Chapter 426 The Queen Mother Receives the Gifts

Chapter 426 – The Queen Mother Receives the Gifts

“Are you sure that you can find what you need in the company? This isn’t a department store!” Xiao Yumei said in disbelief after telling Li Shuang to ask around in the company.

“Ha, you don’t understand. I’ll definitely be able to get them. Let’s make a bet if you don’t believe me,” Ye Zichen smiled in certainty. If we can’t find even one set of kinky stuff, then I can’t only say that the company… is too outrageously pure.

Xiao Yumei let out a helpless sigh when she saw Ye Zichen’s determined gaze, “Alright, but even if we can find these things in the company, are you going to give it to the Heavenly Court’s Queen Mother, and get her to wear it? Can you not mess around? No matter what, she’s a Goddess.”

“So what? She’s still a woman!” Ye Zichen smiled.

Then, approximately ten minutes later, a knock sounded out from the door.

“Come in,” Xiao Yumei answered softly.

The office door opened, and Li Shuang walked in with the two pieces of black kinky underwear, as well as a pair of red high heels with a blush. “Director Xiao, this is what you asked for…”

Li Shuang only spoke half way, since she couldn’t be more frantic.

Director Xiao actually blatantly asked me to get these things from the staff. What’s more, in order to protect Xiao Yumei’s authority within the company, Li Shuang had deliberately asked in her own name.

When she thinks back to the strange ways the staff had looked at her, she could only smile wryly.

But asking for all this in the middle of the day… She subconsciously looked towards Ye Zichen, then an impure image couldn’t help but surface in Li Shuang’s mind.

Are they so open!?

“Ahem, put them all here. Go back to work!” Xiao Yumei naturally noticed Li Shuang’s strange gaze. She glared at Li Shuang for a moment before speaking to Li Shuang. Then, when Li Shuang left the office, she hammered Ye Zichen. “You happy now? Lil’ Shuang must have overthought.”

“Such a dirty-minded child. But let her think what she wants, what’s wrong with that. It’s not like the two of us haven’t…”

“Don’t say anymore!” Xiao Yumei covered Ye Zichen’s mouth, while her white cheeks had already turned a bright red.

“Hehe!” Ye Zichen chuckled, then opened the Red Packet Server, and saw that the people in the group were already getting really worried.

Erlang Shen: Bro, you done yet? It’s going to be my turn really soon.

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign, hurry up. I, Old Pig, can’t endure it anymore.

Monkey King: Yeah, why are you so slow! If you don’t reply, then I, Old Sun, will just give the Queen Mother peaches from Mount Huaguo.

The three people’s messages hurrying Ye Zichen up continuously appeared in the chat.

Ye Zichen smiled, then raised his eyebrows, “Stop worrying, the treasure’s coming through right now.”



The messages of the three people receiving the red packet immediately appeared. Then, the three of them all spoke up very quickly.

Erlang Shen: Bro, this is slightly amazing. <insert a row of drooling emojis>

Monkey King: What is this tiny piece of cloth for? There’s only three strings? What use is it!

Canopy Marshal: What’s are these red thingies that I got?

Yue Lao: Sky Sovereign sent new treasures? I definitely have to get a good look later!

God of Fortune: +1!

The group immediately heated up.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen smiled and sent them another message.

“These are all good treasures. Just give these to the Queen Mother later. Hehe… I promise you guys won’t get less benefits when compared to Old Lord Taishang.”

Erlang Shen: Alright. Oh, it’s my turn. Bro, talk to you later.

Everyone else also said the same. After reading all of the news in the group, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but directly activate the Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth and targeted the Immortality Peach Feast.

“Yang Jian, don’t tell me that you’re still going to do aerobics again?”

The Queen Mother, who sat beside the Jade Emperor smiled. Yang Jian was in true poverty before, so he would often do a set of aerobics as a show for the Queen Mother at the Immortality Peach Feast.

Due to this, he even received the title of Aerobics Prince.

“How’s that possible? This time, I’m going to give your majesty a bra!”


The others in the Heavenly Court did not understand the foreign language. At the same time, Yang Jian also directly handed over the bra he just received.

The Queen Mother took a look at the treasure, then blushed.


This looks like the treasure the girls in the photos Sky Sovereign sent me wore.

Since the treasure was rather personal, she put it away quietly, then smiled in satisfaction, “Not bad, Yang Jian has been thoughtful this time.”

“Hehe, that is what I should do,” Yang Jian answered with a soft smile, then called Canopy Marshal and the Monkey King over. “The gifts we bros are presenting come in a set. Your Majesty, please accept them!”

Yang Jian gave Canopy Marshal and the Monkey King a cue. They immediately walked over, and handed over the pair of high heels and the treasure made of three strings.


Those two brothers did not care about the Queen Mother’s face as much as Yang Jian, and completely presented the two treasures in front of the outsiders.

The high heels was fine, but the three strings…

“You’ve all been thoughtful,” the Queen Mother forced her expression not to change, and told them to leave after a soft praise.

Plenty of deities saw the pair of high heels and the treasure of three strings, then thought about the black silk stockings Old Lord Taishang had presented!

The gaze of the male deities had already turned a bit strange, as they pondered if they should get a set of the clothing for their own women.

However, they didn’t know where it came from, so they made up their minds to definitely question the people who presented the gifts once the Immortality Peach Feast ends.

Ye Zichen, who watched everything with a bird’s eye view, smiled brightly. I really didn’t expect the Queen Mother of actually dare to accept it. I just wonder how she’ll feel when she wears it.

“What are you laughing like an idiot for?” Xiao Yumei pushed him a bit.

Only then did Ye Zichen return to his senses. Just as he wanted to talk to her about what was going on in the Heavenly Court, he smelled an unusual scent.

So familiar!

Ye Zichen wrinkled his nose and stood up from the sofa. He walked around the room, then when he reached the place where the scent was the heaviest, he looked up, and saw that the ceiling of the office was leaking the purple mist that the slime monsters in the Otherworld exhaled.

He knitted his eyebrows, then quickly walked over in front of Xiao Yumei and grabbed her hand.

“What happened?”

“Go and stay in Li Shuang’s office for a while. Don’t return to this office before I come and find you!”

Although Xiao Yumei did not understand why Ye Zichen told her to do so, but she knew that he must have his reasons.

She nodded slightly, “Okay, I’ll wait for you at Li Shuang’s.”

With that, Xiao Yumei left the office.

At that moment, Ye Zichen locked the office door tightly, then looked up and saw that the purple mist was leaking out even more severely…

“Although I don’t know what’s going on, but… I’ll know after going in and taking a look.”


He withdrew the Otherworld Pass from the Treasure Chest, then noticed that it had began to glow.

“Gate of the Otherworld, open!”

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