Chapter 436 Chiyou Sword

Chapter 436 – Chiyou Sword

The sound from the mist was a male voice, but the words stunned both Xuan-Yuan Xiang and Ye Zichen.

He actually knows the sword spirit of Xuan-Yuan Sword…

A man walked out from within as the mist begun to disperse. He was about 1.7 meters. He wore a long ink-black robe, while his long hair scattered across his shoulders. His skin was fair, while his eyes were long with purplish red eyelashes. There was also the symbol of a ball of fire in the middle of his eyebrows.

He smiled softly, then touched the corner of his lips, “I really can’t help but want to eat you, who is so alluring.”

“Diyou!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang suddenly came out of the sword. He eyes were filled with blatant fury, while she clenched her fists tightly and trembled.

“Hehe, even your look of anger is so mesmerizing. As expected of the woman I am charmed by,” Diyou licked his lips, then swept his snake-like eyes across Ye Zichen. “He… Is this person beside you the Yellow Emperor?”

“Heh!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang merely snorted coldly in reply.

Diyou smiled, while his gaze turned cold.

“What a despicable fellow. If it wasn’t for that bastard Xuan-Yuan[1], you might already be mine. But after all these years, you are actually still pursuing after him. It seems like you’re just a slut!” With that, Diyou looked towards Ye Zichen. “How is it, Xuan-Yuan Xiang has been well, right? You actually refused to discard her after so long, she definitely has served you well, right? Zeze, a human and a sword spirit. It does lessen the trouble, since at the very least, you don’t have to take responsibility, right! As long as you want it, you can just go and find her, that’s rather convenient!”

“Shut your shitty mouth!”


A slash of the wind brushed passed Diyou’s cheek. Although he had already dodged to the side as soon as he could, it still left a mark on his face.

“Spicy. I like it,” Diyou touched where he was wounded on the cheek, then walked in front of Gu Li. “This time, I don’t need you to pay any price. I will unleash my full power. Kill that Yellow Emperor and grab Xuan-Yuan Sword for me.”

“Okay,” Gu Li nodded.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s eyes twitched. She looked at Gu Li in surprise, then walked in front of Ye Zichen with her eyes squinted.

“Who is that guy?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. The grandson’s insults had already made him slightly angry.

“He is Diyou, the sword spirit of the Chiyou Sword. If there is no surprise… Then the person holding the sword should be Chiyou’s reincarnation. I seriously did not expect the two of them getting together again, but they do suit each other!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang snorted, while her words were filled with disdain towards them.

However, Ye Zichen could not remain so calm. Chiyou… Doesn’t that mean Gu Li is my fated enemy?

Then, he suppressed the shock in his heart!

This is good as well. Since we are already on opposing sides, there was no space for negotiation anyways. If I felt merciful, then I might have considered leaving Gu Li alive, but since he is Chiyou’s reincarnation, then I have to kill him!


At the same time, Xuan-Yuan Xiang already returned to Xuan-Yuan Sword, while the sword levitated and remained by Ye Zichen’s side.

At the same time, Diyou also disappeared. Then, a long black sword appeared forth from the middle of Gu Li’s eyebrows. The sword was covered in black mist, making it seem all the more like that of a villain’s.

“Xuan-Yuan Xiang, are you ready to enjoy this lord’s impact?” Diyou continued to trash talk.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang also controlled Xuan-Yuan Sword and floated in front of Ye Zichen with a snort, “If your strength is half as amazing as your trash talking skills, then Chiyou wouldn’t have lost that terribly back then.”

“That’s because he was useless!” Diyou laughed without any hesitation. “The fact that he went soft at the end meant that he deserved to die.”

Xuan-Yuan Xiang ignored his words, and spoke to Ye Zichen in his mind, “No need to hold back. Slay them!”

“I would do that even if you didn’t say so.”

Ye Zichen gripped Xuan-Yuan Sword’s hilt, causing Ye Zichen’s body to release a brilliant gold light.

The faint might of a monarch spiraled around him, and even a portion of the Otherworld’s purple mist was dispersed by the golden light.

“Brat, don’t hold back either. Kill him!”


Gu Li’s body released black mist, while the symbol of a ball of fire also gradually appeared in the middle of his eyebrows.

The black mist and gold light each took over a side of the Otherworld…

Both of them were preparing, and neither dare to recklessly move!


A pebble cracked and exploded under the two auras, and the moment that sounded out, the two people moved out simultaneously.


The swords mercilessly impacted together.

Ye Zichen looked coldly at Gu Li, “Sword Slash Maelstrom!”

Countless wind slashes instantly materialized around Gu LI and flew towards him. He immediately kicked Ye Zichen on the chest, and pushed himself backwards.

“Shatter!” Gu Li quickly swung Chiyou Sword in his hand and block all of the wind slashes, while he smiled coldly. “Ghost Region!”

Countless wailing ghosts appeared in front of Ye Zichen and leaped towards him.

“This is an illusion. Ugh, Yiyuan, he isn’t here when you need him!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang complained in Xuan-Yuan Sword.

However, Ye Zichen merely closed his eyes calmly.

Since it’s an illusion, that means it is a technique to confuse my sight. Then I’ll just not look at all.

“Heh, here!”

Ye Zichen, who had his eyes shut, slashed backwards.

Gu Li, who was about to sneak up on Ye Zichen, silently cursed, then raised his sword, which clashed against Ye Zichen’s.

“Little bro, good job. I got them!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang laughed excitedly. Then, the golden light around Xuan-Yuan Sword brightened.


Gu Li spat out a mouthful of blood, then flew backwards. He bit his lips with force, then stabbed his sword into the ground.

Despite that, he still flew several ten meters backwards before stopping.

“Focus, brat. I'm going to transfer you my own power! Diyou roared within Chiyou Sword.

Normally, Gu Li would have agreed right away, but this time, here merely wiped away the blood from his mouth, then charged over with bloodshot eyes.

Why!? Why do I have to be weaker than Ye Zichen!?

Both of us have divine weapons. Why should I be weaker than Ye Zichen!? I am the reincarnation of Chiyou, but he is the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor.

Why am I a bit weaker than Ye Zichen in everything!?

I am the main character of this world. Ye Zichen… only deserves to be a stepping stone for me!


Chiyou Sword, which Gu Li held in his hand, reacted as if it felt his determination, while Diyou, the sword spirit within, also felt Gu Li continuously transfer energy into the sword!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

Gu Li continuously spun Chiyou Sword around, then, a huge ray of energy shot out from his sword.

“Ye Zichen, die!”

  1. Xuan-Yuan (轩辕) is the surname of the Yellow Emperor.

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