Chapter 418 Su Yan Awakens

Chapter 418 – Su Yan Awakens

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile when he saw the message. At the beginning, he wasn’t certain that the Queen Mother would ask a question about the clothing, but that was mostly because he didn’t understand the Heavenly Court’s sense of beauty.

If those clothes were hipster-like in the eyes of the deities, then there was no point of him trying to advertise those.

“They are wearing the clothing of this secret location. Is Your Majesty interested? If you are, then I can get a few sets for Your Majesty.”

“It looks rather nice, but never mind,” the Queen Mother did actually wanted to wear it, but she felt like it would be rather strange if she was the first person to wear them.

That was especially true since those people seemed to dress rather revealingly, and even though she wanted to, she didn’t dare!

“Mm,” Ye Zichen replied plainly.

Then, the Queen Mother also sent another message, “I’m going to go and figure these makeup teaching materials out.”

Ye Zichen quit WeChat, then looked at the time on his phone before hurrying to the hospital.

He was truly worried about Su Yan’s situation. Even though he knew that Su Qihu would give him the evil eye, he still had to go and check up on Su Yan.

When Ye Zichen arrived at the hospital, he saw that Su Qihu was by Su Yan’s side as he expected. Through the glass window of the ward, Ye Zichen could see that the past night had caused Su Qihu to age a lot.

Su Qihu’s face that never smiled was filled with deep care and worry. Stubble covered his chin, causing him to look rather dispirited.

Dong, dong.

Ye Zichen knocked on the ward door lightly. Su Qihu walked out. When he saw Ye Zichen, his expression changed slightly, but to Ye Zichen’s surprise, Su Qihu did not curse him.

“Go on in. I still have things to do at the military.”

Thus, he turned around and left before waiting for Ye Zichen’s reply.

Ye Zichen looked at miserable figure in a stunned manner, then bowed deeply before entering the ward. At that moment, Su Yan had not yet awakened. As Ye Zichen looked at her, who was covered in pipes, an intense feeling of helplessness arose from the depths of his heart.

If I was stronger then, then… it would not have resulted like this.

Reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor.

That seems to sound rather amazing, but why have I always been led by the nose? Shouldn’t the Yellow Emperor be an existence that can command all and stand above all?

If I’m really the Yellow Emperor, then why am I so useless?

I couldn’t even protect who I wanted to protect, nor could I guard what I want to guard… Just what am I? Do I really want to put on a self-righteous look of wanting to save the world, while my heart remains as fragile as an insect?

To be honest, Ye Zichen wasn’t sure.

He let out a soft sigh, then slid his fingers through Su Yan’s hair.

However, at that moment, he noticed the eyelids of Su Yan, who was laying on the bed, move.

“Su Yan!”

She opened her eyes.

She glanced around the ward with a confused look.

The moment she opened her eyes, Ye Zichen’s look of self blame was immediately replaced with a smile.

“Wait for me, I’m going to call the doctor.”

“Very good, the fact that she woke up means that she is no longer in the danger period right now, but due to her situation having been rather severe, I suggest that she stays and rest at the hospital,” the doctor answered softly with a smile outside the ward.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen thanked the doctor continuously before charging into the room, only to find that Su Yan was looking at him with teary eyes.

All of a sudden, his joyous heart turned heavier.

He understood why Su Yan was crying…

“Sorry,” Ye Zichen lowered his head deeply as he stood by her side.

Su Yan bit her lips tightly on the hospital bed, and choked in disbelief, “That day… Was it really him?”

“Sorry, if it wasn’t for me, then Ol’ Three wouldn’t have gotten wrapped up in all this,” Ye Zichen smiled wryly.

However, Su Yan smiled sadly and shook her head, “You don’t need to blame yourself. It might have been… Because of me…”

Su Yan sighed, and walked to speak, only to stop herself again, while a wry smile surfaced on her face.

Ye Zichen, who did not understand, merely thought that she wanted to comfort him. Thus, he rubbed her hair with a soft smile, “Alright, let’s not talk about that anymore. How is it, are you hungry? I’ll go and get you something to eat?”

“No need,” Su Yan shook her head with a smile, then looked out the window, while the words of the woman in the sea of flowers echoed in her mind.

They were some words that she did not understand at all…

“Uhm... I’m really tired, can you go out so I can rest properly for a while. If you have something to do, then you don’t need to accompany me here, just tell Keke to come.”

Ye Zichen’s body froze. He looked towards Su Yan, then nodded, “Okay.”

Ye Zichen left the ward with his head hung low. Then, he stood at the doorway and looked at Su Yan for a long time.

Like I thought, she is blaming me.

Thus, Ye Zichen left silently. However, what he did not know was that a faint green light suddenly appeared in Su Yan’s hand.

The wounds on her body began to gradually heal wherever she swiped her hand over them.

“She really didn’t lie to me,” Su Yan spoke softly. Then, after a long while, the green light on her hand disappeared once again. She turned and looked out the window, and began to drown herself in thoughts that nobody else knew about.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen went to buy cosmetics for the Queen Mother. After doing so and sending them to her, he directly went to the teahouse.

After the great battle in the Otherworld, Wei Chen also got completely serious. He no longer messed around with the members of the organization. When Ye Zichen arrived at the tea house, he saw that all of the members were sitting cross-legged on the floor, while different colored light shimmered from their bodies.

“Bo…” Just as Wei Chen, who was sitting at the entrance, was about to speak, Ye Zichen put his finger to his lip and indicated Wei Chen to stay quiet.

“Don’t disturb their cultivation.” Ye Zichen said softly, then walked into a nearby room, which Wei Chen also followed him in.

“Boss Ye, why did you come over here?”

“I didn’t know where to go,” Ye Zichen smiled wryly, then took out a cigarette and placed it in his mouth before handing the box over to Wei Chen. “Want one?”

“I’ll smoke my own. I’m not used to other cigarettes,” Wei Chen also lit a cigarette for himself. When he put down the lighter, he coincidentally saw Ye Zichen’s depressed look. “Boss Ye, actually, there’s no need for you to be like this.”

“I…” Ye Zichen moved his lips. As he watched the cigarette burn, the situation in the Otherworld the other day appeared in his head once again…

He felt like he was slightly moved.

If it wasn’t for me, then the people around me wouldn’t have to endure all this…

“Old Wei, I want to ask you a question,” after along time, Ye Zichen, who was watching the cigarette burn, finally looked up.

Wei Chen immediately listened intently, and extinguished the cigarette in his hand, before nodding solemnly, “Please ask.”

When Ye Zichen’s cigarette finally burnt out, it was as if all of Ye Zichen’s hope had gone with it. He put the burnt cigarette lifelessly into the ashtray, and said in self-mockery, “Do you think that my existence itself is a mistake?

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