Chapter 414 The Demon Race’s Formation Grandmaster

Chapter 414 – The Demon Race’s Formation Grandmaster

This is a lie!

Ye Zichen rubbed his eyes with force. I must be seeing things. Otherwise, how could he be here?

The young man who descended slowly had black hair that fell to his shoulders, while the symbol of a ball of fire appeared in the middle of his eyebrows as well as the back of the long black robe he wore.

His dark eyes were calm as he smirked…

“Big… Big Brother!” Su Yan muttered in shock.

The young man also walked beside Gu Li and waved towards Ye Zichen and co. with a smile, “What a coincidence.”


This is impossible, right!?

Ye Zichen had already endured too much that night. He could not believe that the man in front of him was really Su Yiyun.

“What? You don’t recognize me? Ye-zi, we’re good bros!” Su Yiyun smiled.

Hearing that familiar manner of addressing him, Ye Zichen instantly clenched his fist and roared in anger, “Ol’ Three, why… Can you tell me just what happened!?”

This is just a dream, right!?

A nightmare which I did not wake up from.

Out of us six in the dorm, four died. Only Su Yiyun and I remained. He… actually sided with the demons?

You’re kidding me.

Ye Zichen’s eyes were filled with blatant franticness. At the same time, Su Yan also walked forward with knitted eyebrows and asked in confusion, “Ge, you…”

“You still want to call me Big Brother now?” Su Yiyun curled his lips, while his eyes were filled with mockery as he snorted. “You call me big brother, but I don’t remember a little sister like you!”


Su Yan walked forward and reached out in an attempt to drag Su Yiyun back, but…


Su Yiyun mercilessly slapped her. He knitted his eyebrows and pointed at the fire symbol in between them and snorted, “Don’t call me ge. I'm now the demon race’s formation grandmaster. Who the f*ck is your ge…”

“Ol’ Three!” Ye Zichen charged over with bloodshot eyes, but before he got anywhere close, he felt a barrier completely trapping him within.

He knocked on the barrier, while confusion filled his eyes…

“Ol’ Three, can you wake up? Ol’ Three…”

Su Yiyun picked his ear, then blew at his finger towards Ye Zichen. Then, he scratched his head impatiently with knitted eyebrows, “Ol’ Three, Ol’ Three. Can you stop addressing me so intimately? Do you want to use your relationship with me? Seriously…”

Ever since Su Yiyun appeared, Fatty Yin did not make a single move. That was because Su Yiyun had already set down restraints around Fatty Yin, so it was extremely difficult for him to even move a single finger.

“Ge!” Su Yan also yelled with tears covering her face. “Ge, stop messing around, they’re all bad people.”

“Seriously, so annoying!” A thunderous sigil suddenly appeared at Su Yiyun’s fingertip. He pointed towards Su Yan, causing the powers of the sigil to be casted upon her.

Electricity surged through Su Yan’s body. Since she was merely a normal person, she was unable to endure all that as well.

Thus, she fainted and fell onto the ground in mere moments.

“Su Yan!”

Ye Zichen, who was trapped within the spiritual formation kicked the barrier and shouted towards Su Yiyun with bloodshot eyes, “Su Yiyun, have you gone crazy!?”

“I already told her not to call me big brother. She didn’t listen… So annoying!”

He mercilessly kicked Su Yan out ten-odd meters. At the same time, twelve figures also appeared by his side.

They were the people from Li Min’e’s birthday party. Li Min’e walked beside Su Yiyun and kissed his cheek…

“You’ve been troubled!”

“How is it trouble? I can do anything for my babe,” Su Yiyun smiled softly.

The elder standing amongst them also spoke up, “Since it’s pretty much done here, then let’s clean up and return. I’ve sure Lord Black Dragon will be very happy about you, Formation Grandmaster.”

With that, she walked towards Ye Zichen. However, he hit an invisible wall before even taking a few steps.

“Lord Su…”

“Who told you to make a move on him?” Su Yiyun raised his eyebrows.

The elder immediately replied, “The reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor has always been the demon race’s mission target. This young man might…”

“You said might!” Su Yiyun said sullenly. “This is my good bro. I don’t want you to make a move on him, understand? Even if we have to, I'll do it personally.”


“My patience is limited,” Su Yiyun’s gaze turned beyond dark, while he formed a sigil in his hand.

Seeing that, the elder immediately stepped back without daring to say anything.

“I came with you guys this time to save this brat,” Su Yiyun grabbed Gu Li’s shoulder, then looked at everyone else with a condescending gaze, “Mission accomplished, so stop causing trouble. I… don’t have a particularly good temper.”

Everyone he set his gaze upon looked down.

In order to prevent awkwardness from spreading, Li Min’e wrapped her arms around Su Yiyun’s arm with a giggle, “Alright, stop getting angry with them. We’ll just not take that person away, since we haven’t confirmed whether he is the Yellow Emperor’s reincarnation after all. Alright, alright, don’t get angry!”

“Heh,” Su Yiyun laughed coldly, then slowly walked in front of Ye Zichen and patted his cheek… “My good bro, you have to work hard… Next time, I’ll take your life myself.”

“Ol’ Three, stop messing around. Did you forget about our dorm…”

“What dorm? Now? Does it still exist?” Su Yiyun smiled meaningfully, then glanced at Zhu Yunbai’s corpse before turning around and laughing darkly. “2016… has disbanded!”

Su Yiyun stretched lazily, then walked in front of Su Yan and squatted in front of her with a shake of his head and a chuckle, “When I remember you calling me gege for so many years, I just can’t help but get angrily.”


He punched her on the stomach, then poked her many times…

“Stop calling me gege. It’s annoying.”

After doing all that, he finally let out a sigh and walked in front of Li Min’e. He reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist with a smile, “Alright babe, let’s go to the Demon Realm… I’m very curious about that place.”


All of them disappeared from the spatial crack.

Moments after Su Yiyun and co. left, the spiritual formation around Ye Zichen and Fatty Yin also disappeared.

“I’ll go and check up on them.”

Then, Fatty Yin immediately flew towards the battlefield, while Ye Zichen also hurried over to Su Yan…


Ye Zichen clenched his teeth so hard that he nearly broke his teeth when he saw Su Yan’s situation.

Her face was already stark white, her body was filled with terrifying bloody holes, while blood continuously flowed out of her mouth.

“Su Yiyun… Su Yiyun…”

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