Chapter 420 Xuan-Yuan Sword, Yellow Emperor!

Chapter 420 – Xuan-Yuan Sword, Yellow Emperor!



Ye Zichen’s body couldn’t help but walk towards the blade in the platform as he looked up at it.

This is my glory.

Xiang-jie, who stood behind him, maintained her gentle smile.

“I’m seeing this scene once again. Ahh, how nostalgic it is!”

Ye Zichen slowly walked forward. The sword in the platform should be the Yellow Emperor’s weapon from back then, Xuan-Yuan Sword, right?

Unconsciously, he had already arrived directly in front of the sword.

He looked down at the sword that was so very close to him and lifted his hand…

“Are you certain that you’re going to pull the sword out?”

Sudden, Ye Zichen heard this question in his ear. He subconsciously turned around, only to find Xiang-jie still smiling at him without saying anything.

What’s more, the person who spoke was a man.

Am I hearing things?

Ye Zichen shook his head, then reached towards the hilt of the sword once again.

“Did you really decide? Pull it out… Grasp it in your hands!”

“Who-Who’s speaking!” Ye Zichen looked up and shouted. Suddenly, a middle-aged man wearing an azure colored robe appeared in front of him…

His eyes revealed a hint of an age long passed as he spoke once again, “Are you going to pull it out? Are you really certain?”

The man swept his hand over the hilt of the sword, and looked plainly at it, while a sorrowful expression surfaced on his face.

“You’re the Yellow Emperor!” Ye Zichen looked at the man in front of him in shock.

The man smiled, and raised his eyebrows, “Do I not look like it?”

“No, no, no… I just never saw you before, so I’m a bit surprised,” Ye Zichen waved his hands nervously. It was very hard to imagine the Yellow Emperor appearing in front of him. But this divine weapon belonged to me… or rather, us. Why is the Yellow Emperor continuously asking me this question?

“Why are you surprised? When a certain event happens… You will be me!” the Yellow Emperor smiled, then caressed the hilt of the sword with his fingers and looked intently at Ye Zichen.

“Xuan-Yuan Sword, a divine weapon bathed in endless glory. But it is also stained with the blood of countless foes, enemies and innocent alike. My reincarnation, have you... made up your mind? To carry its glory, and also carry… its sins,” the Yellow Emperor looked plainly at Ye Zichen and spoke calmly.

“I’m… not sure,” Ye Zichen shook his head for a moment, before his gaze turned incomparably sharp. “But I want to become stronger. Xuan-Yuan Sword can make me stronger!”

He did not want the tragedy to repeat itself. He did not want to feel powerless as the people around him fall in front of him.

Perhaps becoming stronger was very generalized thing to wish for, but that’s what he desired…

In order to protect the future, even if this sword becomes covered in sinful blood, I… do not mind.

“Is that so? Then let me test your resolution!” the Yellow Emperor smiled, then tapped the middle of Ye Zichen’s eyebrows. “Go, show me your determination to become strong.”


Ye Zichen, who was in the cave, suddenly appeared on a battlefield. Actually, it could not be called a battlefield, it was merely a scene of single-sided slaughter.

“Leave none of the Nine Li’s alive!”

The Yellow Emperor, whose eyes had already turned red from killing, stood at the foremost of his forces, and held Xuan-Yuan Sword in his hand…




Blood dripped down from the sword onto the ground. Ignoring their age and gender, ignoring whether they surrendered on not…

The Yellow Emperor was like an executioner in front of those defenseless people. He ignored their screams, and cut off heads after heads.

He acted bone-chillingly cold.

Until none remained.

That was not the only scene that Ye Zichen saw. After that scene, Ye Zichen saw a lot more similar ones. The Yellow Emperor always charged at the front of the battle. His sword had slayed enemies, and also innocent tribesmen of the Nine Li.

Ye Zichen was like a bystander as he watched everything. It was like the Yellow Emperor said. Xuan-Yuan sword was a sword of glory, but also one of countless sins.

However, for some reason, even though Ye Zichen had started off finding it too hard to bear, he only calmed down when he watched on.

There were too many innocent people in the scenes…

But he didn’t feel like the Yellow Emperor was wrong.

Every extra person he killed meant a decreased chance for the people around him to get hurt. The Yellow Emperor was indeed a merciless executioner…

But he protected his tribesman, and protected the land he wished to protect.

Only being undefeated in terms of aura was the lowest fantasy. Can someone like that who only criticized protect those that he wants to protect?


Then I’ll make my heart strong, and use strength… to prove everything.


After returning from the scenes, Ye Zichen had already changed. The most obvious change was his gaze. At that moment, he no longer looked lost. He was certain of what he desired.

He also understood the price he needed to pay.

He never lacked courage. What he lacked… was a stimulus for him to have an epiphany. At that moment, that stimulus had appeared, and so he no longer had a reason to hesitate.

“It seems like you have already made your choice. My reincarnation… protect your future,” the Yellow Emperor, who stood beside Xuan-Yuan Sword, smiled, then silently disappeared from the platform.

Ye Zichen bowed deeply towards the figure, then turned around and looked emotionlessly towards Xiang-jie, who stood outside the platform.

“Come back!”

The indifferent and resolute tone caused Xiang-jie to raise her eyebrows. She stretched lazily, then smiled, “Should I say as expected of you? Are you ready? If you take me out, then you cannot avoid another bloodbath. When that happens, the enemies you encounter will not be the small fries like now. Are you truly ready? Are you… no longer afraid?”

“What is there to fear?” Ye Zichen smiled, then said coldly. “If anything blocks my path, then just kill them!”

Xiang-jie nodded as a smile bloomed on her face. Then, she turned into a spirit once again and entered Xuan-Yuan Sword. At the same time, Ye Zichen also lifted his hand, and held Xuan-Yuan Sword, bearing countless glory and sins.


The world trembled.

Stones continuously fell down from the ceiling of the cave, but Ye Zichen continued to stand fearlessly in the same spot as he looked plainly at the sword in his hand.

“Hey, Yellow Emperor’s new reincarnation. Even though we’ve already met, I still have to introduce myself. I’m Xuan-Yuan Xiang. Please take care of me,” Xiang-jie’s giggle rang out from the blade.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Please take care of me as well, but there is something I want to remind you about.”

“What is it?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang asked in confusion.

“Don’t call me Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation. Remember my name, the name of your new master. I’m called… Ye. Zi. Chen!”

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