Chapter 425 Riot in the Red Packet Server

Chapter 425 – Riot in the Red Packet Server

The capital’s Xiao family.

Ye Zichen had done his research during the short period of time that he was in the capital, and that naturally included information on the Xiao family.

They were one of the top families in the capital. They have been businessmen for generation, and they were a family specializing in the business industry, while maintaining quite a bit of power.

Ye Zichen was not too surprised when he heard that Xiao Yumei was actually someone from the Xiao family.

During their relationship, she had more than once hinted at the fact that her identity was not simple. Now that he heard her tell him that she was someone from the Xiao family, the most it did was to merely prove the suspicions he already had.

“The Xiao family is one of those very old fashioned families. I was exiled since I was rather rebellious when I was young, and the fact that my father did not really have any true status in the family,” Xiao Yumei smiled sadly as she told her story. Actually, she had already spoken as simply as possible, if she were to go into the actual details…

The full story wasn’t that simple.

“Then that is truly the Xiao family’s loss. With your business talent, I feel like you could definitely bring the Xiao family to a new height. I remember hearing that the Xiao family has already fallen from grace,” Ye Zichen smiled. Xiao Yumei did not retort, and merely nodded in response to Ye Zichen’s words.

“Yeah, my cousin came just now to tell me to return.”

“And the price?” Ye Zichen could tell from that grandson’s shitty appearance that he wasn’t a good person. He was definitely going to make Xiao Yumei pay a huge price for returning to the family.

“He told me to give him the company,” Xiao Yumei smiled.

Hearing that, he raised his eyebrows, “He isn’t really strong, but does have a huge appetite… Seriously, what do you think?”

“I definitely will not give him the company, and I won’t explain the details. However, I actually do want to return to the Xiao family quite a bit,” Xiao Yumei bit her lips as she replied.

Ye Zichen was not surprised by her reply at all. She was different from him. The reason he didn’t want to return to the Gu family after finding out about his background was because he had never once lived in the Gu household.

However, Xiao Yumei was different. She lived in the Xiao family since a young age, so she did hold feelings for the Xiao family.

So, it was natural for her to want to return.

“Then you don’t want to give up the company? And want to return to the Xiao family? What are you planning?” Ye Zichen asked.

Xiao Yumei shook her head, “No, let’s take it as it comes!”

“Mm, don’t tire yourself too much.”

Ye Zichen held Xiao Yumei’s hand tightly, then felt the phone in his pocket vibrate continuously.

He took out his phone, and saw that someone was continuously mentioning him in a chat.

He opened WeChat, and saw that the group chat continuously mentioning him was the Red Packet Server he created. All of the people in the group were people that he was rather close with.

He scrolled through the chat history…

Erlang Shen: Why do I feel like the thingy Old Lord Taishang presented was very familiar.

Monkey King: Indeed.

Canopy Marshal: Monkey Bro, Yang Jian, when could have the two of you seen it? Why haven’t I, Old Pig, never seen something like that? Old Lord Taishang said that it was called… Silk Stockings? @Yue Lao, have you seen it before?”

Yue Lao: This old man hasn’t seen it before either, but I checked out the material used to make the Silk Stockings. It’s too terrible!

Canopy Marshal: Old Lord Taishang actually didn’t give pills this time, so Old Pig found it rather strange. But… it seemed like the Queen Mother liked the silk stockings a lot. It looks like Old Pig isn’t going to get a chance at the ten thousand year immortality peaches this time.

Monkey King: Idiot, what are you worrying for? Isn’t big bro here?

Canopy Marshal: Oh, dear older brother, little brother’s happiness is all on you.

Yue Lao: I hope Great Sage can help this old man steal one as well.

Monkey King: No problem!

Erlang Shen: You guys are getting off topic. Weren’t we talking about the black stockings? @Monkey King, you’ve been over there as well, do you feel like the black silk stockings…

Monkey King: @Only Idealism!

And thus, Yang Jian and the monkey continuously mentioned Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen could tell from their chat that Old Lord Taishang had given the black silk stockings to the Queen Mother, and she had liked it very much. That was the only reason why the group was talking about it.

Stubborn old man, you were actually getting worried.

Ye Zichen cursed silently, but Yang Jian and the monkey’s continuous mention of him in the group did make him slightly speechless…

“Alright, I’m here!”

Erlang Shen: Bro, you’re being unfair.

Monkey King: Yeah. You clearly know that I, Old Sun, isn’t on good terms with that old man, and you actually helped him!

Yue Lao: What’s going on?

Canopy Marshal: Doesn’t get it +1.

God of Fortune: Doesn’t get it +10086.

Erlang Shen: You guys probably don’t know. My bro gave Old Lord Taishang that pair of black silk stockings.

Yue Lao: No wonder. Outside of Sky Sovereign, I can’t imagine anyone getting this sort of rare treasure. @Only Idealism, Sky Sovereign, you selling black silk stockings in large amounts? I feel like this thing can get really popular in the Heavenly Court!

Ye Zichen: @Yue Lao, yep, I’ll send you a price list later.

Yue Lao: Sure!

Erlang Shen: @Only Idealism, don’t change the topic. Bro, we’re sworn brothers, you clearly know the Immortality Peach Feast is starting, and you actually didn’t give that treasure to me?

“You didn’t come to me!” Ye Zichen explained helplessly. “I only sent him a pair of black silk stockings since I did have something to ask Old Lord Taishang for. Don’t worry… Did the Immortality Peach Feast end yet? If it didn’t, then I’ll send you guys some treasures, alright?”

Canopy Marshal: It hasn’t ended yet, it’s not Old Pig’s turn yet. Sky Sovereign hurry.

Erlang Shen: I didn’t go up yet either. Bro… Good bro!

Monkey King: I, Old Sun, didn’t go up yet either.

Yue Lao: Ai.

God of Fortunate: Ai.

From the sighs, it was clear that the two have already gave their present. So, only the three of them left in the group. Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. Since the Queen Mother accepted the black silk stockings…

He smiled faintly. Since we’re messing around… Then, we’ll do something more fun.

“You guys, go and see how large the Queen Mother’s feet are, and what’s her bra size. Tell me afterwards.”

“37, B+!”

The moment Ye Zichen asked, Yang Jian immediately replied on the screen. After which, Yang Jian intentionally added another message.

“Don’t think about it too much. Oh yeah, bro, hurry up. It’s our turn very soon.”

There’s no three hundred taels of silver buried here![1]

Yang Jian had learnt how to tell such things from Ye Zichen during the period of time that he descended. He was able to see everything about a woman in front of him with one gaze.

“Sure, wait a moment.”

With that, Ye Zichen set his gaze onto Xiao Yumei.

“What are you looking at me for? I have size 36 feet, and my bra size is C+. Even if I take them off, the Queen Mother can’t put them on,” Xiao Yumei said helplessly.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, “I’m not asking you for it. We… Isn’t there an entire company here?”

I really can’t imagine, if the Queen Mother puts on high heels, black silk stockings, and kinky underwear… Ahem, wouldn’t the Queen Mother’s husband die of bedroom happiness?

Original Chapter Teaser:

  1. There’s no three hundred taels of silver buried here (此地无银三百两) is a Chinese idiom referring to an accidental exposure of one’s self by denying something that he/she did not actually need to deny.

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