Chapter 421 Soul Pearl Yiyuan and Xuan-Yuan Sword

Chapter 421 – Soul Pearl Yiyuan and Xuan-Yuan Sword

When Ye Zichen returned to the teahouse in the Modern Realm once again, the sword sheath, which laid on top of his bedside shelf in the apartment levitated into the air as if it sensed something, then shot through the sky towards Ye Zichen.

The moment the sword and the sheath combined together once again, a brilliant light, that only a person with spiritual energy could see, rose up into the sky, and let out a thunderous sound. Meanwhile, the dominating aura of a monarch also flowed out of the sword.


Xuan-Yuan Sword, which Ye Zichen held in his hand, trembled intensely, while the surrounding spiritual energy continuously surged in. Gradually a huge spiral of spiritual energy formed in front of the sword, causing it to only vibrate more intensely.

Ye Zichen held the sword tightly. At that moment, he no longer had a way out.

He only had the sword, and his heart.

After a long time, the rate at which the sword absorbed spiritual energy gradually diminished, while a smiling woman in a white silk robed walked out of the blade.

“I’ve finally absorbed five percent of all the spiritual energy I lost throughout the years.”

The appearance of the young woman surprised Ye Zichen. He pointed the blade in his hand downwards and looked at her, “Xuan-Yuan Xiang?”

“Zeze, your aura is truly different with Xuan-Yuan Sword. Just now, I was just scared of that old guy coming out to scold me in the cave, but you still dare to call me that here…”


She slapped him on the bead, then crossed her arms and twitched her mouth, “Call me Xiang-jie from now on. Calling me Xuan-Yuan Xiang… Little fellow, you’re still lacking way too much.”

“Oh,” Ye Zichen answered plainly, then lifted the Xuan-Yuan Sword, which has already sheathed, and pointed it towards Xuan-Yuan Xiang. “I can’t just keep carrying it, right? This isn’t the past, I can’t pretend to be a swordsman.”

Xuan-Yuan Xiang sighed, then grabbed Ye Zichen’s finger, and bit down hard, “What are you doing!?”

“Binding it with blood, idiot,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang squeezed out a droplet of blood from Ye Zichen’s finger, and dripped it onto the sword. It instantly shook, then began to move towards the center of Ye Zichen’s eyebrows.


The moment it reached the center of Ye Zichen’s eyebrows, it was actually knocked out again.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang looked at Ye Zichen in confusion, then raised her eyebrows, “You have other divine artifacts with you?”

“Are you talking about this?” Ye Zichen asked, then called out softly. “Yiyuan.”

Soul Pearl Yiyuan, which was stored in the center of his eyebrows. The moment it came out, it seemed to look around vigilantly, then after confirming the lack of enemies, it intimately flew over to Ye Zichen’s neck and wobbled.

“Soul Pearl Yiyuan!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang called out softly. She looked at the azure pearl in front of her in surprise, then smiled helplessly. “Should I say as expected of you? You actually found Soul Pearl Yiyuan. I seem to remember that it was broken even more than me… I spent a lot of effort in reforming Xuan-Yuan Sword.”

With that, she flicked Soul Pearl Yiyuan, “Hey, come out. We haven’t met for so long, so we really should fight, right?”

Ye Zichen was completely speechless upon hearing that. Did these two divine artifacts not have a good relationship? Otherwise, why would she ask for a fight instead of catching up?

However, Soul Pearl Yiyuan did not respond at all. It merely paused for a brief moment when Xuan-Yuan Xiang touched it, then hid behind Ye Zichen’s neck.

“This is strange, this isn’t like Yiyuan!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang raised her eyebrows. Back when the Yellow Emperor was still alive, we would always fight when we meet to determine who is the true strongest divine artifact…

However, since they had different functions, they were always equal, and never actually managed to determine a winner.

“Come over here,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang reached behind Ye Zichen’s neck and grabbed Soul Pearl Yiyuan.

Soul Pearl Yiyuan tried to struggle out of her hands, but Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s hand gripped it tightly like a jail, causing it to be unable to move at all.

You’re actually so weak… Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s eyes twitched, then suddenly have a premonition of what might have happened. She continuously tapped Soul Pearl Yiyuan…

Spirit Guidance!

Suddenly, Soul Pearl Yiyuan’s surface shimmered. Then, not long later, a cute and delicate boy appeared on top of it.

The boy looked around uneasily, then immediately sped toward Ye Zichen after finding him.

“Like I thought,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang smiled.

“What happened?” Ye Zichen soothed the boy’s emotions, then looked towards Xuan-Yuan Xiang.

Hearing that, she immediately replied, “Yiyuan should have perished during the war back then. This… seems to be a new artifact spirit created when Soul Pearl Yiyuan reformed.”

She walked over with a smile. Seeing her, the little boy instantly went closer towards Ye Zichen’s arm again.

“I really did not expect it. He actually disappeared. But that’s good as well, it probably was freedom for him. However, this new artifact spirit is so cute,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang pinched the boy’s cheek, then blinked. “Little fellow, don’t ever be as annoying that guy when you grow up, alright? You have to call me Xiang-jie from now on, understand?”

No response.

The boy stuck close to Ye Zichen and ignored her.

Xuan-Yuan Xiang et out a sigh, then knocked him on the head, “If you don’t listen to me, then I’ll hit you.”

“Xiang-jie!” The little boy actually spoke! That was actually the first time Ye Zichen heard Yiyuan speak, even though they had been together for quite a while.

The childish reply caused a brilliant smile to bloom on Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s face. She lifted her hand and patted his head kindly, then turned around meaningfully, “I actually heard Yiyuan call me Xiang-jie in my lifetime. Yiyuan, say, did I win in the end?”

Her tone contained complicated sorrow. Even though they were rivals who fought whenever they met back then…

They were still comrades who fought beside each other!

“Alright, since the center of the eyebrows is taken by this little guy, then I’ll take your right arm,” Xuan-Yuan Xiang hooked her fingers towards the Xuan-Yuan Sword, causing the dominating sword to disappear into Ye Zichen’s right arm, leaving on a sword-shaped tattoo on it. “The usage is pretty much the same with Soul Pearl Yiyuan, just call me out directly when you need. Of course, if you can’t do it in time, your right arm is still able to use a hundredth of Xuan-Yuan Sword’s might, which can be used to block off the enemy’s attack. Originally, I protected the center of your eyebrows, but since Yiyuan’s there, he would be able to make you immune to mental attacks. Of course… That’s when he is able to understands the ways to do that.”

Ye Zichen nodded, then smiled towards the little fellow in his arms. “Yiyuan’s name feels too cheap[1]!”

Original Chapter Teaser:

  1. Yiyuan (一元) = One yuan.]. I’ll give you a new name. From now on… You’re called Tenner[2. Tenner as in ten bucks. Since the name in the raws is Shi Kuai (十块), meaning ten yuan.

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