Chapter 413 The Ever Changing Situation

Chapter 413 – The Ever Changing Situation


Gu Li, who was extremely full of himself, was completely knocked over. The meatball bomb, who suddenly appeared, also rubbed his neck. When he saw the person he sent flying…

“We still ended up crashing. I already told him not to throw me so hard. Seriously, I definitely have to complain about him properly!”

The fatty continuously retorted as he walked in front of Gu Li and kicked him.

When he saw Gu Li’s murderous gaze, he immediately took a step by and raised his eyebrows, “He’s still alive…”

Then, he walked in front of Ye Zichen, whose chest was pierced and was laying in a pool of golden blood.

“Zeze, so terrible. It was fortunate that Lord Fatty came over, otherwise, you would be dead.”

The eyes of Ye Zichen, who laid on the ground, twitched when he saw the fatty. He moved his lips in an attempt to say something, but he failed to utter a single word.

As Ye Zichen’s face turned even more pale, the fatty also raised his hand and tapped Ye Zichen’s head before taking out a light pink pill from his pocket.

“I used so many points to exchange for this. Ahh, my heart bleeds…” the fatty clenched his teeth and chucked the pill into Ye Zichen’s mouth. Then he raised his eyebrows. “I’m telling you, remember to compensate Lord Fatty in the future. This thingy is really valuable!”

As Ye Zichen swallowed the pill…

The hole on his chest begun to heal at a noticeable speed. At that moment, Gu Li had already stood up from the ground. However, what surprised others was that he actually did not attack, and merely stood at a spot ten meters away from the other two.

“Grandson, you angry?” the fatty stood up from the ground and walked in front of Gu Li with a mocking smile…


Gu Li swung his fist, but his fist stopped several centimeters in front of the fatty’s face, after having turned bright red…

“Want to hit Lord Fatty? You’ve got miles to go!”

The fatty shook his head proudly and turned around. At that moment, the wound on Ye Zichen’s chest had already healed, and he sat cross-legged on the ground in order to recover his stamina.

It really was hard to imagine that such a severe wound actually healed so quickly…

It seems like that pink pill was definitely amazing.

Approximately ten odd minutes later, Ye Zichen stood up from the ground. He subconsciously touched his chest, then raised his eyebrows towards the fatty, “Fatty Yin, you really came in time…”

“Haha, I, Lord Fatty, likes appearing in this sort of emergency, since only by doing so can Lord Fatty’s worth be shown,” Yin Qiong laughed. Ye Zichen nodded…

This was not the first time, and it really was thanks to the appearance of the fatty, otherwise Ye Zichen might really be dead.

However, Ye Zichen’s gaze towards Fatty Yin instantly became strange.

“I don’t think this is your body, right? You are still not letting go of his body?”

“Look at what you’re saying. Am I, Lord Fatty, someone like that?” Fatty Yin smiled, then raised his eyebrows. “I got quite used to using this body, so I got them to forge one that’s the same…”

Did I hear it right?

The fatty just said forged!

Bodies… can be forged?

Seeing the confused look from Ye Zichen’s gaze, Fatty Yin merely stretched lazily, then raised his hand above his forehead and looked afar.

“With that kid, Lil’ Gou, joining the fight, it really has changed a lot. It seems like everything’s going to end very quickly!”

“Gou Yuzhan came as well?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. He looked up and saw the mirages of sticks appear near Wei Chen’s side…

Not long later, a large number of slimy monsters and other beast-type abyssals were sent flying into the air, while Gou Yuzhan’s unique laughter rang out.

“Hahaha, I’m the MPV. A punch of lollipops in exchange for dealing with these small fries. It’s so worth it!”

Ye Zichen’s face instantly turned speechless. Did he get conquered by the blinding lollipops again?

“Oh yeah, you have to buy the lollipops for him. I, Lord Fatty, isn’t going to pay,” Fatty Yin turned around and smiled faintly, then put on a troubled expression. “F*ck, you have to pay me back for the pill money. It’s so expensive… Ahh, my heart bleeds…”

“I know,” Ye ZIchen smiled.

Meanwhile, Gu Li, who stood on spot without moving, looked at them with a terribly sullen expression. He clenched his fist so tightly that creaks could be heard, “They started to chat among themselves. Fatty, Ye Zichen… I’m going to kill you!”


At that moment, a crack appeared in the ground, and two lion-like abyssals with a purple flames on their heads appeared.

“Go!” Gu Li pointed to the two figures.

Fatty Yin, who had his back towards Gu Li, smirked.

You can’t endure it anymore?

Bang bang.

Fatty Yin sent the two lions flying with two kicks, then a pagoda appeared in his hand.

The pagoda shimmered with an azure light, causing the two lions to uncontrollably fly in.

“Sorry, I, Lord Fatty, am confiscating these two purple lions,” Fatty Yin put away the pagodas with a soft smile.

At that moment Ye Zichen turned around, and saw Gu Li’s green face, since the two purple lions were trump cards he paid a huge price to exchange for…

“Gu Li, you lost.”

The battle on Wei Chen’s side had more or less come to a close. Not long later, Xia Keke, Su Yan and co. ran over.

“Ye Zichen, we dealt with everything on our side,” Xia Keke smiled with pride.

Gou Yuzhan also ran over excitedly with a stick on his shoulders, “Lollipop, lollipop…”

“Good job,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile towards them, then turned back towards Gu Li.

Now, all that remained was Gu Li, the lone commander who the fatty had trapped in a tiny space. There is no way for him… to turn the tables.

“You corrupted others into abyssals and have committed multiple of sins. Do you have anything you want to say before your death?”

“Ye Ziche, do you think I lost?” Gu Li smiled strangely. Then, terrible screams sounded out from behind Ye Zichen. He turned back, and noticed that the Tribulation members, who were just going to relax, were suddenly heavily injured…

As the screams continued to sound out, Gou Yuzhan ran over with his stick, while Xia Keke also conjured up the dragon mirage behind her and hurried over.

“A fire isolation formation with a hint of water at the eye… It seems like the person who set it has a pretty good understanding of formations!” A faint laughter sounded out in the sky. Then, two balls of fire fell down from the sky, causing the formation restraining Gu Li to instantly break down.

“You guys finally came,” Gu Li smiled and looked up into the sky.

Not long later, a young man with a smirk appeared.

At that very instant, Ye Zichen’s face was filled with shock.

How-How is this possible!?

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