Chapter 42 How can a ghost girl be so cute

Chapter 42 – How can a ghost girl be so cute

Ye Zichen followed Xiao Hai up to the second floor.

Old Man Xiao lay on the bed with a pale expression. He exhaled much more than he inhaled, it seemed like he was about to suffocate.

“What’s going on?”

“I angered him.”

Guilt flashed across Xiao Hai’s eye, causing Ye Zichen to sneer.

“You truly came to Old Man Xiao’s room just now.”

Xiao Hai wanted to explain, but Ye Zichen waved his hand, signaling him that there was no need to.

The blood on the ground had not dried yet, it was nearly black. That wasn’t the blood that a normal person would cough up.

Most importantly, Ye Zichen felt like this room had a heavy yin aura about it.

Ye Zichen already felt the sinister aura in the living room, but when he walked into Old Man Xiao’s room, he noticed that the yin aura actually came from here.

“Ye-zi, look, my grandpa…”

When Xiao Hai saw Ye Zichen wander around in the room without even looking at Old Man Xiao’s condition, he became extremely anxious.

Ye Zichen put his finger on his mouth to indicate for him to be quiet and scanned the room continuously with faint golden eyes.

“Burn this painting!”

Ye Zichen pointed to the painting at head of Old Man Xiao’s bed.

“This is something treasured by my grandfather. I can’t make the decision.”

“Then I’m not going to save him.”

Ye Zichen shrugged then prepared to walk out. Xiao Hai clenched his teeth and said.

“Alright, I’ll burn it!”

“I want it burnt now!”

Xiao Hai clenched his teeth, then took down the painting and burnt it in front of Ye Zichen. Only then did Ye Zichen smile in satisfaction, then he moved his right hand back and clenched his fist.

“Alright, I’ll be going now. Prepare a car for me!”

“Leaving? Then my-my grandpa…”

“He’ll be fine in a moment.”

Ye Zichen smiled meaningfully.

Xiao Hai instantly understood. Actually Old Man Xiao did not cough up blood due to being angered, it was due to that painting.

But he was unable to understand why.

After getting on, Xiao Hai wanted to get the driver to send him back, but Ye Zichen refused.

When Ye Zichen was about to leave the Xiao family, he rolled down the windows and raised his eyebrows towards Xiao Hai.

“Remember, you owe me an explanation. Also, your family’s old man will wake up after I leave, hurry up and accompany him. Tell him that I don’t like to be tricked.”

After the car started and left, Xiao Hai stood in the doorway for a long time.

Ye Zichen actually knew everything.

It really was as Ye Zichen had said. Old Man Xiao opened his eyes after he left the estate.

Xiao Hai sat beside the bed and helped the old man up.

“Grandpa, are you okay?”

“Lil’ Ye saved me again?” A flash of helplessness flashed across Old Man Xiao’s eyes. Hearing that, Xiao Hai nodded, “Yes, Lil’ Ye told me to burn the painting at the head of your bed. He also told me to tell you that he doesn’t like to be tricked.”


Old Man Xiao hurriedly looked up. Very soon, he unenergetically dipped his head once again and patted Xiao Hai’s shoulders.

“You’re right, he really is very much like Old Gu. I won’t interfere between the two of you. Go on now, I’m tired, I want to rest.”

When Xiao Hai left the room, Old Man Xiao sat up once again, and sighed as he looked at the blank space above the head of the bed.

“Old Gu, in the end, someone burnt the painting you wanted to burn back then!”

After Ye Zichen left the Xiao family, he acted very weirdly. He continuously drove with one hand, while forming a fist with another.

“Let go of me!”

A cute yell suddenly sounded out within the near-empty car.

“Wait a moment.”

Ye Zichen smiled playfully, then let go of his hand after locking all the doors and windows.

“How can you see me!”

There was a girl in a light blue floral dress floating near the top of Ye Zichen’s car.

“Ignore the reason of why I can see you. I’m just curious, what’s your grudge with that old man?”

“He pissed off Grandpa Gu.”

“Grandpa Gu?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows? “Grandpa Gu is a person?”

“Mhmm, a living person,” the ghost girl nodded.

“He could see you as well?”

“Yeah, Grandpa Gu was very nice to me,” When the girl mentioned Grandpa Gu, she actually smiled. “Oh yeah, why did you burn that painting?”

“Don’t you know that the painting was absorbing your yin aura? It is a evil item, wouldn’t I burn it instead of keep it?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at her and said. “Why didn’t you go and reincarnate after you died? What are you wandering around for?”

“I can’t,” The girl revealed a hint of depression. “I died before my time was up. The underworld isn’t accepting me. I can only wander around like this until my time in the world of the living is up, then go and reincarnate.”

Died before her time was up.

This was too shocking, if it wasn’t because Ye Zichen had even become sworn brothers with a deity, he really might have been shocked.

However, this ghost girl was quite pitiful, she actually died randomly before her time.

And she can’t even reincarnate, and could only wander around the human world like this.

“Then what are you going to do?” Ye Zichen felt a sense of pity. If there was anything he could help the ghost girl with, he was going to.

“I don’t know either,” The female girl dipped her head helplessly and played around with the edges of her floral skirt. “When Grandpa Gu was here, the Xiao family was the place of my belonging. However, ever since Grandpa Gu left, I lost my home.”

“How about you come with me?” Ye Zichen touched his chin. Seeing that, the girl frowned, “Why would I follow you, you are obviously a bad person? Are you lusting after my beauty, and want to do something to me… I’m telling you, I’m a ghost…”

“You have a delusion about rape!”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at her in annoyance. She’s a ghost, and he was human. Lusting after her beauty?

However, to be fair, that ghost girl did look quite good.

“You have it!”

The female girl leaped towards Ye Zichen. In Ye Zichen’s imagination, ghost girls should look terrifying with a green face and fangs. However, to be perfectly honest, this girl was actually kind of cute when she was angry.

Ye Zichen raised his arm and grabbed her wrist, then chucked her towards the top of the car.

“I have the teachings of the Great Sage, you can’t beat me.”

“You’re bullying me!”

The ghost girl started sobbing while she floated in the car. Seeing that, Ye Zichen blushed.

Is she really a f*cking ghost!

If she is, then why is she crying!

And she had to be so cute!

“Alright, it was my mistake, stop crying,” Ye Zichen raised his hand and pulled the ghost girl down to the front passenger seat. “See if there is anything you can possess on my body. At least you won’t be bullied if you follow me. Furthermore, I know some people, I might drink a few glasses of wine with Yama one day, and he’ll let you reincarnate.”

“You’re lying!”

“Who’s lying,” Ye Zichen took out his phone and opened the chat group. “You can read, right? Look at who is in the group.”

“Nezha, Canopy General, God of Thunder…”


The ghost girl suddenly laughed.

“What are you laughing for!”

This was the first time Ye Zichen shared his secret, and this ghost girl actually laughed at him.

“You’re all crazy!”

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