Chapter 427 The Destroyed Wall between the Modern Realm and the Otherworld

Chapter 427 – The Destroyed Wall between the Modern Realm and the Otherworld


A spatial gate opened in the Otherworld.

The moment Ye Zichen walked through the gate, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

“What the hell!?”

The purple mist covering everything was so dense that it was about to liquify. However, Ye Zichen was unable to find the existence of any slime monsters at all.

The Otherworld was a parallel world to the Modern Realm. The reason demonic energy appeared over in Xiao Yumei’s office might very well have been due to the demonic energy leaking through to the Modern Realm due to it being too rampant in the Otherworld. What Ye Zichen had to do was find the leaking point and cover it.

Ye Zichen pushed open the door in the Otherworld, which corresponded to the door of Xiao Yumei’s office, then walked up the stairs…


Ten-odd smiley reptiles were biting the roof, and at that very moment, they had already ripped open a small hole.

Ye Zichen glanced over at the hole, causing his pupils to contract.

Like I thought, it’s the Underworld!


Noticing Ye Zichen’s existence, the slime monsters begun to crawl over towards him with their limbs dripping a green liquid.

“Shatter,” Ye Zichen called out softly, causing the slime monsters to instantly split into smithereens and disappear.

They’re actually breaking through the wall between the Modern Realm and this place!

Just as Ye Zichen begun to knit his eyebrows and ponder about the way to cover up the opening, a huge hole suddenly appeared through the wall, and a pair of humongous hands reached towards Ye Zichen.

Ye ZIchen subconsciously lifted his right hand.


A clear collision was heard.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also called out softly, “Xuan-Yuan!”

A blade filled with endless energy appeared in his hand, while Xuan-Yuan Xiang stood beside the sword…

“What a revolting smell,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang pinched her nose, then glanced over at the huge monster through the hole in the wall. She shouted towards Ye Zichen. “Hey, you can’t be thinking about using me to slice that guy, right!? I don’t want to, it’s going to be disgusting.”

The monster was nearly twenty meters tall, with a body that continuously dripped down black liquid. The black liquid was like the mud in the sewers, while also carrying a revolting smell.

“Not only him!” Ye Zichen smiled. As he stood at the side of the hole in the wall and looked down at the dense number of slimy reptiles. They were so closely packed together that even people without trypophobia would get goosebumps…

“… No way, I can’t take it anymore!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang immediately turned around, then grabbed Ye Zichen’s arm and shook it continuously. “Master, I don’t wanna chop those monsters. It feels so disgusting.”

Ye Zichen caressed her hair, while a warm smile surfaced on his face, “That’s not up to you!”

With that, his gaze changed, then squinted his eyes with a chuckle, “Let’s go. Release your sharpest side, and give me a hand!”


With that, Ye Zichen jumped off the building without any hesitation. Although Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s face was filled with dissatisfaction, she still jumped down behind him and continuously formed sigils in her hand.

“Blade, burn!”

Xuan-Yuan Sword, which was in Ye Zichen’s hand, instantly turned a fiery red, while faint flames covered it.

“Burn them to death if you can. Don’t use me to cut them!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang continuously muttered behind Ye Zichen.

He nodded, the swung the blade around in a circle, “Flame Slash!”


Intense waves of flames fell down from the sky. The slime monsters all disappeared from the places the flames passed through. Within a mere half a minute, all slime monsters had already disappeared from a ten-meter radius around Ye Zichen.

Three minutes later, all of the slime monsters in the area were killed except the huge demon.

It's fortunate that I activated the flames as much as possible, otherwise this brat might have truly used me to slice them.

However, before she could let out a sigh of relief, she saw Ye Zichen charge towards the huge demon with Xuan-Yuan Sword in hand.


She couldn’t help but puke when she saw the demon. When she thought of the fact that she was going to be used to chop that monster…

“Break,” Ye Zichen sliced at the huge demon’s leg using his Xuan-Yuan Sword without any hesitation, causing the monster’s leg to fly far away.


The purplish red eyes of the demon, who kneeled single-legged on the ground, shimmered with a terrifying light. Then, it roared angrily.


A strong wind blew past them. Ye Zichen merely smile as he stood still and felt the strength of the wind…

“Human Immortal level,” Ye Zichen smirked, then returned Xuan-Yuan Sword to his arm.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang raised her eyes in surprise.

Ye Zichen looked back and gave her a radiant smile, “Didn’t you not want to chop the monster? Then I’ll deal with it with my bare hands!”

With that, Ye Zichen kicked off the ground and shot towards the huge demon like a bolt of lightning.


His fist collided with the demon’s head. The demon let out an angry roar, then slapped him.

“Too slow.”


Ye ZIchen kicked the demon’s face. The demon’s eyes instantly shimmered with a purple aura, while its body also begun to shrink until it became a monster of only two-odd meters.

Although it shrunk its size, its strength did increase…

Feeling the heavier pressure that the enemy gave him, the bloodthirsty grin on Ye Zichen’s face brightened even more.

“Come,” Ye Zichen hook his finger at the shrunken demon.

The demon immediately crouched, then hopped over using its single leg.

Ye Zichen raised his arm to block the attack, but the strong impact caused his arm to feel a bit sore.

“You’re pretty strong, but if that’s all you’ve got, then you’re going to die.”


Ye Zichen roundhouse kicked the demon in its stomach, sending it crashing against a wall ten-odd meters away.

The demon roared furiously, then charged over with bloodshot eyes.

“Seriously, I was actually looking forward to our fight.”

Ye Zichen dipped his head. He didn’t even bother to look at the demon, and merely parried the demon’s arm, before punching the demon in its stomach again.


The punch was like a shot from an air blaster, sending a powerful course of force through the demon’s body.


It fell down limply onto the floor. Ye Zichen merely crushed the demon’s head with his feet. When he did so, purple mist came out of the demon’s head, and fused with the sea of purple in front of him…

“Seriously, so disappointing!”

Ye Zichen shook his head plainly.

At that moment, a spatial gate appeared in the Otherworld.

The person in the lead was Wei Chen, who Ye Zichen had not met with for a long time, and those that followed were the normal members of Tribulation.

“You came kind of slowly. I already dealt with the big guy.” Ye Zichen shrugged.

Wei Chen looked at the humongous creature on the floor in shock, then raised his eyebrows, “Boss Ye, why are you here?”

“We can talk about that later. Come with me and take a look to see how this place should be fixed!”

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