Chapter 44 Linking

Chapter 44 – Linking

Ye Zichen zoned out as he sat on the chair of the mansion, while holding his phone.

It was as if Monkey Bro had disappeared from the Heavenly Court. He no longer flamed Erlang Shen in the group, nor did he brag with Ye Zichen on WeChat.

Ye Zichen looked at their last chat history.

The last message was from several days ago.

“Great Sage, where did you go to have fun? I haven’t seen you around.”

There was still no reply after a long time.

Ye Rong put the washed grapes on the stone table in the courtyard, while Lil’ White followed behind her proudly as it wagged its tail.

It’s tsundere-look caused people to be unable to resist her at all.

“Zichen, eat some grapes.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen put away his phone, took out a grape and chucked it into his mouth.

Lil’ White sat beside his feet and looked towards the palte.

As if saying: Give me one as well.

Ye Zichen casually chucked a few grapes from the plate. Lil’ White leaped.

Zoom, zoom, zoom.

The three grapes directly entered Lil’ White’s mouth without touching the floor at all.

Oh wow, pretty good.

Ye Zichen grabbed another handful and chucked them at Lil’ White.

None of them fell on the floor either.

Lil’ White wagged its tail in disdain, then left proudly with its head held high.

“This little thing…”

Ye Zichen laughed, while Ye Rong also smiled when she looked at Lil’ White.

“Lil’ White is very smart, it’s like it can understand what we’re saying.”

“Of course, didn’t you see who chose it?”

What Ye Zichen actually wanted to say was ‘Of course, how could a dog from the Heavenly Court be bad’?


After eating grapes for a bit, Ye Rong spoke up after a brief hesitation.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and sat straight.

“What is it?”

“Although I have Lil’ White accompanying me, mom still feels a bit bored while staying alone at the mansion every day.”

Ye Zichen could understand as well. There was hardly anyone in the mansion area.

Ye Rong couldn’t even find anyone to chat with. Furthermore, she also did a bit of sales back in the village, she would naturally be a bit frantic since she suddenly quietened down.

Actually, there were a lot of jobs, but it would depend on what it was.

Ye Zichen can’t exactly tell his mother to continue selling fruits, he didn’t want to see his mother get tired.

“What do you want to do? Furthermore, we have to have a startup fund if we want to do some sort of business, your son is completely poor right now.”

Ye Zichen wanted to listen to Ye Rong’s thoughts. Furthermore, him saying “completely poor” was not a lie, he still owed people money.

Although he didn’t need to return it, he still felt like it was owing money.

Ye Rong took out a card and put it onto the table. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“This card...”

“This is the demolition fee for owe home. I don’t know why they gave two million!”

“Since they gave it, then we’ll keep it.”

There was no doubt that the extra money was from that grandson, Huang Ming.

Right now, that grandson would be completely terrified when he sees him, just like a mouse seeing a cat.

He might have scared him to the point that he pissed himself back at the village. Truth be told, Ye Zichen didn’t know why this grandson was that afraid of him.

“Then maybe we should do something with the money on the card?” Ye Rong asked.

Ye Zichen was truly troubled by this question. He had never started a business before, the money in his hands was like ill-gotten wealth.

“Just keep the money with you for now. I’ll go and ask my friends to see what is suitable for you to do.”

“That’s fine.”

Ye Rong smiled, and put away the card.

“Oh yeah, son, don’t university students date? Why have I never seen you bring anyone back?”

Ye Zichen could only run away.

“Hey, I didn’t think that your family was rather rich, you can stay in such a high class mansion.”

Liu Qing smiled playfully at Ye Zichen when he got in the car.

Ye Zichen smiled coyly and rubbed Liu Qing’s head.

“I told you, you’ll definitely have a good time if you follow me.”


Liu Qing snorted.

However, she felt a certain feeling in her heart.

One cause of it was the head rubbing just now, her head haven’t been rubbed in such a long time. Ye Zichen was the first one that could touch her after she became a ghost.

Even Grandpa Gu could not do it before.

All of a sudden, her confidence in Ye Zichen increased by a large amount.

As Ye Zichen was driving, he suddenly saw an old man running sneakily down the side of the road.

Isn’t that Su Yan’s grandpa?

It seemed like he had escaped successfully once again.

Beep beep.

Ye Zichen pressed the car horn twice. When Old Man Su saw Ye Zichen, his eyes brightened, then ran over and directly sat in the front passenger seat.

“Lil’ Ye, hurry. Start driving.”

“Aiyo, he’s squishing me.”

Liu Qing was sitting in the front passenger seat just now, so when Old Man Su got on the car, he had directly sat on top of her.

Ye Zichen snickered, causing Liu Qing to curse.

“You’re still laughing, hurry up and make the old man get up for a moment.”

Ye Zichen held back his laughter. Meanwhile, Old Man Su got a bit anxious when he saw that Ye Zichen still didn’t start driving.

“Lil’ Ye, what are you doing! Hurry up and drive. They’ll catch up soon.”

“Alright, alright. But, Old Man Su, can you lift your butt for a moment?”

Ye Zichen nearly laughed out loud when he said this. Old Man Su was also a bit confused by this, but he still chose to lift his but.

“I’m finally free.”

Liu Qing sighed, the floated onto the back seat. Ye Zichen also held back his laughter and asked Old Man Su.

“Where to?”

“Doesn’t matter, anywhere that I can drink is fine!”


Ye Zichen slammed down on the pedal, causing his car to disappear from the road like a bolt of lightning.

Not long after he left, a group of men in military clothing appeared in the spot they were on just now. He watched as Ye Zichen’s car sped away and shouted into the walkie-talkie.

“I couldn’t catch up to Chief. He got onto a car with the plate number XXXXXX. Requesting aid.”

Ye Zichen chose to park near a barbeque store.

He still remembered that Old Man Su likes this. What’s more, people his age shouldn’t like places like a bar.

After ordering a bunch of barbeques, Ye Zichen and Elder Su started to directly drink from beer bottles.

“Lil’ Ye, such is fate.”


Ye Zichen chuckled, it really was fate, he had met Elder Su both times Elder Su escaped.

“Old Man Su, you are looking better and better.”

Ye Zichen put the beer to the side, and took a bite off a lamb skewer.

“Lil’ Ye, I feel like it’s all thanks to your wine,” Old Man Su took a bit off a skewer and said. “I would secretly take a few sips of the wine you gave me every day. Every time I drink it, I feel a bit better, and my body seems to get better as well.”

“Yeah, it might be because Old Man Su satisfied his alcohol thirst, and got into a good mood.”

“That’s true.”

Old Man Su chuckled.

After a few rounds, Old Man Su and Ye Zichen’s topic gradually changed to Su Yan from being about alcohol.

“Lil’ Ye, have you contacted my granddaughter recently?”

“Don’t talk about it.”

Ye Zichen shook his head and sighed. They did have some sort of relationship before, but the f*cking string snapped.

He had been feeling troubled about the broken string.

“What? My granddaughter didn’t get interested in you?”

“Yes, and no,” Ye Zichen didn’t know how to reply. However, Old Man Su chucked, “Do you need this old man to help link the two of you again?”

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