Chapter 409 Everybody Dispatched

Chapter 409 – Everybody Dispatched

Ye Zichen’s smiled brightened when he felt his body fill up with power.

Earth Immortal.

Now, even when he goes to the Three Realms, he wouldn’t be a small fry of the lowest level. However, when he thought about fighting the Six Realm Patroller and Mo Di…

I’m still a long way from being able to do so!

“Seriously, kid, I really don’t know what to say about you,” the Dragon God shook his head with a smile. The speed of Ye Zichen’s breakthrough was so fast that even he felt a bit jealous, not to mention Ye Zichen was doing it in a place without plenty of spiritual energy like the abandoned place. “Alright, since you finished cultivating, then stop disturbing this old man’s rest here. Go back!”

The Dragon God waved his sleeve towards Ye Zichen and Xia Keke…


The scenery in front of their eyes changed.

They opened their eyes, and looked at each other directly, then at the bed that they were on…

Xia Keke instantly blushed.

“What are you looking at, if you stare anymore, then I’ll dig your eyes out of your sockets.”

“Zezeze, look at how fierce you are. It can’t be the hour of you shamelessly telling me to get a room together with you, right?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth at her.

Hearing that, Xia Keke’s face instantly turned as red as an apple. She bit her lips softly and wrinkled her nose. “If you say that again, then I’ll really get angry.”


The phone on the table rang. Xia Keke picked up the phone and saw the caller ID and started to smile.

“It’s a call from Susu.”

She put her phone beside her ear. Then, not long later, she hung up and turned towards Ye Zichen. “Susu is telling me to go eat with her. Do you want to come?”

Ye Zichen touched his stomach. He had spent the entire day cultivating over at the old Dragon God’s place. If Xia Keke didn’t mention it, then he might not have noticed his hunger, but after mentioning it, Ye Zichen did feel rather hungry. “C’mon, I’ll go and be your wallet!”

“That’s more like it,” Xia Keke curled her lips, then jumped off the bed and put on her slippers with knitted eyebrows. “Hurry up, Susu’s already there. If we make her wait too long, then she would get anxious.”

Thus, under Xia Keke’s hurry, the two of them arrived at the restaurant Su Yan mentioned in half an hour.

Su Yan supported her held with her hands as she looked silently out of the window in a window-side seat. The sunlight shining onto her face made her even more alluring.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but take out his phone and take a few photos.

At this moment, Su Yan also looked up with a smile, “You guys came together.”

“Mhmm, this guy said that he’s going to be our wallet. Hehe… We can save some money,” Xia Keke sat beside Su Yan with a giggle, then waved towards a waiter. “We want to order.”

When they sat down, Ye Zichen immediately set the photo he just took as his screensaver.

Su Yan raised her eyebrows, “What are you doing?”

“Take a look!” Ye Zichen handed his phone over with a chuckle.

Xia Keke also took a peak. When she saw the screen saver, she couldn’t help but retort, “You won’t be able to be a cameraman in your life. Susu’s so pretty, and your photo… Zeze, I really don’t want to say too much.”

“Ugly? I feel like she’s really pretty!”

Su Yan couldn’t help but blush when she felt the sincerity behind Ye Zichen’s praise.


Your affability level with Su Yan increased by 5. Current affability level: 505.

Ye Zichen was completely stunned upon receiving the system notification. My affability level seems not to have changed in so long, and the atmosphere between us has been rather strange.

When the affability level rose again, Ye Zichen felt like…

The feelings from before were back once again.

As they ate, the table was surrounded by a sweet aura, which Ye Zichen enjoyed a lot as well.

After eating his fill, Ye Zichen stretched lazily, then glanced outside the window. All of a sudden, he noticed that Wei Chen’s car seemed to have passed by from the outside.


After that, four black MPVs also followed them.

“Everybody was dispatched?”

Recently, the situation of the abyssals did not turn for the better. Instead, it only became worse. However, what was fortunate was that there was never too many abyssals, so they only had to dispatch one team to deal with them.

However, looking at the number of cars, it seemed like everybody in the organization was dispatched.

A bad feeling arose in Ye Zichen’s heart. He immediately called Wei Chen without any hesitation.

“Boss Ye.”

“What’s going on? I seem to have seen quite a few cars just now. Is the situation this time very troublesome?”

Previously, Wei Chen’s reply would always be some comforting words, but this time…

“It’s very troublesome,” Wei Chen’s tone was sullen. “Previously, the abyssals would generally be mostly consisting of those that originated from small animals. Those abyssal are still the main force, but I noticed that there are three more people this time… What’s more, the person controlling them also seems to be there. That’s why I’m bringing a bit more people just in case.”

“What!?” Ye Zichen slammed the table and stood up, completely scaring Su Yan and Xia Keke. “Tell me the exact location. I’m going as well!”

“Boss Ye, although it is rather troublesome here, but believe me, we can definitely handle it,” Wei Chen replied softly. He knew about Ye Zichen’s real identity, and didn’t want him to go over to such a dangerous place.

“Are you the boss, or am I the boss? I told you to tell me the position, so do it. In terms of strength, you really might not be stronger than me.”

Hearing that, Wei Chen instantly gave in with a sigh, “Fine, since you want to come, then come. We haven’t entered yet. We’ll wait for you before entering!”

When Ye Zichen hung up the call, both Su Yan and Xia Keke looked at him worriedly.

“Something happened again?” Su Yan asked softly.

Ye Zichen nodded, then rubbed their heads, “Just keep on doing what you’re doing. There’s no need to worry.”

“I’m going to go with you,” Xia Keke pouted.

Ye Zichen immediately scolded. “No way. Why do you want to follow me to where I’m going!? Don’t be so willful… Be a good girl.”

With that, Ye Zichen placed a card on the table, then left.

The two girls knitted their eyebrows as they watched him leave. At that moment, Xia Keke pulled Su Yan closer and whispered something into her ear.

Su Yan immediately revealed a hesitating gaze, but she still eventually nodded in agreement.

The place Wei Chen talked about was a restaurant on the western side of the city. Ye Zichen was very familiar with the restaurant as it was where him and his roommates often ate together.

Wei Chen held a cigarette in his mouth and squatted on the floor like a mobster outside the restaurant, while several tens of subordinates in black leather jackets stood behind him…

It really was fortunate that no police came over to arrest them.

“Boss Ye,” the members of the organization greeted Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen nodded and looked around…

Nobody else was walking by in the area already. It seemed like Wei Chen had already dealt with everything else before he had arrived. Ye Zichen licked his lips, and walked over.

At the same time, Wei Chen also threw the cigarette onto the floor and stamped it out.

“Boss Ye,” he nodded towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen also responded with a nod, “You’re all ready? Let’s go in!”

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