Chapter 423 Helpless Decision

Chapter 423 – Helpless Decision

Rewind back to three hours ago.

“Esteemed Master, the pill has already taken shape. Are you really sure you would like to use True Samadhi Fire to decrease the time it takes until it is ready?” the disciple standing beside the furnace asked with a frown. He had already refined pills with Old Lord Taishang for several tens of thousand of years. It could be said that he was an existence whose ability in refining pill was only second to Old Lord Taishang in the Heavenly Court.

The pill in the furnace had already taken form, it was definitely going to be a success if they continue refining it with a fire of moderate temperature for three more days.

However, Old Lord Taishang actually said told him to use True Samadhi Fire to speed up the process. If they were to use such flames at that moment, then it was extremely possible for the furnace to explode.

All of the ingredients used within the furnace were valuable treasures. If the furnace explodes, then even though they weren’t his ingredients, he would feel terrible for his master as well.

“Stop spouting nonsense, I told you to use True Samadhi Fire, so use it. Or do you think that you are already capable of scolding I, the master?” Old Lord Taishang raised his eyebrows.

The disciple quickly shook his head wryly and answered, “I’ll do whatever you say.”


The flames underneath the furnace burned even more intensely, causing the bottom of the furnace to be burnt bright red.

During this entire time, Old Lord Taishang had used his spiritual consciousness to pay attention to the situation of the pills within the furnace. It was impossible for him not to know that using True Samadhi Fire to refine pills was like seeking death, since it was extremely possible for it to cause the furnace to explode.

If he had enough time, then he would never had risked doing something like that.

However, the Immortality Peach Feast was nigh, and it would begin in a very short while. If the pills are not ready, then could he actually go empty handed?

On the previous Immortality Peach Feast, the Queen Mother had already said that the effects of the beautification pills were not as good as before. It wasn’t so much as the effects of those pills weakened, but rather, it was because the Queen Mother had taken too many of them, so she had already become resistant towards them.

This time, he tried to improve upon the best beautification pills, so it was even more difficult.

The chances of the furnace exploding…

Before he was able to calculate the chances of the furnace exploding…


A huge commotion sounded out in the pill refinement room. Old Lord Taishang immediately reacted, dragging the disciple controlling the True Samadhi Fire back with his left hand, while applying sealing techniques with his right.

As a fire lotus shot up into the sky, plenty of people in the Heavenly Court couldn’t help but shake their heads and silently comment.

It seems like Old Lord Taishang has refined a new type of pill. He’ll be the one to be favored by the Queen Mother once again in this party. The reason the deities would think that after seeing the fire lotus was because… Who could actually believe Old Lord Taishang would cause his furnace to explode when refining pills?

“Esteemed Master! It ex-exploded!” the disciple stuttered behind Old Lord Taishang.

Old Lord Taishang slapped the disciple. “No kidding, I saw it explode as well!”

Old Lord Taishang’s heart bled when he checked out the situation of the pill refinement room as he spoke.

The furnace exploding wasn’t too big of a deal, but it had actually destroyed his pill refinement room. That was a room which contained plenty of his hard work. Previously, he even considered that if the furnace really exploded, then he’ll just use the valuable pills within the room to deal with the feast first…


He never would have expected the pill furnace to explode with such might. The energy released just now might have even been able to completely blow an early-stage Human Immortal up.

The disciple rubbed his head, then covered his nose and used techniques to disperse all of the smoke within the pill refinement room.

“Esteemed Master, then what are we going to do now. The Queen Mother’s Immortality Peach Feast is about to begin.”

Immortality Peach Feast.

Immortality Peach Feast!

Old Lord Taishang was about to go insane. If it wasn’t for the Queen Mother for frequently holding Immortality Peach Feasts, and taking beautification pills so frequently, then would I need to upgrade them!?

No, I should blame that Sky Sovereign Nameless.

If it wasn’t because he said that there’s a good treasure for me to give to the Queen Mother as a present, then I wouldn’t have given up the pill I had already refined halfway for, and delay the time for the pill to be ready since I needed to restart the pill refinement process…

But what did I get in exchange?

A pair of shitty silk stockings!

He also conned me for several hundred vials of pills.

“Esteemed Master, Esteemed Master, a fairy from the Queen Mother came over to invite you to attend the Immortality Peach Feast,” another disciple appeared outside the pill refinement room. When he saw the situation, he looked at his senior brother in confusion.

“Shh,” the senior brother placed his finger by his lips and indicated for the other disciple to stay silent.

At that moment, Old Lord Taishang took out a cigarette and placed it into his mouth, before conjuring up a small ball of flames from his fingertips and lit it, “Tell that fairy I got the message. Ahh, go with that fairy first, I’ll be right there.”

“Yes, Esteemed Master!”

When the two disciples left the pill refinement room, Old Lord Taishang pulled his beard with force, then set his gaze upon his phone.

There no helping it, I can only try to get more help from Sky Sovereign…

Thus, that’s why he held that conversation with Ye Zichen.

A faint expression of helplessness surfaced on Ye Zichen’s face when he saw the message. It seems like Old Lord Taishang still doesn’t believe that the silk stockings are an good treasure, but no worries, it was a bit of a loss for him to exchange so many pills for a pair of silk stockings that was just slightly above ten yuan.

Since he doesn’t like it, then I’ll give him another treasure. If it really doesn’t work, then I’ll get him a diamond ring or something in the jewelry store. Women all like shiny things, and diamonds weren’t of too bad of a quality.

“Old Lord, please wait a bit, I’ll go and get you a new treasure now.”

“How long is Sky Sovereign going to take?” Old Lord Taishang answered anxiously. The Immortality Peach Feast had already begun, and the Queen Mother had sent a fairy over to hurry him thrice, so he didn’t have too much time.

“Probably two hours.”

Traffic was a bit jammed in Bingcheng during that time, so Ye Zichen’s two hours was just a safe estimate.

“Sky Sovereign, please stop messing with this old man. The Immortality Peach Feast has already started, how could I possibly have two hours to wait for you.”

“Then I can’t help you. If you have time, then wait two hours for me, if you don’t… then just use the pair of silk stockings. Or, if you don’t have faith in that, then use your own pill. Since you’ve been in the Heavenly Court for so long, you must have some savings.”

Ye Zichen did not believe that Old Lord Taishang doesn’t have any valuable pills. However, when Old Lord Taishang saw the message…

F*ck you.

Aren’t you deliberately pissing me off!?

I want to use my own valuable pills as a present, but the explosion has turned all of them to dust.

“Sky Sovereign, this old man will remember this grudge.”

Old Lord Taishang threw his phone to the side. At that moment, a disciple sent him a message that the Queen Mother’s fairy had came to invite him over once again.

He clenched his teeth and returned to his bedroom, and took out the pair of black silk stockings he nearly threw away.

I’m really going to give this thingy to the Queen Mother?

Old Lord Taishang felt like his mind was about to explode. I really don’t have any valuables to give, but I can’t go empty-handed either.

“Whatever, I’ll use this!”

He grabbed the black silk stockings from his room, then walked out determinedly form his room. He did not believe that the Queen Mother would actually publicly shout at him, one of the Three Pure Ones!

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