Chapter 430 Chain Effects

Chapter 430 – Chain Effects

Even Taibai Jinxing’s comrades in the Heavenly Court that had been with him for several hundred thousand years did not truly know how deep was the grudge between Taibai and the demons.

However, from the moment he went against the Jade Emperor and took out his life’s savings, they were all able to feel his determination in eradicating the demons.

He was unable to endure it anymore…

It had already plagued countless of his nights, and woke him up repeatedly from his dreams.

All he could do was sigh in solitary as he looked at the empty room after waking up.

“Taibai, we need to plan this thoroughly. I’ve never came into contact with the demon race, but since they can fight with the Gods, then they must be a huge deal. Even those of us in this group would find it hard to match them!”

Old Lord Taishang frowned slightly. Both of them were elders of the Heavenly Court, and got along very well in private.

He did want to help his old friend fulfill his life’s wish, but… Even though he wanted to help, he couldn’t just answer out of loyalty without any consideration.

“Yeah, old man. That old son Jade Emperor has a great relationship with you, just talk to him properly…” Monkey King said. However, Taibai Jinxing directly sent out a screenshot.

The screenshot was one of the notice the Jade Emperor sent out in the Heavenly Court’s chat group.

“Do you guys think still think so after that? Jade Emperor has already prepared to discard me,” Taibai Jinxing’s tone was accompanied with a bit of wryness. “But this is good as well. I’ve… already stayed in the Heavenly Court long enough.”

“Where are you going to go if not stay in the Heavenly Court? The Rogue Immortal’s Immortal Region?” Yue Lao asked in confusion.

“Immortal Region? What can I do in any one of the lower three realms? I’m going to return to the God Realm. If you guys want to, then I can take you guys along… Of course, not right now!”

Taibai Jinxing replied straightforwardly, since he had already made up his mind.

It was impossible for the Jade Emperor to send out the army to eradicate demons, and after waiting several hundred thousand years, Taibai Jinxing was no longer able to patiently wait.

He wanted revenge. Even if he couldn’t borrow the Heavenly Court’s power, he would slay demons using his own method.

To… pay his respects to his wife and children!

Everyone in the group fell silent, while Ye Zichen was completely shocked. Taibai Jinxing was returning to the God Realm? Does that mean the God Realm from the time of the Great War of Gods and Demons still existed?


System Mission Issued: Accept Taibai Jinxing’s request. Help him kill demons and return to the God Realm.

Mission Duration: Long term.

Mission Reward: Divine Blood x1. Divine-Grade Essence Purification Pill.

The system issued Ye Zichen another mission, but Ye Zichen did not feel any repulsion towards the mission at all. Eradicating the demons was one of his wish as well, so helping Taibai Jinxing complete his life’s goal did not come into conflict with his ideals at all.

“Celestial friends, I wonder…”

Taibai Jinxing was a bit hesitant. He knew clearly how hard his requests was on the others.

Even though the demon race was greatly hurt during their war with the gods, they were still originally the leader of the six realms. A starved camel was still larger than a horse, so the demons might very well still have Supreme-level experts, which were even above the Immortal Kings.

“Celestial friends, if you feel troubled, then I won’t force anything upon you. Just pretend like I didn’t say anything.”

Taibai Jinxing sighed softly. Just as he was about to leave the group, Ye Zichen sent a message.

“I can help you.”

Taibai Jinxing, who was about to leave, smiled wryly when he saw the message. He was someone who knows about Ye Zichen’s identity. He’s just a mere mortal… In terms of combat prowess, he wasn’t even as strong as one of the Heavenly Court’s Heavenly Soldiers.

All of a sudden, he begun to fantasize about how great this young man would be if he was truly a great deity with the title of Sky Sovereign.

Although that ran through Taibai’s mind, that wasn’t what the other people in the group thought.

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign’s actually going to act!

God of Fortune: I can already see the demon race trembling.

Yue Lao: @Taibai Jinxing, Sky Sovereign might actually be able to help you.

Erlang Shen: @Only Idealism. Bro, you aren’t kidding right? If you are going to act, then I, your bro, won’t hold back either.

Monkey King: Hehe, if Brother Nameless is helping, then I, Old Sun, is going to join in on the fun.

Old Lord Taishang: Ha… if Sky Sovereign wants to help, although this old man is unable to descend, I am still able to support you guys with pills.

God of Fortune: In that case, then although this little deity is weak, I am still able to support you in terms of funding.

Canopy Marshal: Then, what am I, Old Pig, supposed to do? How about… How about I help as well?

Taibai Jinxing never expected that. Although nobody actually responded to him properly earlier in the group, the atmosphere in the group completely changed after Ye Zichen’s simple words.

In this short few months, this young man actually gained such deep friendships with the deities in the Heavenly Court already?

“This sovereign is not kidding. Eradicating the demon race completely is this sovereign’s life’s goal as well. Yang Jian also knows that I am fighting the demons right now. If Taibai wants to hunt demons, then we can become comrades!”

Ye Zichen responded plainly, while the others all said that they would help…

At the same time, a message filled with sincerity appeared in Ye Zichen’s chat with Taibai Jinxing.

“Thank you.”

Those two simple words were filled with too many of Taibai Jinxing’s emotions. It was the first time he saw a path for the future ever since he descended from the God Realm to the Heavenly Court.

It was now filled with hope…

“You’re welcome…”

Ye ZIchen replied once again after Taibai Jinxing’s message.

“Alright, then it’s settled. Those of us who can fight will fight, those of us who can act as auxiliary will do so. This old man will also continue running the shop in the Heavenly Court in order to provide aid for you guys. However, the main problem is how Taibai Jinxing is supposed to leave the Heavenly Dungeon. Right now, Taibai Jinxing should be within the Heavenly Dungeon, right?”

“Yeah!” Taibai Jinxing replied with a wry smile and looked at the locked jail door. “I am indeed within the Heavenly Dungeon, and there are plenty of Heavenly Soldiers standing guard!”

“Then that’s the problem. How are you going to come out…? If you can’t come out, then everything we say will be pointless.” Yue Lao answered very calmly.

Erlang Shen instantly suggested.

“I am the security head of the Heavenly Court. How about I get those Heavenly Soldiers to leave?”

“No!” Before anyone else could reply, Taibai Jinxing immediately responded. “This old man understands True Lord Erlang’s good will, but if you just recklessly let me out, then it’ll cause trouble for you. I already prepared for my exit. The Heavenly Dungeon… cannot hold me!”

“Oh? What amazing method does Great Deity Taibai have?” Yang Jian asked in curiosity. He knew that the Heavenly Dungeon of the Heavenly Court was surrounded with seals, even a fly wouldn’t be able to leave after entering, and Taibai Jinxing was an actual person.

“Secrets cannot be revealed!” Taibai Jinxing chuckled and replied calmly in the group.

Then, everyone else in the group talked a bit more before they went about their own duties.

Ye Zichen also put his phone to the side, while feeling slightly comforted.

With Taibai Jinxing joining the scene, his path of killing demons might be easier, but it might also become far more difficult.

However, at least he was no longer alone…

Ye Zichen rubbed his temples, then looked up and glanced at Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who was smiling at him.

“I have dealt with everything. It’s time for you to tell me what you wanted to say, right?”

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