Chapter 415 Disbanded

Chapter 415 – Disbanded

“The patient’s situation has already stabilized. It was fortunate that you arrived in time. Otherwise, it is hard to say what might have happened.”

Su Yan’s body was covered in pipes and detecting equipment within the ICU.

Ye Zichen stood outside the door. When he heard Huang Shengmei’s reply, he finally stopped worrying.

“Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you, I really wouldn’t know what to do.”

Huang Shengmei merely smiled in response, “Why act so courteous with me? Oh yeah, you don’t look so good either. How about I help you do a checkup as well?”

Ye Zichen shook his head.

He leaned on the wall outside the ward and looked caringly at Su Yan, who was within…

“I’m fine. I’m so sorry for troubling you at such a late hour. Hurry up and rest.”

“I already said not to be so courteous with me,” Huang Shengmei pursed her lips slightly helplessly. Then, she bit her lips and looked at Su Yan, who laid within the ward, and asked. “Is that girl… your girlfriend?”


Ye Zichen nodded.

Hearing that, Huang Shengmei’s expression changed for a moment, but she still maintained a soft smile as she nodded, “What a beautiful girl. Mm, the most dangerous period is over, so you don’t need to worry too much. If there are any problems, then call me. Oh, there are also doctors on duty in the hospital.”

“Alright. I’ve troubled you,” Ye Zichen nodded slightly and sent Huang Shengmei off.

Just as Ye Zichen was about to enter the ward, hasty footsteps sounded out within the corridor.

Ye Zichen sighed when he saw the person who came…

What’s destined to come will always come.

“Uncle Su…”


Su Qihu pushed Ye Zichen away. Then, not long after entering the ward, he walked out again, then punched Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen caught the fist, took a step back and replied apologetically, “Sorry.”

“I already told Lil’ Yan said she can’t be with you, she can’t be with you… Hehe, look at what happened to her now!” Su Qihu stared at Ye Zichen as he suppressed his anger.

Ye Zichen merely accepted everything silently, and did not even try to explain himself.

There is no doubt. I did not protect Su Yan properly.

“Heh, you better wish that nothing happens to Lil’ Yan. Or else… I won’t let you off,” Su Qihu pushed Ye Zichen once again, directly sending him falling onto the ground. Then, he walked towards the nurse station…

“Where are you going?” Su Qilong grabbed him. Su Qihu looked back with a frown. “Of course I’m going to transfer Lil’ Yan to another hospital…”

“Transfer what at this hour? What’s more, is there any place in Bingcheng better than the First People’s Hospital?” Su Qilong said with a frown, then patted Su Qihu’s shoulders. “You need to calm down.”

“How am I supposed to calm down?” Su Qihu glared at Su Qilong and clenched his first. “Did you see how Lil’ Yan is? You’re telling me to calm down. How is it possible for me to!?”

“Su Yan has already made it past the danger period. Waking up is just a matter of time…”


What Ye Zichen got in response was another raging punch from Su Qihu.

In order to not hurt Su Qihu, Ye Zichen intentionally deactivated Unbreakable Body, so the punch directly caused a hint of blood to flow out of Ye Zichen’s mouth.

“You still feel fine in speaking? If it wasn’t for you… If it wasn’t for you…”

“Sorry, sorry…” Ye Zichen continuously apologized.

Su Qihu clenched his fists as if he wanted to continue beating Ye Zichen…

“Enough!” Su Qilong grabbed Su Qihu, who was already in a crazed mindset, and pushed him from behind. “Go to the smoking area and calm down. I’m going to speak with Lil’ Ye in private.”

When the enraged Su Qihu left the corridor, Su Qilong finally smiled softly and patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder, while also handing over a tissue from his pocket.

“Thank you,” Ye Zichen wiped away the bloodstain from his mouth.

Su Qilong let out a long sigh, “Don’t blame him. Su Yan is his baby. Right now, she’s unconscious in there, so his emotions are definitely going to run wild.”

Ye Zichen nodded and smiled, “I understand.”

“It’s good that you understand,” Su Qilong patted his shoulder. “Can you tell me just what exactly you guys went through? You actually…”

No response.

“Alright, it seems like you can’t talk about it,” Su Qilong smiled, then raised his eyebrows. “Then can you tell me have you seen Lil’ Yun recently…”

The mention of Su Yiyun caused Ye Zichen’s expression to drastically change.

After a long while, he finally calmed himself down and shook his head, “I haven’t seen him for a long time as well, but don’t worry. He’ll definitely be fine with his personality that isn’t willing to take losses.”

“Yeah!” Su Qilong nodded.

Then, in order to prevent Su Qilong from seeing him break down, Ye Zichen forced a smile, “I’ll let you guys take care of Su Yan. Uncle Qihu will definitely get very angry if I’m here.”

“Alright, leave it to us. Hurry up and get some rest.”

“Mm,” Ye Zichen replied, then slowly walked out of the hospital.

The moment he walked out of the hospital door, tears began to flow uncontrollably from Ye Zichen’s eyes.

This night…

Ye Zichen: Hello, I’m new. I’m called Ye Zichen.

Zhang Rui: Ye Zichen, tell us your age. You came the latest out of everyone in the dorm. We’re just waiting for you to rank ourselves.

Ye Zichen: 19.

Zhu Yunbai: Wow, in the end, I’m still the youngest. Why!?

Su Yiyun: F*ck, you bullied my bro! Do you think that you’re amazing because you’re rich? In times of richness, laozi’s comparable to eighty of you!

Su Yiyun: Hey, don’t try to screw me over. We’re going dutch!

Bai Yu: The phrase “the richer they are, then stingier they are” is talking about people like Ol’ Three.

Kang Peng: Agreed.

“Ye-zi, just give us a swift end!”

“Zichen-ge, I was wrong…”

“2016… Disbanded!”


Ye Zichen clenched his fist and trembled slightly. The scenes scorched into his mind would play the moment he closed his eyes.


It really was disbanded.


A set of quiet footsteps sounded out. When Ye Zichen looked up, he saw Wei Chen, who was wearing a black jacket, walks over.

“Boss Ye.”

Ye Zichen calmed himself down, rubbed his temples, then took out a cigarette to hold in his mouth with a sigh, “How are they?”

“None of them received any serious injuries. Those little bastards would be good as new after a short rest,” Wei Chen smiled.

After no long, there was finally a piece of good news for Ye Zichen.

He nodded slightly, then clenched his fist, “You started hiring people over in the Three Realms, right?”

“I already sent messages to those old fellows I know. I should be getting a reply tomorrow morning,” Wei Chen replied.

“Good, recruit more strong ones. Even if its Sky Immortals, as long as he makes a request… I can satisfy him!”

“No problem, I will hire them as quick as possible,” Wei Chen nodded slightly.

At that moment, Ye Zichen also squinted his eyes and sighed in his heart. Since you said that it’s disbanded, then let it be disbanded!

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