Chapter 408 Lie

Chapter 408 – Lie

As the painful screams became louder and louder, a hint of worry also surfaced on Li Min’e’s face.

Seeing that, the androgynous man snorted coldly with a sneer on his face, “Hurry up and take a look at the man you found in the Modern Realm. An abyssal actually wants to be with a human. What a joke…”

“Stop challenging my bottom line, do you really think that I don’t dare to make you stay here permanently?”

The ball of light in her hands instantly condensed to being merely a few centimeters in diameter. The moment it appeared, all of the demon sovereigns in the room subconsciously licked their lips.

“F*ck off!” Li Min’e scolded.

The androgynous man also took a step back with a cold smile, “Li Min’e, don’t get too full of yourself. Wait for Lord Black Dragon’s punishment!”

Then, everyone else in the room immediately disappeared through the spatial crack before Li Min’e reacted.

“Su Yiyun,” Li Min’e bit her lips, then hurriedly turned around and dashed into the bedroom.

When she entered, Su Yiyun had already awakened. His body was drenched his sweat, as if he was completely fatigue. However, his eyes stared closely at her with clear coldness.


“Li Min’e, you have been using me from the start, right?” Su Yiyun smiled coldly. He looked sadly at the lover who once mesmerized him. “Right now, I’m going to be controlled by you, right? If you still have even a slight bit of feelings for me, then just give me a quick end. I don’t want to live a life of a puppet, nor do I want to go against my brother… You, or rather, you guys, want to do Ye-zi harm, right!?”

“Can you stop overthinking things?” Li Min’e frowned slightly, then tried to touch Su Yiyun’s forehead with her pure white fingers, only to get mercilessly rejected.

“Don’t touch me.”

Li Min’e’s hand remained hung in midair, as she was unsure of how to react. After a good while, she finally nodded and raised her eyebrows, “What did you see just now?”

“An old man, an old man playing chess,” Su Yiyun smiled, then raised his eyebrows. “What else do you want to know? I can tell you everything…”

“This is just bias against me,” Li Min’e answered helplessly. “I have never thought about controlling you. You can still live your life in the future, you will only have another path to choose from for the future. That’s it.”

“Mm,” Su Yiyun smiled, while his heart was only filled with sadness.

“You said that you saw an old man playing chess just now. What kind of chess?” Li Min’e asked once again.

Su Yiyun answered without any deflection, “Go, a go with the entire board filled…”

Li Min’e immediately raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Seeing her shocked expression, Su Yiyun couldn’t help but purse his lips and smile, “What happened? Just say whatever it is directly!”

“Consider what I say next properly…”

The night was as dark as a pool of ink.

Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows as he stopped his car in front of the entrance to a compound. When he got off the car, he coincidentally saw Su Yiyun walk out with his jacket.

“Ye-Zi,” Su Yiyun smiled, then walked over.

Ye Zichen immediately hurried over, “Nothing happened, right?”

“Ha, what could have happened?” Su Yiyun smirked, then smiled meaningfully with raised eyebrows. “She laid on the bed after I caused her to completely submit. Seriously, this lord is truly strong…”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen instantly rolled his eyes speechlessly.

“What a bastard. I thought that you got into an accident.”

“Haha, what accident could have happened? We simply acquired a deeper understanding for each other, and improved our relationship,” Su Yiyun’s face was filled with a smile.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but want to punch Su Yiyun a few times when he saw the latter’s prideful look.

He forcefully suppressed his impulse of hitting Su Yiyun and looked at Su Yiyun with a frown, “Did Li Min’e say anything to you?”

“Of course, she said she likes me… And told me to treat her well in the future.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about.”

Ye Zichen had already noticed the abnormality at the party, and the more he thought in the teahouse, the more wrong everything felt.

The aura that made him uncomfortable might very well be demonic energy.

What’s more, those people were not normal people, and had strength equal or above him. When Ye Zichen combined those facts with Xiang-jie’s words…

Ye Zichen begun to suspect of Li Min’e and co. being demons. However, there were a bit too many of them, and the numbers did not match with what Lil’ White had said.

Hearing that, Su Yiyun instantly smiled, “What else could we have talked about? Am I supposed to tell you the stuff we said while we were doing it? Zeze, Ye-Zi, that’s not right.”

“Just f*ck off, and f*ck off, and f*ck off…” Ye Zichen retorted in annoyance.

It looks like he really doesn’t know anything.

Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then patted Su Yiyun’s shoulder, “Alright, if there’s nothing, then go back. I'm damn tired after tonight.”

“I'm even more tired compared to you, alright?” Su Yiyun immediately retorted, then took out his car keys and opened the door to his own car, which was parked at the side of the road. “Don’t find me in coming times. I have to rest properly and get ready!”

“I can’t be bothered with you.”

Ye Zichen climbed into the car, then left without any hesitation.

When Su Yiyun saw Ye Zichen’s car disappear from sight, he smiled rather meaningfully.

Li Min’e stood by the window and watched everything. When Ye Zichen left, she finally muttered with a faint smile on her face, “I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me.”

Time flew by, and half a month had passed by in the blink of an eye.

Ye Zichen and Xia Keke sat cross-legged on either side of the old dragon god within the subdimension within the Dragon God Ring, while a golden aura spiraled around them.

It was all thanks to Ye Zichen that Xia Keke could enter and cultivate.

What comforted the Dragon God was that Xia Keke had pretty good talent. At the very least, her talent was definitely shockingly great within the dragon race, even if it was slightly worse than that of a madman like Ye Zichen.

“Phew,” Xia Keke, who was cultivating opened her eyes. When she saw Ye Zichen, who continued to cultivate beside her, she couldn’t help but retort. “I really wonder which of us is the actual dragon here.”

“This brat is definitely a real freak,” the old Dragon God couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. After such a long time, he had never seen anyone absorb the entirety of the dragon soul within half a month.


At that moment, the golden aura around Ye Zichen started to rampage.


Ye Zichen called out. As he opened his eyes, a faint golden light flashed across his eyes. Then he stood up happily and waved his fist.

“You broke through?” the old Dragon God smiled.

Ye Zichen nodded in confirmation, “I broke through!”

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