Chapter 437 Su Yiyun’s Strength

Chapter 437 – Su Yiyun’s Strength

The slash shot through the air.

It was so mighty that even the space itself was about to be cut open by it. The stones on the ground continuously exploded into smithereens and followed the ray like the trail of a comet.

“Ye Zichen, hurry up and dodge it!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang called out from within the sword. Even she was shocked by the slash.

That guy has clearly gotten a grasp of the enlightenment of swords. This sword of sword intent would be able to increase his strength by at least ten times.

“Ye Zichen, what are you blanking out for? Hurry up and move aside!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang was beyond worried when she saw that Ye Zichen did not move. She even wanted to use her own strength to drag him away.

“Don’t move.” At that moment, Ye Zichen spoke softly.

Hearing that, Xuan-Yuan Xiang immediately scolded angrily in his consciousness, “What bullshit are you saying? Do you actually want to block it?”

“Mhmm,” Ye Zichen nodded, then gripped the hilt of the sword tightly with his right hand and lifted his arm.

“Hey… Don’t be reckless!!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang said. If Ye Zichen failed to block it, then both of them were going to be goners.

“Don’t be afraid,” Ye Zichen smiled. He looked up, at the slash that was approaching him…

“Is this your determination?” Ye Zichen shook his head, then let out a sigh. “If this is your determination, then that is truly disappointing.”


A savage aura was instantly released from Ye Zichen’s body, shocking even Xuan-Yuan Xiang.


Even a complete stage Human Immortal might not be able to match this!

“I chose to burden countless crimes in order to gain Xuan-Yuan Sword. In terms of determination, you’re way too lacking!” the light on Xuan-Yuan Sword’s blade brightened. Then, Ye Zichen glanced forward deeply. “Slash!”

As he waved Xuan-Yuan Sword downwards, it released a long slash that was over fifty meters in length.

The moment the slash materialized, the Otherworld shook, and a huge crack appeared on the ground…

“Shatter!” As Ye Zichen shouted, the air pressure from his slash directly broke Gu Li’s without stopping, then continued towards Gu Li.

“Im-Impossible!” Gu Li’s eyes twitched intensely as he shook his head. He was unable to believe that the wind slash filled with his determination was shattered so easy.

“Hurry up and run. What are you blanking out for!?” Diyou roared angrily within Chiyou Sword, but Gu Li was already out of his senses.


Diyou cursed, then controlled Chiyou Sword to move out of Gu Li’s hand. He did not want to die together with a retard.

“Hehe, you’re actually abandoning your master as a sword spirit. That is truly… shameful,” a playful laughter sounded out from beside Diyou. Before he could react, he was grabbed by someone. At the same time, the man also walked beside Gu Li and looked towards the wind slash… “You grew up!”

A huge palm suddenly appeared from the sky, which gripped the wind slash and shattered it.

“Hey, brat, come back,” the man kicked Gu Li.

Only then did Gu Li return to his senses. Seeing the young man in front of him, he immediately grabbed the young man’s trousers and shouted, “Kill him, kill that guy.”

“F*ck off. Why are you so annoying!?” the young man kicked Gu Li away, then looked towards Ye Zichen with a smile. “Zichen, long time no see!”

“Su Yiyun,” this time, Ye Zichen was very calm. He gazed at the man standing more than a hundred meters away from him. “Even a split second ago, I didn’t believe that you actually joined the demon race, but it seems like I have to believe it.”

“Hehe, you’re still so friendly!” Su Yiyun smiled, then shrugged. “I came over this time for this brat. I heard that he’s a Fallen, and the demon race is very worried about him, so I have to bring him back safely.”

“I feel like that’s not going to happen,” Ye Zichen smiled, then walked forward. However, within a few steps, he felt like he was trapped within a barrier.

“Ye-zi, you should know me. I won’t fight fights that I have no confidence in winning. I already set seals around you when I arrived.”

“Being a formation master is truly not just for show. Wow… Ol’ Three, you became strong.”

“I’ve always been strong. Alright, let’s stop catching up. I’m… taking this guy away,” Su Yiyun smiled, then grabbed Gu Li’s collar and begun to leave…


A huge commotion suddenly sounded out in the air the moment he turned around.

“You’re trying the same thing again. DO you think that I will fall for the same trick?” Ye Zichen smiled, and walked over as he held Xuan-Yuan Sword, while continuously waving the blade in front of him.

All of those were the seals Su Yiyun set around him!

Seeing that, Su Yiyun suddenly smiled. He did not set up any spiritual formations and merely waited until Ye Zichen walked in front of him.

“Leave him behind, and you can walk away,” Ye Zichen lifted Xuan-Yuan Sword and said coldly as he pointed towards Gu Li, who was sitting limply on the ground.

“Do you still want to let me go even now?” Su Yiyun smiled wryly.

Gu Li snorted with a frown, “Su Yiyun, stop wasting your breath with him. Just directly kill him… He is the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. Xuan-Yuan Sword proves it all!”

“I don't recognize the Xuan-Yuan Sword!”


Su Yiyun kicked Gu Li, then looked up once again, “How is Su Yan?”

“Thanks to you, she is lying peacefully in the ward,” Ye Zichen’s hands trembled when he replied, but he forced himself to not show any other emotions.

“Is that so? She’s actually still alive!” Su Yiyun smiled darkly.

However, that completely pissed Ye Zichen off, “Are you still f*cking human? Still alive? She’s your little sister!”

“I’ve said it before, that thing is not my little sister!” Su Yiyun squinted his eyes and replied. Then he grabbed Gu Li off the ground. “That’ll be all. I’m rather busy with the demon race, so I have no time to waste with you. I’m off!”

“Do you think that you can take him away?”

Ye Zichen took a large step forward, only to find out that he was once again a hundred meters away from Su Yiyun, even though he was clearly right in front of them moments earlier.

F*ck, I was tricked.

Ye Zichen clenched his fist angrily. When he tried to chase them…

“Ye-zi, see you!”


Ye Zichen punched the ground. He never expected that Su Yiyun’s skills in spiritual formation to reach such a huge height that would allow him to set one up in an instant.

“Illusionary Lost Formation. That’s a spiritual formation that only a Level Six Formation Master can set up. What’s more, even if they set it up, they would require spirit stones and time. Your friend… is slightly too outrageously strong,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang also appeared out from the sword, then sighed. “Alright, he already left. Let’s go over and see how that old man is. You didn’t win this time, but you didn’t lose. You have already done very well against a formation master.”

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