Chapter 424 The Xiao Family Has Come

Chapter 424 – The Xiao Family Has Come

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a wry smile when he saw Old Lord taishang’s message.

Seriously, this old man… He always gets angry randomly. Could he have a hormonal imbalance…


Ye Zichen thought evilly in his heart, then heard Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s teasing, “Black stockings, are you talking about what I’m wearing?”

Ye Zichen turned around, and saw that Xuan-Yuan Xiang had actually put on a pair of black silk stockings.

Ye Zichen instantly blushed, then quickly jumped off the bed, “Enough!”

With that, he hurried out of the room, while he wondered in his heart.

Just what is the Immortality Peach Feast like?

At the Immortal Abode.

Countless deities of the Heavenly Court stood together and chatted, and many others directly sat on the ground and played held poker cards in their hands and played Landlord, never lacking for audiences around them.

Old Lord Taishang arrived at the Immortal Abode following a fairy. The moment he appeared, he became surrounded by deities.

“Old Lord, it seems like you are the main character once again!” Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li smiled wearing his golden armor.

The God of Thunder, who had a pompadour cut, also walked over with a chuckle, “This is completely normal. When has Old Lord Taishang not cheer the Queen Mother up the most? When I was coming over, I saw a brilliant fire lotus blooming from Old Lord Taishang’s place. It seems like Old Lord is going something amazing again!”

Old Lord Taishang silently cursed Ye Zichen as he listened to the flattery from the surrounding deities.

That bastard!


Ye Zichen, who just arrived at Maintaining Beauty Corporation’s headquarters sneezed. He rubbed his nose, then saw the supervisor of the security department walk over.

“Director Ye.”

Ye Zichen’s identity as the true decision maker of Maintaining Beauty Corporation had already come to light, and the staff members of the company had seen his photo more than a hundred times.

That was why a supervisor of the security department immediately recognized him the moment he entered the lobby.

“Mm, Director Xiao’s here at the company, right? I’m going to head up and see her,” Ye Zichen nodded.

However, the security supervisor’s expression drastically changed.

Nothing that, Ye Zichen immediately asked, while the aura of a person in power radiated out from his body, “What happened?”

The security supervisor shrunk his neck and replied, “It’s hard for me to explain, I’ll just you take you up there so you can have a look for yourself!”

When Ye Zichen at the level that Xiao Yumei’s office was on, he noticed that the staff outside her office all peered towards her office. Then, not long later, angry shouts were heard from within the room.

“Director Ye!” all of the staff greeted Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows closely and said hostilely, “What’s going on? Why are people arguing inside?”

The person shouting was clearly a man. Ye Zichen frowned at the security supervisor. The existence of the security department was to prevent situations like that from happening, but Ye Zichen did not see a single security guard on the level.

“Director Ye, it was Director Xiao who told us to ignore it… We don’t dare to disobey when the director gave her orders!” the security supervisor replied with a coy smile.

Ye Zichen indicated for him to leave, causing the security supervisor to hurriedly run away, while the other staff continued to work timidly.

“Xiao Yumei, don’t get too full of yourself,” within Xiao Yumei’s office, a man in a suit with an expensive Vacheron Constantin watch. He continuously used the hand to point at Xiao Yumei, who sat at the desk with a composed look, and roared. “I didn’t come here to beg you. Letting you return to the Xiao family is the heaven’s gift for you. But you actually refused for this shitty company?”

The man’s eyes shimmered with a cold light.

Xiao Yumei merely closed her notebook on the table indifferently, then looked up and raised her eyebrows, “Are you done yet?”

“Are you speaking to me like that?” the man squinted his eyes and glared darkly.

“Xiao Teng, don’t you think that your words are hilarious?” Xiao Yumei said plainly with obvious mockery.

“Hilarious?” the man snorted. “Hilarious?”

Xiao Yumei stood up from the chair, then picked up her cup and poured a cup of water for herself, then replied. “Telling me to return to the Xiao family and making me give up all of the company’s shares is the old man’s idea?”

“That is purely my idea,” Xiao Teng squinted his eyes and snorted. “The Xiao family has been handed over to me. I am only allowing you back to the clan out of pity. The price is all of the shares of your company. What… Do you think that it’s not worth it?”

“Zeze, I didn’t think that you actually took over the Xiao family. It seems like the Xiao family has truly fallen,” Xiao Yumei did not mask her mockery towards him. Then, she lifted her finger and pointed towards the door behind the man. “Your perfect plan is going to fail. The door’s behind you, please.”

With that, Xiao Yumei ignored him and returned to her desk.

Hearing that, his dark face immediately turned menacing. He ripped off his tie and threw it onto the floor, “Xiao Yumei, it seems like I have to teach you a lesson!”

He begun to walk towards Xiao Yumei, but before he even took a few steps towards her…


Xiao Teng suddenly felt that someone kicked him from behind. The powerful force caused him to instantly fall onto the ground and hit his head against Xiao Yumei’s table.

When he turned to look, he saw Ye Zichen stand beside him with the latter’s hands in his own pockets.

“Brat, you came over to show off your intelligence?”

“Who the f*ck are you? You actually dared to kick me. Do you know who I am?”

“How could I know who you are?” Ye Zichen shrugged speechlessly. I really don’t understand why some people like to ask others if they know who they are.

Could he be a public figure?

Ye Zichen grabbed him by the collar and carried him to the door of the office, then kicked him outside before pointing at the staff, “Inform security to take this grandson away.”

Then, he slammed the door shut, and completely disregarded Xiao Teng’s yelling. He really couldn’t be bothered with people like that guy.

“Why did you come?” A joyous smile covered Xiao Yumei’s face.

He brushed his hand through her hair and raised his eyebrows, “I missed you, so I came to see you. I didn’t expect to bump into this sort of situation. Ai, who’s that grandson? Why didn’t you tell the security guards to do something when he’s so arrogant in front of you?”

Xiao Yumei’s expression changed slightly at the mention of Xiao Teng. Then, she smiled wryly, “He’s my second uncle’s kid. He came over… to chat!”

“Just chat?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows in disbelief. However, when he noticed Xiao Yumei’s expression, he immediately shrugged. “Alright, if you don’t want to talk about it, then I won’t ask.”

“It’s not like I can’t. Since you’ve seen everything, then I’ll tell you,” Xiao Yumei pulled Ye Zichen over to the sofa and answered wryly. “There is something I never got the chance to tell you. Actually… I’m someone from the capital’s Xiao family.”

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