Chapter 431 Shock

Chapter 341 – Shock

Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled and raised her eyebrows, then pinched Ye Zichen’s cheek. “Wow, little fellow, you’re going to trick the Heavenly Court’s Taibai Jinxing into descending?”

“I’m not tricking him,” Ye Zichen smiled. Then said with determination. “The demon race is my greatest enemy as well, even without Taibai Jinxing, I would still fight to death with the demons.”

Ye Zichen closed his eyes, and easily recalled those innocents who have died…

It could be said that he now shared the same past with Taibai Jinxing. The demons must be eradicated, for both vengeance, and also to allow the deceased ones in his heart to rest in peace.

What Ye Zichen could not tolerate was that after his friends were killed, he had gotten King Chujiang in the Underworld to investigate who they were going to be reborn as, but only to find out that there was no such ghost.

That only meant that his friends did not go to the Underworld after death.

Everything is unforgivable!

“Alright, it seems like you’ve truly grown quite a lot recently,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled. “Taibai Jinxing seems to have mentioned the Gods, right? If you have the chance, then you must check them out. Back then, Xuan-Yuan, the Yellow Emperor had missed that chance.”

“I know,” Ye Zichen nodded. The God Realm was somewhere he would definitely go in the future, but how was he supposed to think about all that when he haven’t yet even been to all of the Three Realms? “Let’s not talk about that anymore. Didn’t you have something you want to say to me when we returned from the Otherworld?”

“Little fellow, your memory is pretty good,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled. “I thought you already forgotten about it.”

“I care a lot about any piece of information regarding the demons,” Ye Zichen’s gaze was solemn. Especially when a hole can actually be opened in the Otherworld that links to the Modern Realm…

“Actually, what I wanted to ask you was that, did you feel the demon’s monsters evolving?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang raised her eyebrows.


Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows. To be perfectly honest, he did not feel like the demons’ monsters were evolving. Those reptilian monsters were still of a level that he could instantly kill, and those big fellows could not match up to him at all.

However, what was worth noticing was that the big guys were a lot taller than before.

“It seems like you haven’t noticed,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled. “When I went with you to the Otherworld just now, I felt like when the Human Immortal-level big fellow changed internally while he fought with you.”

“What sort of change!” Ye Zichen asked.

“Metamorphosis,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang squinted her eyes and replied. “He was metamorphosing internally, and was gaining intelligence. You dealt with him rather quickly, if you delayed it by half an hour, then that monster should have possessed the ability to think!”

“Oh?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. That was something he really did not notice at all.

The fact that the demons’ monsters were actually gaining intelligence was not a good news for him. Without any consciousness, their attacks were merely natural instinct, but with the ability to think, then Ye Zichen’s advantage was completely nullified.

“What you need to do now is hurry up and raise your own strength,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang spoke up once again. “You have to understand that right now, the demons you’ve ran into are all abyssals. You have not met the true soldiers of the demon race yet.”


Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s words completely stunned Ye Zichen…

That’s true.

I have not fought real demons yet. I’ve only been bullying those abyssals!

I was even kind of proud after dealing with that big fellow, but Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s words completely woke me up.

“Back then, I had once fought with the demons while I was with the Yellow Emperor. Their demonic knights and demonic warriors were extremely strong, and there was no lack of shockingly talented individuals amongst them, so do not let down your guard.”

“I understand,” Ye Zichen replied calmly, then his expression turned dark.

Shockingly talented individuals… That Mo Di should be one of them, right? That powerless feeling of fighting him, even if I have already become stronger, if I was to fight with him once again…

I still don’t really have much chance of a victory.

An urgent feeling surfaced in Ye Zichen’s heart. He rubbed his slightly hurting head as his face became covered with a solemn expression.

“Alright, it’s really late, so don’t think too much. Rest properly. Only being rested can make your strength rise steadily,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang patted Ye Zichen’s head, then tapped the middle of his eyebrows with her finger. “Sleep!”

Another half a month silently passed by. During this period of time, the link between the Otherworld and the Modern Realm was damaged multiple times.

Wei Chen also continuously took the team members to go to where the abyssals appeared…

It could be said that the Modern Realm was very unpeaceful. At the same time, a huge event also happened in the Heavenly Court!

Taibai Jinxing left the Heavenly Court, and discarded his position. This was something that caused a huge commotion within the Heavenly Court.

Since a long time ago, the elder who was always wore a smiling face was the goody two shoes of the Heavenly Court, as well as its main butler!

The deities were able to accept any deity going against the Jade Emperor, but they were unable to believe that Taibai Jinxing actually left the Heavenly Court.

However, the truth was that he did leave.




After Taibai Jinxing left the group, a lot of deities appeared in the Red Packet Server, including God of Thunder, Mother of Lightning, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li, All Seeing Eyes, Wind Catching Ears and Third Prince Nezha…

All of the members who were once active in the Heavenly Court’s chat group appeared. Of course, they did not request access to the server. Instead, they were invited by Taibai Jinxing.

God of Thunder: @Taibai Jinxing, why did you leave the Heavenly Court?

Mother of Lightning: Why did you quit just like that and even left your celestial position behind?

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: Taibai, you were too impulsive. You don’t even have ten percent of your strength remaining after discarding your celestial position, and where can you even go? I heard from the Jade Emperor that you want to eradicate demons? Couldn’t you just tell me directly? I have a hundred thousand Heavenly Soldiers under my command…

All Seeing Eyes: The Heavenly Court is smoke-filled without Taibai!

Wind Catching Ears: Yeah, nobody is managing the entire place anymore.

Third Prince Nezha: Then what about Grandpa Taibai’s cultivation experience? Are you leaving it for the person who succeeds your celestial position?

The moment cultivation experience was mentioned, a brilliant smile bloomed on Ye Zichens’ face. Taibai Jinxing was no fool, there was no way he would have left the cultivation experience behind, and the benefactor of this all…

“F*ck, ten billion cultivation experience. I didn’t miscount, right!?”

Ye Zichen stared straight at the remaining balance of his cultivation experience within the Treasure Chest. Taibai Jinxing had transferred all of his cultivation experience to Ye Zichen before Taibai Jinxing discarded his celestial position.

That was essentially like inheriting the inheritance of a billionaire. All of a sudden, Ye Zichen rose to the top of the world!

Ten billion…

Just how am I supposed to spend it all…

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