Chapter 416 The Huge Change in Stone Fairy

Chapter 416 – The Huge Change in Stone Fairy

Flowers bloomed, and birds sang.

Su Yan stood barefooted as she wore a long light red robe, with two golden bells tied at her waist.

She stood amongst a mesmerizing sea of flowers. When she looked around in confusion, she saw a gravestone at the very center of the sea of flowers.

She did not dare to read what was on the gravestone, since it really appeared very strange.

“Su Yan,” a soft voice rang out by her ear. It was a alluring female voice, and was so soft that even as a girl, she couldn’t help but open her ears and want to hear the person speak more.


Suddenly, Su Yan shook her head.

She subconsciously gazed at the gravestone, and wanted to run away, but no matter how much she ran, she was unable to run out of the sea of flowers…

She was unable to run more than ten meters away from the gravestone.

“Why are you running?”

“Stop speaking by my ear. Who are you? Just come out,” Su Yan stopped, while the bells at her waist occasionally rang.


All of a sudden, the ringing of a bell sounded out.

Su Yan was certain that it was not from the bell on her. When she looked up in shock, she saw a woman standing above the gravestone…

She was also barefooted, and wore the same red robe and bells…

The only difference was that the woman looked far more mature than her, and her beauty even mesmerized women.

“I’ve come.”

“You… You…” Su Yan stuttered, but was unable to form her sentence.

The woman tiptoed on the gravestone and smiled, “Me? What is it?”

Su Yan pointed frantically at that woman and herself, then finally calmed down a little, “I seem to have seen you somewhere before.”

“What a cute child,” the woman squinted her eyes, then floated down from the gravestone and landed in front of Su Yan.

She caressed Su yan’s hair, and looked into her eyes, “I’m you, aren’t I? Since you must have guessed it already, then just say it out bravely.”

With that, she returned to the gravestone with a smile, “Why did you come here? Did… you reach your twentieth birthday?”


Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then opened his eyes and stood up from the ground. He wanted to grab the dragon race’s secret manual in front of him, but the old Dragon God behind him frowned, and put it away.


Ye Zichen looked up in confusion.

Seeing the confusion in Ye Zichen’s eyes, the old Dragon God squinted his eyes, “This old man doesn’t know what has happened to you, nor do I want to know… But you are too desperate for success right now. That has no benefit for your cultivation.”

Ye Zichen’s expression turned gloomy, as he pursed his lips, “How am I desperate for success? Am I not reading the secret manual bit by bit?”

“Don’t swallow the date whole, and lap up information without digesting anything. From coming here until now, have you actually absorbed a single character from it?” the old Dragon God chucked the secret manual high up in the air, then waved his right sleeve. “Don’t come here currently. We’ll talk about it when you calm yourself down.”


Before Ye Zichen could reply, he already appeared in his bedroom in the mansion in the Modern Realm.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh when he thought about what the old Dragon God had said.

Perhaps it is really as he says, and I’ve been too vying for a quick success. I desperately want to strengthen myself now, since I no longer want to feel powerless at key moments…

But… My heart is in chaos.

Normally speaking, Ye Zichen’s strength would increase slightly whenever he cultivated at the old Dragon God’s place, but this time, his cultivation actually decreased.

“Seriously…” Ye Zichen shook his head, then picked up the phone he placed beside his bed.

The fact that there was 99+ unread messages confused him. When he looked at the group list…

It was actually his makeup class.

Hundred Flowers Fairy: We’re going to have the lesson here? But why are we the only ones chatting?

Glaze Fairy: Maybe the teachers are all busy?

Immortality Peach Fairy: Isn’t this Sky Sovereign’s group? I looked at the member list just now, he’s the chat owner.

Rainbow Fairy: Sky Sovereign?

Immortality Peach Fairy: @Sky Sovereign Nameless, you created this group, right? What do you want to promote in the Heavenly Court now? It was all your doing that Stone Fairy turned pretty, right?

Immortality Peach Fairy was an active member of the Heavenly Court group chat, so it was no surprise for her to know Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen took a glance at the member list. It had already reached 19 people, most of who are fairies in the Heavenly Court. However, there was one person that caused Ye Zichen’s hand to shake.

The Golden Mother…

The Queen Mother!

Wow, Stone Fairy is pretty amazing. She actually even managed to get big shots of this level into the group.

Ye Zichen quickly closed the chat group, then quickly spammed his chat with Stone Fairy.

“Stone Fairy, come out.”

“What? I’m on a date,” Stone Fairy answered in annoyance. At that moment, she was on a date with a new noble, so she was extremely displeased about getting interrupted by Ye Zichen.

However, since she was indebted to him, she can’t possibly ignore him.


Stone Fairy is actually on a date? The Heavenly Court’s sense of beauty… No, the makeup and the massage cream probably came into effect.

“Send me a photo.”


Ye Zichen’s eyes opened wide when he received the photo.

Is this still the f*cking Stone Fairy? Her rough look had already disappeared, and her muscular body had already slimmed down…

This ladylike girl… Is this really the Stone Fairy?

I admit that makeup can change a woman’s look, but this change is too much! What’s more, just how long has it been, the massage cream couldn’t have possibly changed her so much, right?

“Did you get plastic surgery? How did you change so much?”

“The massage cream gave me was of a bit of use, but not too much. Since I leaned pill refinement with Old Lord Taishang for a while, I found some materials and managed to figure a new massage cream out. Ha… The effect of laoniang’s massage cream is A-MA-ZING…”

Stone Fairy smiled proudly as she typed out her response, and that very smile completely charmed the new noble in front of her.

“Lil’ Shi, I…” the deity in front of her wanted to speak, but stopped himself.

“Wait a bit, this new noble seems to want to confess.”

Stone Fairy giggled, then put her phone aside, and put on a kind and soft look as she blinked with a smile, “Mm, continue…”

F*ck… Stone Fairy actually has that sort of effect? But this is good too. The more she changes, the greater the effect she’ll have on the Heavenly Court.

Back in the Makeup Lesson chat, the fairies were still chitchatting, and most of them asked about when the lessons would begin…

There was no surprise that they were in a hurry, since Stone Fairy was truly too controversial in recent times. She was already ranked second on the Female Deity Controversial Leaderboard, right behind Chang’e.


At that moment, Ye Zichen suddenly received a friend request.

Queen Mother has sent you a friend request.

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