Chapter 438 Are You Interested in Become The Master of the Three Realms?

Chapter 438 – Are You Interested in Become The Master of the Three Realms?

Back in the demon realm.

The glorious palace seemed slightly sinister. The man who sat on the throne of the palace wore a black robe, while he swirled a glass of blood red liquor around.

Su Yiyun stood at a lower space in front of him, while revealing a hint look of disdain. Meanwhile, Gu Li, who he had saved, stood half a meter to his side.

“Gu Li, you said that Su Yiyun deliberately let our mission target go?” the man on the throne smiled, but it was a smile that made it very difficult to guess his real thoughts.

“Lord Black Dragon, everything I said is the truth. In the Otherworld, the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation held Xuan-Yuan Sword in his hands. I have already clearly told Su Yiyun his identity, but he told me that he doesn’t recognize it, then attacked me,” Gu Li said with a bow.

Lord Black Dragon, who sat on the throne, smiled, then glanced towards Su Yiyun, “Lil’ Su, what do you have to say?”

“I don’t have anything to say,” Su Yiyun answered indifferently.

“But according to what Lil’ Gu said means that you… have committed a crime!” Lord Black Dragon continued to maintain his faint smile, but he spoke in a warning tone.

“It’s something that never happened. I don’t want to waste too much time discussing it. You told me to go to the Otherworld to save this brat, even if that person is truly the Yellow Emperor, what does that even have to do with me?” Su Yiyun shrugged. “If you feel like I was wrong, then I’ll just leave the demon race. What do you think about that?”

“Lil’ Su is still coming off so strong!” Lord Black Dragon squinted his eyes with a smile.

Gu Li also laughed coldly, “Lord Black Dragon, you hear that? He even has the intention to betray the demon race. You can’t leave someone like this around. Also, he said that it never happened, but Diyou was there, how about calling him out to prove what I said?”

“Grandson, if you keep bullshitting here, then I feel like… I should just directly kill you!” Su Yiyun turned around with a emotionless gaze.


Gu Li subconsciously gulped, then took a few steps backwards.

At this moment, Lord Black Dragon also chuckled, “Alright, this will be the end of this! Lil’ Su did indeed go to the Otherworld to save you. As for the Yellow Emperor, he didn’t know anything… I’ll get someone to send the mission regarding the Yellow Emperor over to Lil’ Su’s manor. Next time… I hope this does not happen again.”

Su Yiyun did not even care about that, and directly left the palace.

Moments after he left, Gu Li snorted with a frown, “Lord Black Dragon, just look at him, he didn’t take you seriously at all.”

“Alright now, I said this will be the end of this!” A hint look of rage surfaced on Black Dragon’s face. Seeing that Gu Li instantly stopped daring to speak. “Now leave!”

As Lord Black Dragon spoke those words that did not allow refusal, Gu Li also left obediently. Only then did Lord Black Dragon pour the blood-like liquor into his glass, then lick his lips and smile meaningfully.

“Leader, we have cleaned up pretty much everything,” the Tribulation members hurried back.

Wei Chen also nodded and walked in front of Ye Zichen.

At that moment, Ye Zichen was deep in discussion with Taibai Jinxing. Seeing Wei Chen walk over, he immediately raised his eyebrows, “How is it?”

“They have pretty much cleaned up everything. Later on, the next team will just tie up any loose ends,” Wei Chen answered.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Alright, then I’ll leave the remaining jobs to you guys.”


After Ye ZIchen left the Otherworld and returned to the Modern Realm, he took a glance at the opening which had been ripped open when he entered…

Fortunately, the openings have all been repaired by Wei Chen and co.

“Even though these openings have been repaired, the repair of these holes by a person’s spiritual energy can merely stop the leakage of demonic energy. If such a large scale event like earlier happens again… These repairs are merely a thin piece of useless paper,” Taibai Jinxing squinted his eyes and replied with a solemn tone.

He, who has fought the demon race for a far too many times, understood very clearly that what had happened earlier was merely the start. If the the demon race was truly going to make a move on the Modern Realm…

Then it would be a matter of time until the Modern Realm falls.

He had already checked out the strength of the people around Ye Zichen. They were still too weak in comparison to the demon race.

“We’ll take it a step at a time!” Ye Zichen also let out a sigh. He already felt tired after killing too many huge abyssals. If real demons attack…


I still require absolute power.

Ignoring everyone else, even when he faced Su Yiyun, he already felt powerless.

It wasn’t just because of Su Yiyun’s ability in formations, Su Yiyun had easily destroyed his wind slash as well.

“Oh yeah, Taibai, didn’t you have something you wanted to discuss with me about in the Otherworld?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows as he strolled along the street.

Taibai Jinxing paused for a moment, “Mhmm!”

“Then say it!”

At that moment, the two of them were already on the same line, everything was bounded together.

“I was overthinking back then, now I feel like there’s no need to tell you,” Taibai Jinxing shrugged.

Ye ZIchen immediately rolled his eyes, “If you’re going to say it, then hurry up. Why are you so hesitant!”

“Hehe, so what if I say it? What I want to talk about is stuff to do with the Three Realm’s Reputation. Do you know what Reputation is?” Taibai Jinxing replied in annoyance, then snorted with a roll of his eyes. “Just focus on cultivating. Don’t think about sticking a foot into everything.”


Is this geezer talking about the random Reputation I received?

Ye Zichen tapped Taibai Jinxing’s shoulder, then handed his phone over and pointed at the 277 Reputation shown, “Are you talking about this?”

“What?” Taibai Jinxing frowned. But when he saw the Reputation on Ye Zichen’s phone… “Reputation? You actually have Reputation! But why is yours shown on WeChat? Ours is all shown on the leaderboard!”

Ye Zichen was unable to form a response, since he didn’t understand what Taibai Jinxing was talking about!

Leaderboard? This thingy has a leaderboard?

“Whatever, your entire existence is kind of weird, but since you have reputation, then that’s really good,” Taibai Jinxing shook his head, then a struggling expression flashed across his face. “Are you interested in messing around as the Lord of the Three Realms?”

“Mhmm. Huh?” Ye Zichen looked up in confusion, then glanced at Taibai Jinxing’s mature face. “What are you talking about? Lord of the Three Realms?”

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