Chapter 411 Farewell

Chapter 411 – Farewell

A silver airflow spiraled around Wei Chen. At that moment, he was like a beastman with his silver hair flowing in the air as he gazed at the surrounding giant abyssals.

“In the name of the light, be cleansed!”


A piercing light immediately appeared in the area with Wei Chen at the center.

The surrounding strange birds and slime monsters immediately turned to ash when they came into contact with this light, while the three humanoid monsters also clutched their heads and screamed…

“Resistance is futile!”

Three spheres of light suddenly appeared in Wei Chen’s claws, which he flung towards the chest of the abyssals.

Coarse screams sounded out from the abyssals. Then, their bodies gradually shrunk and became just like a normal person’s.

However, when Wei Chen saw the appearance of the three, his expression immediately froze.


At the same time, Ye Zichen also hurried over to where Wei Chen was. He raised his eyebrows when he saw Wei Chen’s appearance, then, when he saw the other three…

“Stop kidding me.”

Ye Zichen subconsciously took a step back, while the three abyssals looked over.

When they saw Ye Zichen, the muscular young man instantly clenched his chest, and said with a struggle, “Ye-zi…”

“Kang Peng!” Ye Zichen bit his lips and ran over. The three abyssals in front of him were his three roommates remaining in the dorm… “Why, you guys…”

“Ye-zi, just give us a swift end,” Bai Yu patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder, then smiled wryly. “We don’t want to turn into what we were just now. Since you are here… Set us free!”

“Stop kidding me!” Ye Zichen glared at them, then grabbed them by their shoulders. “Telling us to set you guys free? That’s too irresponsible. Think about your family, they…”

“Hurry up!” Bai Yu roared. He continuously patted his head with indescribable agony. “I can’t control myself for much longer. Instead of dying in someone else’s hands, I’d rather you, Ye-zi, send us off on our way!”

“No… No…” Ye Zichen’s voice trembled as he shook his head and stepped backwards.

Telling me to kill them? Stop kidding me.

“Didn’t we say that we’re going to be friends for life? If you guys leave so irresponsibly, then what about me!?” Tears flowed uncontrollably from Ye Zichen’s eyes. He turned back and grabbed Wei Chen by the collar and knitted his eyebrows. “Tell me, is there any way to turn them back. Is there…”

Wei Chen merely shook his head emotionlessly in response to Ye Zichen’s question, “No!”


Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly. Bai Yu and co. squatted painfully on the ground as their consciousness started to blue, and purple light flashed in their eyes…


“I-I can’t!”

Ye Zichen stood in front of them with clenched fist. At that moment, as long as he used a bit of force, he would be able to set Bai Yu and co. free.

But, how can I?

“Hurry up and end them while they are still conscious. Setting them free right now is the best thing for them. If they return to their abyssal form, then even I might not be able to deal with them,” Wei Chen said on the side.

At the same time, Bai Yu and co. also yelled out painfully, “Ye-zi!”

“I understand.”


Ye Zichen smashed the ground with his fist, then stood up and slowly walked in front of them.

The three of them smiled faintly as if they were at ease with finally being able to be set free. The ice edge in Ye Zichen’s hand fell to the ground, while his fist emitted a gold light.


Dong. Dong. Dong.

Ye Zichen’s fist pierced the three chests without any hesitation, while they retained their smiles.

“Ye-zi, thank you.”


The three of them fell onto the ground at the same time, and passed on.


Ye Zichen kneeled onto the ground, wept painfully while holding their corpses. Nobody could understand just what it felt like to kill one’s own best friends.

As droplets of tears flowed down his face…


Ye Zichen smashed the ground, causing a huge pit to appear. He silently placed the three of them into the pit, then wiped away his tears and stood up from the ground.

“Whoever is behind all this, I will never… ever let you off!”

“Zeze, he is truly merciless for killing his own roommates!” a cold and playful laughter sounded out, as a top-hat wearing man smiled with a cold smile and shook his head at the scenario.

“I already did what you asked me to, so can you turn me back into a normal person now?” Zhu Yunbai knitted his eyebrows and said softly to the man. Bai Yu and co. were only corrupted by his doing.

“Hehe… Is this the tone you should take with me?” the man smiled coldly.

Zhu Yunbai instantly kneeled on the ground and kowtowed. “My lord, please let me go. I won’t tell anyone anything. I just want to be a normal person!”

“Yo, I nearly forgot if you didn’t say it,” the man raised his eyebrows, while he smile mockingly. “If I let you go, then all of this might actually be leaked!”

Zhu Yunbai immediately kowtowed continuously and begged, “Please let me go. I will definitely not utter even half a word of what I know.”

“Oh? My shoes are a bit dirty…” the man suddenly lifted his foot. Zhu Yunbai immediately kneeled down and crawled over without thinking and begun to lick his shoes.

“Hahahaha…” the man laughed recklessly and looked indifferently at Zhu Yunbai, whose face was filled with anticipation…


The man kicked him aside.

“Sorry, you have no use anymore… As for letting you go. I feel like only a dead person’s mouth is truly tight.”

“You…” Zhu Yunbai’s pupils contracted. He crawled up from the ground and charged towards Guo Jing. “You bitch, it’s all you, all because of you… Since I'm going to die, then die with me!”

“In front of me…”


A huge bloody hole appeared on his chest before Zhu Yunbai reached Guo Jing.

“Zichen-ge, Boss Kang Peng… I… was wrong,” Zhu Yunbai looked at the people in front of him with sadness, then fell limply onto the ground.

“You are still not moved when you watched your roommate die like that?” the man suddenly looked up into the sky with a smile.

Not long later, Ye Zichen descended down, and stared straight at him…

“Zeze, don’t look at me like that. Look at how nice I am to you, he died the same way as your other roommates.”


Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly, as terrifying flames of rage burned in his squinted eyes.

“Gu Li, you pissed me off!”

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