Chapter 417 The Queen Mother Bites

Chapter 417 – The Queen Mother Bites

At the Queen Mother’s Hall.

The Immortality Peach Feast was nigh, and technically speaking, the Queen Mother’s birthday feast was not supposed to be at that time, but since there were more and more officials in the Heavenly Court, the Immortality Peach Feast became a place for the deities to meet, somewhat like a party or a ball in the Modern Realm.

The upcoming Immortality Peach Feast caused the entire Heavenly Court to be busy in preparation.

Only the Queen Mother sat in front of a bronze mirror and looked at her appearance with silent sighs. The passing of time still left faint traces on her face. There was no denying that she had gotten older.

In comparison to the various deities and fairies in the Heavenly Court, she had a few more wrinkles on her face.

Everybody loved beauty, and in a situation like the Immortality Peach Feast, the Queen Mother was the real main character. Since she did not want someone else to take her place as the center of attention, she naturally wanted to make herself prettier.

Coincidentally, she heard about the changes to Stone Fairy from the other fairies.

She did remember the Stone Fairy, since she was a rather notable girl in the Heavenly Court. However, she had recently turned into an existence  second only to Chang’e.

That was truly a bit shocking, so the Queen Mother had even called Stone Fairy over to the Immortal Abode[1. Immortal Abode (瑶池) is where the Queen Mother lives.].

When she saw the changes to Stone Fairy with her own eyes, her worrying heat instantly turned more anxious, and it was through Stone Fairy that she found out about the makeup lesson.

I already joined for nearly a day, why haven’t the lessons started?

The Queen Mother frowned. Due to the desperation in her heart, she clicked on Sky Sovereign Nameless and sent a friend request.

The Queen Mother sent me a friend request.

Ye Zichen calmed himself down over and over again as he held his phone. After being in the Heavenly Court’s group for so long, it was his first time that a true bigshot had sent him a friend request.


However, Ye Zichen did not dare to act pretentiously at all. He merely waited for the Queen Mother to tell him why she sought him out.

Thus, he directly sent a message over after receiving the friend request.

“Your Majesty, may I ask what sort of important business do you have with me?”

“Sky Sovereign Nameless, I’ve heard about you in the Heavenly Court.

The Queen Mother answered plainly. She actually wanted to put on some airs, but… her heart truly itched.

“Did you establish this makeup lesson?”

“Yes,” Ye Zichen typed out his answer with a smile. “Recently, this sovereign has found out the secret makeup techniques of the locals in a certain secret location. I paid a huge price in order to gain it for the females in our Heavenly Court, and am prepared to advertise it in the Heavenly Court.”

“Thank you, Sky Sovereign Nameless.”

The Queen Mother nodded. He actually gained it from the locals in a secret location. It seems like the Heavenly Court cannot be so shut off, and should send some people, who are free, down to the lower realms more often. 

But Taibai has kept on talking about we should kill demons again, so everyone in the Heavenly Court is worried…

It seems like that’ll have to wait.

“As a member of the Heavenly Court, it is only natural,” Ye Zichen made himself sound like he did it for greater good so believably that even he felt slightly moved by himself.

“Alright, I have noted down Sky Sovereign’s care. When Sky Sovereign returns, I will definitely put in some good words with the Jade Emperor,” the Queen Mother smiled. She looked at the chat. I should have paved the discussion enough. Thus, she stopped saying courteous words and directly asked. “I wonder if Sky Sovereign can teach the secret makeup arts to me?”


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smirked when he saw the message.

The Queen Mother definitely added me for the secret makeup arts. Since there was no other possible reason to do so.

The Queen Mother…

A supreme existence that is in charge of all of the fairies and female deities in the Heavenly Court. I might be able to get some treasure if I screw her over?

Ye Zichen immediately rejected the idea after it appeared. The Queen Mother wasn’t someone he could screw over easily. Furthermore, if he made Her Majesty happy, then the benefits that followed would definitely not be that limited.

People had to set their gaze further. They will only catch big fish if they throw the line further away. A long term plan was needed for greater gains.

“Sky Sovereign!”

Seeing that Sky Sovereign did not speak up for quite a while, the Queen Mother felt a bit anxious.

“Your Majesty, don’t be worried. I’m just organizing it for you right now!” Ye Zichen chuckled.

Seeing the message, the Queen Mother instantly blushed…

Was my desire truly too obvious just now?

That’s really detrimental to my image in the Heavenly Court.

Just as she was lost in confusion, Ye Zichen suddenly sent her another message.

“Your Majesty, it seems like I can’t send it to you. I promised to start the lessons when there are twenty people. If I sent it to you earlier, and you leak it, or other deities find out about it, then I won’t be able to start my makeup lessons!”

“Sky Sovereign is funny. How could I leak it? I can promise to Sky Sovereign that I won’t.”


Ye Zichen answered without any hesitation. To be honest, he suddenly felt like teasing the Queen Mother was a bit fun!

I’m probably the only one who dared to mess with the Queen Mother like this in the Heavenly Court.

“Sky Sovereign, what do you mean by this? Are you messing with me? Even Stone Fairy could learn the secret arts, then why can’t I? Don’t forget, Sky Sovereign, you hold a position in the Heavenly Court.”

Here we go.

Ye Zichen already predicted that the Queen Mother would use that as a reason, but there was nothing he could do, he did hold an official position in the Heavenly Court right now.

Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then begun to reply helplessly.

“Stone Fairy could learn the secret makeup arts ahead of time because she could be my spokesperson in the Heavenly Court and help me advertise…”

“Is there anyone better than me in terms of advertisement?” the Queen Mother immediately replied. “As long as Sky Sovereign teaches me the secret arts, then so what if I am Sky Sovereign’s spokesperson? If you want to advertise it more, then I’ll give you an Advertisement Department in the Heavenly Court, and from now on, I can help Sky Sovereign advertise any events Sky Sovereign holds!”


Ye Zichen slapped the blanket.

“It’s a deal!”

If what the Queen Mother said is true, then I can definitely be extremely successful in the Heavenly Court. With the Heavenly Court’s Advertisement Department, and the Queen Mother’s backing…

It’s going to be amazing!

“This Sovereign will organize it for Your Majesty right now. Please wait a moment.”

Ye Zichen sent all of the videos and files he collected previously to the Queen Mother. Then, he added. “As for the makeup techniques, Your Majesty can go and discuss it with Stone Fairy. This Sovereign will send the necessary items over soon, but if you are in a hurry, then you can ask Stone Fairy for some first to test out their effects.”

“No problem,” the Queen Mother smiled with a nod.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and asked in a testing manner, “I wonder if what Your Majesty just said…”

“If it really is effective, then I can be Sky Sovereign’s spokesperson in the Heavenly Court, and can also establish a standalone advertisement department for the Sky Sovereign. However, that’s on the basis of if it really is effective and can turn me beautiful,” the Queen Mother replied plainly.

Ye Zichen instantly laughed after getting the reply, “No problem. Just wait and see, Your Majesty!”

At that moment, the Queen Mother already started to watch the videos. When she saw the contrast in the videos, and…

What are they wearing? It feels so strange, but… It looks really good.


Just as Ye Zichen put his phone to the side, the Queen Mother sent him a photo with a message.

“What are they wearing?”

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