Chapter 429 Taibai and the Jade Emperor’s Fight

Chapter 429 – Taibai and the Jade Emperor’s Fight

At the Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches.

A suppressed atmosphere filled the palace. The Jade Emperor had shooed out all of the servant girls in annoyance, leaving only him and Taibai Jinxing.

After a long while, the Jade Emperor stood up from his throne with a frown, “Taibai, were you forcing me earlier during the Immortality Peach Feast?”

Taibai Jinxing lowered his head, bowed, and pleaded, “Your Majesty, please send out the army to eradicate the demons!”

“Taibai!” Jade Emperor shouted. He quickly walked in front of Taibai Jinxing and looked at him solemnly. “I know your grudge with the demon race, but… You are forcing me!”

“Your Majesty, please send out the army to eradicate the demons!” Taibai Jinxing spoke up once again.

Hearing that, the Jade Emperor let out a long sigh, then couldn’t help but shake his head, “Taibai, do you really think that this one doesn’t dare to do anything against you? Don’t be too spoiled. I’ll consider sending out the army to eradicate the demons, but it isn’t something you can convince me about so easily!”

“Your Majesty, please send out the army to eradicate the demons!”

“Blasphemy!” the Jade Emperor suddenly roared in anger, then shouted towards the Heavenly soldiers and Heavenly Generals outside. “Come, capture Taibai Jinxing and throw him into the dungeon. If anyone dares to come into contact with him during this period of time, then rid them of their celestial position, and never let them become officials again!!”

“Understood!” the Heavenly Soldiers in the palace answered with a tremble, then captured Taibai Jinxing and dragged him outside.

However, Taibai Jinxing did not fight back at all. He merely shouted towards the Jade Emperor determinedly, “Your Majesty, please send out the army to eradicate demons!”


The Jade Emperor pushed the celestial wine and celestial fruits in his fruit plate onto the ground. Eradicate demons… He wanted to do so as well, but the problem wasn’t as simple.

Taibai Jinxing continuously pressured him. Even a clay doll can get pissed, and not to mention that the person in question as the Jade Emperor!


“Who dares to peak into this sovereign’s palace!”

Jade Emperor suddenly looked up, instantly spread out his spiritual consciousness. He was so detailed in his search that he could even detect the particles in the air.

Ye ZIchen, who was using the Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth to survey the situation, quickly deactivated it. As expected of the Jade Emperor, the leader of the Heavenly Court…

That aura was truly amazingly strong. Even I felt like I was caught.

Ye Zichen calmed himself down with a long sigh, then picked up his phone and replied in the group.

“Something happened to Taibai Jinxing. The Jade Emperor is furious, and threw him in the dungeon!”


The Red Packet Server instantly exploded.

Erlang Shen: Bro, don’t joke around. Jade Emperor actually threw Taibai Jinxing into the Heavenly Dungeons?

Monkey King: What pleasant news!

Canopy Marshal: This is kind of unbelievable. Jade Emperor and that geezer always wore the same pants. I, Old Pig, thought that Taibai Jinxing is Jade Emperor’s lover.

God of Fortune: Do you dare to say that in front of Taibai?

Canopy Marshal: Screw off!

Yue Lao: Why did it end up like this…

Old Lord Taishang: @Only Idealism, Sky Sovereign, where did you get your information?

“I naturally saw it with my own eyes,” Ye Zichen replied calmly.

The people in the group were completely shocked once again. Doesn’t Sky Sovereign’s words mean that he was using his spiritual consciousness to check out the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches?

Just how brave does he have to be to actually do something like that, and more importantly…

The barriers around the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches was the most complex and sensitive. Even a small breeze would draw the guards’ attention. What’s more, the Jade Emperor was in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches!

The fact that Sky Sovereign said that he saw… Could it be that he was stronger than the Jade Emperor?

The Jade Emperor is an Immortal King!

“Don’t think too much into it. Jade Emperor noticed my surveillance as well, but he didn’t catch me!” Ye Zichen typed out his reply calmly in the group. “You guys better not piss the Jade Emperor off recently, and don’t think about going to see Taibai… Jade Emperor had said in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches just now that if anyone dares to visit Taibai, to strip them of their official position! If you guys don’t believe me, then you’ll see that the Jade Emperor is going to send people to inform you guys of it.”

The moment Ye Zichen sent the message, a notice already appeared in the Heavenly Court’s chat group.

Jade Emperor’s Decree: Taibai Jinxing became too proud after gaining his majesty’s favor. He disturbed the Immortality Peach Feast, and did not listen to advice about not committing insubordination. Now, Taibai Jinxing has been put into the Heavenly Dungeons to repent. If he understands his wrong, then due to his multiple achievements for the Heavenly Court, he will be let off lightly. If he doesn’t, then he will be stripped of his position and exiled from the Heavenly Court. Also, any deities coming into contact with Taibai Jinxing will be stripped of their position, exiled out of the Heavenly Court, and never employed again.

The Heavenly Court’s members all exploded the moment this message was out.

Taibai Jinxing was someone who was above everybody except one single person, and has been the Jade Emperor’s favored person for several hundred thousand years, as well as the Jade Emperor’s most trusted in the Heavenly Court.

However, the Jade Emperor actually had the intention of getting rid of him!

All of the deities looked at the message in shock, but did not even dare to say a single word in the group. This was not news that they could gossip about in the group. If they say even a single wrong thing…

Then something bad would happen!


At that moment, Taibai Jinxing suddenly typed out a cold chuckle in the group. However, that was it. He did not say anymore after that.

Everyone else in the group thought that they could see a flame war, but even after a good five minutes, nothing else was said.

Then they opened up the members list…

God of Thunder: Are my eyes deceiving me? Taibai Jinxing… left.

The other group members were instantly stunned. Taibai Jinxing left the group? Does that mean that he was going to completely split off from the Jade Emperor? Everybody knew that the Jade Emperor had handed the group for Taibai to manage in order to improve relationships between the Heavenly Court staff…

The Jade Emperor, who was within the Cloudy Palace of Golden Arches, looked at the screen in shock. He then wanted to send a message to Taibai Jinxing asking him why he left the group, only to find out that Taibai had already deleted him.

“Taibai, that really is too much.”

On the other hand, Ye Zichen had invited Taibai Jinxing to the Red Packet Server the moment he left the Heavenly Court’s chat group.

“Ahem, new person in the group should send a red packet.”


That was merely a joke, but what Ye Zichen did not expect was that Taibai Jinxing actually did sent a red packet.

You received Taibai Jinxing’s red packet.

Unbreakable Body (Level 2) x1.

Ye Zichen was completely surprised by the notification. His Unbreakable Body Level One was received from Yang Jian. He had wanted to buy Level 2 from the Treasure Shop, but noticed that it was unavailable. He never expected it to get it from Taibai Jinxing.

He took a glance at Taibai Jinxing’s red packet, but when he saw the contents Taibai Jinxing sent out, he was completely dumbfounded.

It was filled with all sorts of secret scriptures, celestial pills, magical items and sigils that were very expensive in the Treasure Shop…

Did this geezer go crazy? He actually sent out all his savings, didn’t he!?

At the same time, the other group members also continuously asked Taibai Jinxing whether he made a mistake, but what they got in reply was…

“No, I didn’t,” Taibai Jinxing said calmly. “This is all my savings for several million years. The reason I sent it out was just for you guys to see… Of course, I’m not trying to show off. I can’t stay in the Heavenly Court anymore, but eradicating demons have been my sole wish for all this time. You guys are all the strongest fighting force of the Heavenly Court. I only ask of you guys to give me a hand. Everything I sent is what I give you in return!”

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