Chapter 422 Old Lord Taishang wants the Treasure

Chapter 422 – Old Lord Taishang wants the Treasure

Within the old Dragon God’s subdimension.

The dragon mirage on Ye Zichen, who was sitting cross-legged on the floor, began to solidify, while endless Dragon Force seemed to spiral around Ye Zichen’s body, causing the old Dragon God to exclaim silently.

Is he really human?

“Dragon Soul, solidify!”

As Ye Zichen shouted out, the dragon mirage behind him begun to solidify further. At that moment, others could already clearly tell the patterns on the dragon, while its whiskers also moved with the wind.


A loud roar sounded out from the dragon, while Ye Zichen also stood up and threw the dragon race’s secret manual up to the sky.

“I’m more or less done. There are still somethings I have to go back and think about.”

“This is your fifth time solidifying the soul, right?” the old Dragon God asked.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Mm, but solidifying it nine times is truly too hard. I wanted to try solidifying for the sixth time just now, but I got no clue as to how to approach it.

“The fact that you’ve solidified the soul five times in less than a month’s time means that your talent is shockingly good,” the old Dragon God did not hold back his praise towards Ye Zichen at all.

Ye Zichen merely nodded plainly without any excess reactions.

“You seemed to have been through something again. You seem a lot more poised.”

“Mm,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, then stretched lazily. “Send me out.”


When Ye Zichen, who laid on the bed, opened his eyes once again, he saw Xuan-Yuan Xiang lay on top of him in an extremely embarrassing posture, while she glanced at him with bright eyes filled with curiosity…

“Where did you go just now?”

“Can you get off me first?” Ye Zichen pointed at their embarrassing posture.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang immediately smiled teasingly, then pinched Ye Zichen’s cheek, “You’re still shy?”

Xuan-Yuan Xiang flipped around and laid onto the bed. At that moment, all she wore was clothing as thin as a veil, causing her voluptuous bodyline to be faintly in sight. Furthermore, her posture was also extremely alluring.

Fortunately, Ye Zichen could hold himself back. What’s more, due to getting used to Xuan-Yuan Xiang being like that after a long time, he disregarded it completely and raised his eyebrows, “Where’s Tenner?”

“I’m here,” the little boy, Tenner, suddenly stood up from beside the bed.

Ye Zichen took a glance at the floor, and found that Tenner was actually playing with toy bricks and Transformers, both of which children loved.

At that moment, he was not as meek and scared of strangers as he was originally, and seemed to radiate a lively aura.

Yes, half a month had already passed since Ye Zichen drew out Xuan-Yuan Sword.

In this half a month, Ye Zichen, Xuan-Yuan Xiang and Tenner always stayed together. The two latter ones seemed to take upon the position that Liu Qing once took.

However, the difference was that Xuan-Yuan Xiang liked to tease him.

Liu Qing…

I wonder how she is now.

“Xiang-jie, look at this. Aren’t I amazing?” Tenner jumped onto the bed and yanked Xuan-Yuan Xiang.

She raised her eyebrows and looked at the pile of toy bricks…


She moved her fingers slightly, instantly creating a building block that was several times as tall as Tenner’s.

“Little fellow, you’ve still got a long way to go. Go... Keep on playing.”

“Xiang-jie’s still more amazing,” the little boy opened his eyes wide at the building block that was even taller than him and blinked. Then, he jumped off the bed then started to get excited by himself again.

“Why are you telling him to play with toy bricks all the time? Isn’t this slowing down his cultivation progress?”

On the day after she called Tenner out, Xuan-Yuan Xiang told Ye Zichen to buy him a pile of toy blocks, and during the half a month’s worth of time, Tenner didn’t really do anything else except stack toy blocks.

“What cultivation progress does he even need?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang twitched her mouth, then pointed at her own chest. “Big Sis is the one focusing on attack. He focuses on defense. Playing with toy bricks can improve his concentration, which is good training for his mental strength.”

“So it’s like that.”

The phrase “having an elder at home is like having a treasure” is really true. Ye Zichen felt like the pressure upon him decreased a lot after gaining Xuan-Yuan Xiang.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang was able to explain a lot of things he didn’t understand to him, and she would also teach him things he didn’t know.

“Oh yeah, you didn’t tell me what you did just now,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang flipped over, then wrapped the soft dress underneath her, instantly revealing her long and beautiful legs in front of Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen yanked the dress back out from underneath her dress and covered Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s legs once again before replying, “I went to a sub dimension and cultivated using some body tempering secret manual.”

“Little fellow, I’m beginning suspecting you of being gay. A normal man wouldn’t like act like that. A huge beauty is laying by your side and even showing her legs, and you actually covered them up,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang continuously retorted.

Ye Zichen merely rolled his eyes, and let her entertain herself.

“What a pitiful child,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang shook her head softly as if she has already judged Ye Zichen of being homosexual. She ran her fingers through her bangs, then spoke up again. “You did gain plenty of opportunities. Sub Dimension and secret body tempering technique. Bring me over to take a look the next time you go.”

“You won’t be able to go,” Ye Zichen immediately replied. “He just allowed me to go, so why are you following me over for?”

“You’re such an idiot, I’m there to back you up… Can you be certain that the secret techniques he’s giving you are good ones? I’ll just go and beat the shit out of him, and force him to give you the best secret body tampering techniques. Think about how much effort that’ll save,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang giggled.

Ye Zichen did not even think about hurting her feelings after hearing what she said.

Beat the shit of out him.

The old Dragon God might be able to send us flying with a casual sneeze, and she’s telling me to think about beating him up?

However, when Ye Zichen thought about this elder sister’s attacking attribute, he could only nod with a smile and not reply.

“Look at your damn face, I’m just doing it for your own good!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang glared, then took out his phone from underneath the pillow and chucked it at Ye Zichen. “Here, someone called Old Lord Taishang sent you a friend request. I just checked your group chats out, you’ve got the Heavenly Court one and the Underworld one… I don’t want to know how you came into contact with them, but I do want to remind you that you are someone of the Rogue Immortal’s Immortal Region. I suggest you not to get too close with these people.”

“I know.”

It was clear that Xuan-Yuan Xiang wanted to reminded him of the relationships between the Three Realms is not that great. If the others knew about his identity, then it could cause a lot of unnecessary troubles.

However, all of his profits originated from that, if he were to cut off his ties with them…

Thus, it was fine as long as he treads more carefully.

Ye Zichen clicked on his friend list, and saw that Old Lord Taishang’s friend request was at the very top of the list. That was not the first time this stubborn old man added him after deleting him. I wonder what he’s adding me again for.


“Sky Sovereign, this old man was a bit impulsive then. Please don’t take it to heart.”

The moment Ye Zichen accepted the notification, Old Lord Taishang immediately sent him a message. The fact that the old man actually admitted his wrongs proactively stunned Ye Zichen.

“I’m not that petty,” Ye Zichen replied plainly.

Old Lord Taishang sent another message over.

“Sky Sovereign, stop messing with this old man. Hurry up and send me the real treasure.”

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