Chapter 410 Come Forth, White Tiger!

Chapter 410 – Come Forth, White Tiger!

When everyone entered the Otherworld, the scene in front of their eyes completely shocked them.


All of the organization members gasped, while both Ye Zichen’s and Wei Chen’s expressions turned solemn.

What they saw were endless slimy reptilian monsters, while the skies were filled with screeching birds.

The demonic energy in the air was so dense that it was actually about to liquify, and the stench of it was all the more revolting.

“The numbers this time are truly terrifying,” Wei Chen couldn’t help but light a cigarette for himself. Then, a silver short sword appeared in his hand. “Seriously, can’t they let people relax for a change?”


The birds circling in the air suddenly stopped, and stared at Ye Zichen and co. with their violet eyes before they let out a screech.

All of the slimy reptilian monsters instantly charged over. During so, they continuously spat out green slimy liquid from their mouths.

“Kiddos, it seems like they aren’t going to let us prepare. So let’s move!”


All of the Tribulation members all took out a silver short sword similar to the one Wei Chen held, while silver meridians began to surface on their black leather jackets.


Everyone shot towards the slime monsters, while Wei Chen chucked his cigarette to the ground and looked up at the strange birds in the sky…

“Boss Ye, take good care of yourself. I don’t have a way to help you in this situation.”


A huge crater appeared on the ground as Wei Chen shot up into the sky like a cannonball. Meanwhile, all the birds that were at places where his short sword passed through turned to smoke and disappeared into the demonic energy-filled sky.

“Yiyuan!” Ye Zichen did not hesitate either, and called out Soul Pearl Yiyuan.

Several hundred water blades appeared around him, and accurately hit the chests of the various birds in the sky.

Wei Chen raised his eyebrows in the air, and raised his thumb towards Ye Zichen. Just as he was about to hurry over to another place, a ten-meter-tall figure suddenly appeared behind him.


A huge fist swung over. Wei Chen stiffly turned sideways, causing the fist to scrape by his face. Even so, a mark of blood still appeared on his face.

“F*ck, I already have a scar on the left side of my face, you want to give me a new one on my right?” Wei Chen muttered, then stepped forcefully on the huge abyssal’s head.


Suddenly, a huge palm slapped towards Wei Chen’s back. Since he could not even dodge in time, he was slapped to the ground.

Wei Chen looked back, and saw that three huge abyssals already appeared around him.

The three of them chose to surround him as they slowly moved towards him.

“Hey, hey, hey, bullying with numbers doesn’t make you a hero,” Wei Chen let out a soft sigh, but did not appear frantic at all. He rubbed his slightly hurting shoulders, then took out another cigarette from his pocket and held it in his mouth.

“Old Wei!” Ye Zichen noticed Wei Chen’s situation as well. Just as he was about to go over and help…

The strange birds in the sky completely blocked him off, and even the slimy monsters begun to quickly crawl towards him.

“So annoying.”

Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows tightly. Soul Pearl Yiyuan, which was in front of Ye Zichen, suddenly turned a crystal-like blue…

“Ice edge!”


All of the water blades around him instantly turned into ice blades. Then, those ice blades gathered together and flew to Ye Zichen’s hand.


The ice edge in Ye Zichen’s hand instantly released a barrage of small ice shards that pierced all of the surrounding monsters, while Ye Zichen begun to move towards Wei Chen.


The strange birds in the sky suddenly loud out another ear piercing screech, causing the surrounding slimy reptilian monsters to immediately quickly crawl towards him as if they just received an unanimous order.

“Dragon Roar…”


A deafening dragon roar sounded out, then a mirage of a huge dragon instantly swept across the ground and swallowed the monsters on the ground.

Not long later, Xia Keke ran over as she held Su Yan’s hand.

When Ye Zichen saw them…

“Why did you guys come? Hurry up and get out,” Ye Zichen’s eyes twitched intensely. The abyssal situation was different from before. With these sort of numbers, he even had trouble protecting himself. With the addition of the two of them…

“I came to help you,” Xia Keke’s gaze was stern. Meanwhile, even though Su Yan was scared, she also nodded in agreement.

“What can you help me with? Stop messing around. Hurry up and get out!”

“Behind you!” Su Yan suddenly pointed with a shout.

Ye Zichen instinctively turned around and lopped off the reptilian monster’s head.

“It’s really dangerous here. Hurry up and leave!”

As Ye Zichen continuously killed the surrounding monsters with the ice edge in his hand, Xia Keke’s body also occasionally shimmered with a giant dragon’s mirage.

“Then how are you going to send us out? Do you know how to do that?”

Ye Zichen instantly blanked out for a split second. This was only his second time entering the Otherworld, and only Old Wei knew about how to get out.

Old Wei!

He was surrounded by the three giant abyssals earlier, and Ye Zichen had no idea how he was doing.

“Ignore us. Leave these small fries to me. Hurry up and go over there to see how you can help. Those three big guys over there should be very hard to deal with, right?” Xia Keke once again dealt with all the incoming monsters.

Ye Zichen looked at her with a nod, “Protect yourselves!”

Since Ye Zichen was worried that something bad would happen to them, he intentionally called over a five people team to stay by them, while he hurried over towards Wei Chen’s direction.

“Ahem…” Wei Chen pushed himself painfully off the ground as he smoked. He tilted his head at the three monsters staring down at him. “Turning from a human into an abyssal was very painful, right?”


All he got in response was another emotionless roar and a huge foot that was more than a meter long.

Wei Chen agilely dodged the attack, then rotated his shoulders, while a faint silver light flashed across his eyes.

“It seems like you can’t recall anything. Ah… These guys that corrupted people really should face divine punishment. But no worries, I will set you free very soon. Treat all of this as a nightmare. I hope you guys can be slightly luckier in your next life.”

With that, Wei Chen’s hair begun to turn a light silver. Several white whiskers also appeared on his face, his hands became sharp claws, and his eyes turned into that of a feline…

A majestic aura was released from his body. At the same time, he also pursed his lips and smiled.

“Come forth, White Tiger…”

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