Chapter 439 Third Fatty Jin Returns to the Immortal Region

Chapter 439 – Third Fatty Jin Returns to the Immortal Region

What kind of shit is this geezer saying now?

Lord of the Three Realms.

I still don’t completely get the stuff about the Modern Realm, and this geezer’s actually telling me to be the Lord of the Three Realms.

Is the Jade Emperor and Heaven-Equaling Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven easy to bully? Doesn’t becoming the Lord of the Three Realms mean that I have to stand on top of them…

This is impossible.

“Kid, what’s with your expression? From my understanding of you, you should be quite ambitious. The Lord of the Three Realms is the absolute leader of the Three Realms. You have no interest?” Taibai Jinxing smiled. This was something he thought up on before he descended.

The Three Realms have truly been in peace for too long, which gradually turned into a situation of them fighting amongst themselves. The demon race’s ambitions definitely do not only end with the rural lands of the Modern Realm. Their aim was definitely the Three Realms, or even more.

It would take the powers of the Three Realms combined to defend against the demon race, but the leaders of the Three Realms all had different plans…

Thus, a master who can order the Three Realms was needed, and he felt like… Ye Zichen would be a good candidate.

This kid has contacts with the top fighting prowess of the Heavenly Court, and I refuse to believe that this kid wouldn’t know some amazing people in the Underworld with what he’s capable of.

More importantly, there’s his identity. The fact that he can wield Xuan-Yuan Sword!

He’s probably the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor!

Back then, the Yellow Emperor was one of the top people in the Rogue Immortal’s Immortal Region. If he truly becomes the Lord of the Three Realms, then the Immortal Region would definitely support him full-heartedly.

This way, he’ll have support from all Three Realms, so he’ll find it a lot easier in the Struggle for the Three Realms.

“Don’t think too highly of me. Ambitions need to be established upon one’s own strength. I am merely a puny Earth Immortal, and you’re telling me to be the Lord of the Three Realms? Think about it, isn’t that hilarious?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly. Yes, he was ambitious, but that doesn’t mean that he’s brainless.

In his opinion, he can’t actually beat the Jade Emperor and the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens, even with the support of the Rogue Immortals. However… if the Rogue Immortals could truly fight against the other two realms, then they wouldn’t be sharing the world with the Heavenly Court and the Underworld.

“Kind, don’t overthink the issue, I’m just asking you, are you interested in being the Lord of the Three Realms? As for your worries, we can set them aside for now!”

“Of course, there’s something wrong with me if I have no interest,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. The Lord of the Three Realms was obviously an amazing existence, who wouldn’t want to be it?

“Then that’s enough,” Taibai Jinxing’s eyes shimmered, and smiled meaningfully.

As Ye Zichen looked at the geezer’s fox-like smile, Ye Zichen suddenly felt like he was tricked.

“Hey, you can’t be thinking of some ways to screw me over, right!?” Ye Zichen stopped in his steps.

Taibai Jinxing shook his head, “How could I? We’re comrades in arms. From now on, I will groom you as someone that will become the Lord of the Three Realms. If you agree, then treat those cultivation experience… as a gift from this old man.”


One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding ulterior motives.

Even though Ye Zichen understood that, he had no way to refuse. That’s ten billion cultivation experience, I can only jump in even though I know it’s a trap.

“Hey, then can I ask you something?’

“Ask away,” Taibai Jinxing smiled.

“Why do you have to groom me into the Lord of the Three Realms? Wasn’t the Jade Emperor a better choice when you were in the Heavenly Court? He’s already the lord of one of the realms, and has terrifying strength…”

“Don’t you feel like you didn’t use your brain? I already left the Heavenly Court!” Taibai Jinxing rolled his eyes. “Otherwise, why do you think I am willing to waste time grooming a new person like you? But even if I didn’t leave, the Jade Emperor is not a good candidate!”


“The Three Realms have been peaceful for too long, the Jade Emperor has already lost the edge that he once had. Right now, he’s only mundane, and useless… He’s merely enjoying his peaceful life. Someone like him is unsuited to become the Lord of the Three Realms. And in this sort of circumstance, the Lord of the Three Realms has to be someone who’s fearless,” Taibai Jinxing smiled and patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder. “Both you and me requires this chance. If you want to fight against the demons, then your people are not enough. Work hard with the target of the Lord of the Three Realms. Even if the chances of success are negligible, we cannot give up.”

For some reason, the hopeful and slightly helpless gaze moved Ye Zichen’s heart.

Ye Zichen nodded, then raised his eyebrows, “Then how do I become the Lord of the Three Realms?”

“Wait. Wait until the day of the Struggle for the Three Realms,” Taibai Jinxing replied.

The two of them eventually arrived at the apartment near Polytechnic University. Since Taibai Jinxing had descended, Ye Zichen had to find a place for him to stay. Ye Zichen pushed open the door and wanted to introduce a new roommate for the fatty, but he never expected that…

A pungent stench of wetness blew out from the room.

As they walked into the room, they saw that the tea table and the floor was covered in a thin layer of dust. When combined with the smell of wetness in the room, it was obvious that the apartment had been uninhabited for a long time.

“Fatty!” Ye Zichen shouted a few times, but he did not get any reply. Just when he wondered where the damn fatty went off to, he noticed a slip of paper on the tea table.

“Boss Ye, Esteemed Master contacted me and told me to return to the Three Realms. Thank you for your care during this period of time. If it is fate, then see you in the Three Realms!”

Fatty actually returned to the Three Realms.

When Ye Zichen placed the paper slip back onto the table, Taibai Jinxing picked it up and read it before asking, “Did someone from the Three Realms live here before? You were actually living with someone from the Three Realms!?”

Ye Zichen ignored Taibai Jinxing’s exclamation, and merely pondered about the reason behind the fatty leaving.

Back then, Great Emperor Qingming had randomly stuffed the fatty over. Not only was the fatty of no help to me, he even caused me a lot of trouble.

And now, the fatty was randomly summoned back to the Three Realms…

Just what is Great Emperor Qingming doing?

“Hey, kid…” Taibai Jinxing asked relentlessly.

Ye Zichen frowned, “Don’t always call me kid. I have a name. Ye Zichen!”

“Are you getting mad with this old man?” Taibai Jinxing’s expression darkened.

Seeing his unfriendly look, Ye Zichen summoned out Xuan-Yuan Xiang.

“Don’t bully my little brother,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled.

Seeing the sword spirit, Taibai Jinxing caressed his beard bitterly, then silently used a breeze technique to blow away the dust and smell before he sat down on the sofa.

“Hmph, don’t try to scare me. I’ve got backing,” Ye Zichen chuckled, then sat opposite him.

Taibai Jinxing merely rolled his eyes.

If I was half as strong as I was when I was with the God Race, then even Yellow Emperor Xuan-Yuan can only be a little brother if he came, not to mention the sword spirit!

Seeing Taibai Jinxing’s annoyed look, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but chuckle. He then clicked opened WeChat on his phone and glanced at the member list within Red Packet Server…

“@everyone, new people send red packets!

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