Chapter 43 Taking in the ghost girl

Chapter 43 – Taking in the ghost girl

Ye Zichen zoned out when he saw the ghost girl’s smile.

Why is that ghost girl so cute, this is too unfair.


When the ghost girl noticed Ye Zichen’s expression, she instantly floated to the top of the car and frowned, while covering the front of her chest.

“What are you doing, don’t try to do lewd things to me.”

“Come on down.”

Ye Zichen raised his hand and yanked the ghost girl down by her leg. The car was only so big, so she couldn’t hide anywhere.

“What are you doing, I’m telling you I’m a virgin female ghost. If you touch me, then misfortune will fall upon you.”

The ghost girl was completely vigilant. She looked as if Ye Zichen was really going to do something to her.

“Say, ghost girl, we are separated by life and death, don’t be so narcistic okay? There are loads of girls waiting for me to chat them up around me!”

Ye Zichen was afraid that the ghost girl wouldn’t believe him, so he took out his phone and turned to Su Yan’s Moments.

She can’t have blocked him, right?

Seeing that there were no messages in Su Yan’s Moments, he sent a message in a testing manner.


Dearly Beloved has activated friend verification. You are not his (her) friend.

Please send a friend request…

“Ahahaha, you got deleted!”

The ghost girl’s voice was extremely happy. Ye Zichen immediately made a “wait a moment” gesture, and clicked on Xia Keke’s Moments.

Ha, he wasn’t deleted this time.


Ye Zichen scrolled down, but that ghost girl was dazed.


“You know her?”

Ye Zichen opened his eyes wide in shock when that ghost girl revealed a pitiful smile.

“How is she?”

It seemed like this ghost girl really does know Xia Keke.

“She’s great, she’s a school beauty at Polytechnic University.”

"That’s great,” the ghost girl revealed a reminiscent look and smiled. “We said that we were going to get into Polytechnic University together before. I didn’t think that she truly ended up going to this university. Oh yeah, Xia Keke and I were great friends!”

Ye Zichen subconsciously gulped, and touched his elbow.

To be honest, he was getting goosebumps.

This ghost girl actually knew Xia Keke, and the two had promised to get into the same university.

And the one they had chosen was Polytechnic University.

Thus, he could guess that they knew each other in high school.

That was because there are only so many universities in the minds of children in primary or middle school.

“Can I ask an intrusive question? When did you die?”

“Two years ago, right before the National Matriculation Examinations.”

The ghost girl’s face was full of smiles, but that smile was filled with unspeakable trouble.


Ye Zichen put his hand on his chest and breathed in and out several times.

He had a feeling that…

He had got mixed up into something huge.

Trouble before the National Matriculation Examinations…

Before her time!


As goosebumps covered Ye Zichen’s body, he deliberately ignored his thoughts in order to calm himself down.

“Back to the main topic, see if there’s anywhere on me that you can stay. Just follow me in the future. Aren’t you and Xia Keke good friends? If you come with me, then you might be able to meet her.”

“Is there a need?” The ghost girl shook her hand and smiled. “Even if we meet, can we chat like this?”

Ye Zichen clearly knew that it wasn’t possible.

The reason he could see the ghost girl was due to the Great Sage’s Fiery Eyes of Truth. Xia Keke was a normal person, how could she see her.

Humans and ghosts were different, they are not the same.

However, she saw the anticipation in the ghost girl’s eyes.


Ye Zichen replied with a smile.

The ghost girl’s expression tensed, while Ye Zichen continued, “Believe me, a lot of weird things happen around me. Such as me being able to see you now. Stay by my side, I can help you get reborn.”

“You’re lying! It’s impossible for you to do something that even Grandpa Gu couldn’t do!”

“I don’t know who is the Grandpa Gu you’re talking about. I’m not him, so don’t use him to judge me!”

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. He didn’t know who Grandpa Gu was, but he was definitely some sort of master since he had been able to see the ghost girl.

But, so what if that person was a master? He has the group!

Everyone in it are deities!

In order to help the ghost girl regain her confidence, Ye Zichen said another shocking thing.

“I promise that I will resurrect you and let you meet your parents and friends once again…”


The ghost girl’s body trembled. She bit her lips and gripped her fists tightly.

“There is something on you that I can stay on.”

“Point it out.”

“I can’t find it, but I can sense it.”

Ye Zichen immediately thought of it. He opened his phone’s Treasure Chest, and took out the Dragon Eye that he didn’t know the use for.

“It’s this, right?”


With that, the ghost girl snuck into the Dragon Eye. After she entered, the dim Dragon Eye quickly shrank to the size of a glass bead.

Furthermore, it started to shine with white light.

“This is very suitable for me to live, it can nurture my soul,” The ghost girl’s voice sounded rather joyful. Soon, she spoke up again in a solemn tone, “Can you really revive me? Even Grandpa Gu…”

“I said it already, I’m me! Believe me!”

Ye Zichen caressed that shimmering Dragon Eye. The Dragon Eye flashed intensely for a moment, as if the ghost girl was laughing.

“Alright, I’ll believe you. Tell me your name.”

“Ye Zichen.”

“Hello, I’m Liu Qing.”

When they got back to the school, it was right when the dorms were about to close. Ye Zichen rushed in right before it closed, then saw the animals strip dancing in the dorm.

“Hey, why did you bring me here.”

Liu Qing, who was in his pocket, immediately exclaimed after they entered the room. Ye Zichen slapped the Dragon Eye and said quietly.

“Isn’t this what a male dorm is like! If you don’t want to see, then just stay in the Dragon Eye.”

“Aren’t I just curious? I’ve never been to university, isn’t it fine to satisfy my curiosity?”

“Then stop being so shocked.”

“Zichen, what are you muttering to yourself for?” Kang Peng ran over in his boxers, causing Liu Qing to scream out, causing Ye Zichen’s eardrums to vibrate so much that it hurt.

“Ye-zi, are you unwell?”

“I’m fine, just let me rest properly for a moment,” Ye Zichen didn’t take a shower, and directly laid down on the bed after stripping.

“Hey, go and shower!” Liu Qing said in dislike.

“Nope,” Ye Zichen turned around and covered himself with his blanket. Liu Qing put her hands on her waist and snorted, “Alright, you’re not going to wash, right…”


Ye Zichen’s face was completely green when he walked to the public shower room with his bucket and towel.

He was kind of regretting bringing this ghost girl back out of good will, he clearly brought a mistress over.

“Hurry up and wash, I’ll wait here for you.”

Liu Qing sat on the windowsill outside the bathroom and gazed up and the moon outside.

Ye Zichen glanced at her, then walked in with his shower gel.

After he turned on the tap, he closed his eyes and allowed the water to wet his hair. One name kept on repeating in Ye Zichen’s mind.

Liu Qing…

He doesn’t know what kind of story will unfold for her in the future.


That ghost girl is really cute!

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