messed up, it’s all messed up,” Taibai Jinxing continuously shook his head and mumbled. After a while, he let out a long sigh after he finally calmed down. “It was fortunate that he send it to you. If he sent it to anyone else, them the Heavenly Court would be in huge trouble. Nezha’s command over the soldiers is only second to Yang Jian’s in the Heavenly Court. If someone with ulterior motives got it, then the consequences are unimaginably dire!”

Ye Zichen shook his head and sighed when he felt the worry from Taibai Jinxing’s tone.

This stubborn geezer. Even though he clearly said that he wouldn’t mind the Heavenly Court’s business anymore, he’s still thinking about it!

In the end, he does have feelings for the Heavenly court after working there for several hundred thousand years.

Ye Zichen patted Taibai Jinxing’s shoulder.

At this moment, Taibai Jinxing also squinted his eyes and replied, “The situation right now seems slightly more favorable for us. With Yang Jian and Nezha’s forces, and the shitty monkey’s monkeys from Mount Huaguo, we might actually be able to fight the demons.”

“You really counted Nezha’s forces? I can’t go to the Heavenly Court, and you also left the Heavenly Court…”

“Are you an idiot?” Taibai Jinxing rolled his eyes speechlessly. “Just send the command seal over to Yang Jian when we need to use it.”

“That’s true!” Ye Zichen scratched his head and smiled.

“The main problem right now is we don’t know how strong the demon realm’s strongest fighting forces are. If we fight, then we only have the shitty monkey as a high-level fighting force. Then again, although other people don’t know about the demon race’s strength, I do. I refuse to believe that they have no Immortal King-level experts,” Taibai Jinxing squinted his eyes. He, who has been through the Great War of Gods and Demons, knew the true strength of the demon race all too well.

Back then, even the demon race’s soldiers of the lowest level were complete-stage Human Immortal experts. The fact that even the lowest level abyssals reached the Human Immortal level truly made the demon race… terrifyingly strong.

“Mhmm, we truly don’t have much high-level fighting force right now,” Ye Zichen nodded. Ignoring everything else, and just talk about Su Yiyun. Su Yiyun’s strength is at least of a complete stage Human Immortal, or even an early-stage Sky Immortal.

What’s more, Ye Zichen has heard that the demon realm has a Lord Black Dragon…

“It’s very troublesome,” Taibai Jinxing sighed, then raised his eyebrows. “Help me contact someone. It’s that man with a scar on his face I saw in the Otherworld. I have some things I want to discuss with him!”

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