Chapter 407 Inheritance Soul Pearl

Chapter 407 – Inheritance Soul Pearl

Hearing that, Ye Zichen momentarily blanked out, before raising his hand and pinching Su Yan’s cheek.

“What are you thinking? I already told you, your brother was kidding.”


Su Yan was slightly stunned after being rejected, but she didn’t say anything and just continued to maintain the calm expression without speaking as she sat in the front seat.

Ye Zichen intentionally raised his eyebrows and smiled as if he felt the changes in the beauty beside him, “What? You want to give yourself up so much?”

“Pretend that I didn’t say anything,” Su Yan stopped speaking after that.

After sending her back to the Su household, Ye Zichen noticed that he had several miss calls as well as several texts when he returned to the car, all of them from Su Yiyun.

He clicked it open, and saw that…

Li Min’e told me to go and stay at her place. Should I go or not?

The text was sent half an hour earlier. Ye Zichen immediately dialed Su Yiyun’s number, but was informed that Su Yiyun’s phone was turned off.

He could only take out a Thousand Li Tracking Sigil from his Treasure Chest to target Su Yiyun.

Sorry, the target you have selected cannot be tracked right now.

Ye Zichen’s eyebrows knitted tightly together when he saw the system notification. With that, he immediately activated Great Dao of Heaven’s Birth…

Sorry, the user currently does not have enough right to track.

Why did this happen!?

Ye Zichen turned extremely anxious. He frowned, then immediately stepped down on the pedal and rushed towards the teahouse.

At the same time, within a girl’s bedroom.

Su Yiyun laid topless on the bed, while Li Min’e also straddled on his waist, while wearing a three point lingerie.

“What did you make me eat just now?” Su Yiyun pushed, and raised his hand to push the person on him away.

Li Min’e immediately put on a confused expression, “What are you saying?”

“You just passed a purple seed into my mouth. Do you still want to deny it?” Su Yiyun squinted his eyes and sat up with a plain and cold smile. “Li Min’e, can you explain that to me?”

“I’m definitely not hurting you. What I gave you just now was definitely not something harmful for you…” Li Min’e also sat up. Then, her dark irides gradually turned violet, while her a purple spiral also appeared in her hands. “Take a nap. Everything will be better after you wake up.”

“You…” Su Yiyun, who sat on the bed, frowned. He raised his hand, but when Li Min’e pressed her palm onto his head, he found that he was unable to resist his sleepiness, and fell back down onto the bed.

After doing all that, Li Min’e grabbed a set of pajamas and put it on. Then, after covering Su Yiyun with the blanket, she walked out of the bedroom barefoot.

When she walked out to the living room, she was met with the eleven people from her birthday party.

The extremely handsome young man wearing a black leather jacket smiled androgynously, and stood up from the sofa, “You’re done?”

“I told Boss Black Dragon already. I’m enough in the Modern Realm, what did you guys come to mess things up for?” Li Min’e said to the people in the room as she tied the string on her pajama. “What did you to come to my place at such a late hour for. If there isn’t anything, then please hurry up and back. Are you guys not afraid of anything happening over there when all twelve of the Demon Sovereigns have come out?”

“Sis Min’e, why are you so hostile!?” the woman with thick makeup smiled coquettishly and walked over and she swayed her lips. “We were just worried that your progress in the Modern Realm had not been successful, so we wanted to come over and help you!”

“Hehe…” Li Min’e laughed coldly. “Help? Did you come to help ruin things? Do you know who the man you tried to seduce at the party was? You nearly screwed everything up! Did you know that!?”

Li Min’e trembled in anger. She had not wanted to make a move on Su Yiyun so soon.

This moment was not the best chance at all, but Ye Zichen had clearly noticed something at the dinner table, and she also felt Su Yiyun’s guard against her while they were coming back…

She only chose to directly make a move since she had no other choice.

“Alright now, Hua Kui’s like that, it’s not like you don’t know that after we’ve lived so long together,” the white-haired old man calmed everyone down, then raised his eyebrows. “Oh yeah, if there is no surprise, then that man Hui Kui was interested in was the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, right?”

Everyone else looked over.

Li Min’e nodded in confirmation, “I cannot be a hundred percent sure, but the chances of that being the case is above eighty percent.”

“Since that’s the case, then just directly do him in. Why did you find such a little fry?” the unusually muscular man frowned.

Li Min’e instantly snorted with knitted eyebrows, “Say that about him once again if you dare…”

“Hey, hey, hey, it can’t be… You really fell for a human?” the muscular man was stunned.

At that moment the, androgynous young man blinked beside Li Min’e and grabbed her arm.

Not long later, his expression drastically changed.

“You gave him the inheritance treasure? Li Min’e, do you know what you are doing!?”


Su Yiyun’s painful scream sounded out within the bedroom. Hearing that, the androgynous man immediately charged towards it.

“What do you want to do?” Li Min’e raised her hand and blocked him off, while her delicate eyes were filled with hostility. “If you dare to take another step forward, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

“Li Min’e, you’re crazy. You really are crazy!” the androgynous man roared. “You handed the Inheritance Treasure to that man. As I expected, a Demon Sovereign who was corrupted from a human is truly untrustworthy!”

“I don’t care about what you said,” Li Min’e smiled in disdain, then her eyes filled with heart-chilling coldness. “You… You… All of you! Immediately f*ck off! Boss Black Dragon told me that everything here will be handed over to me to deal with, so… If you dare to interfere, then I don’t mind causing a bit of changes in the Twelve Demon Sovereigns. I see plenty of kids in the demon race with good potential. How about you guys abdicate?”


Everyone in the room gulped. In terms of strength, even all of them together might not be as strong as Li Min’e.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for a corrupted human to reach the level of the Twelve Demon Sovereigns…

However, Li Min’e was an anomaly. After becoming corrupted, not only did she control her own soul, her strength also rose exponentially.

Within merely half a year of being corrupted, she directly rose to a position within the Twelve Demon Sovereigns.

After that, she only got more and more powerful, until only Boss Black Dragon could match up to her within the demon race.

“Hehe… Do you guys really want to make me angry?”

Seeing none of the demons in the room moved, Li Min’e squinted her eyes, and formed a ball of black light that was a good half a meter in diameter.

“Let’s go!” Seeing that, the androgynous man’s pupils contracted. He waved his right hand, causing a spatial crack to appear in front of them. “Li Min’e, don’t think that this is going to be the end of it. I will definitely go to Boss Black Dragon to report you in after returning!”

“Hehe, you’re still speaking shit?” Li Min’e squinted her eyes. “I think that you want to give new people a chance, right?”

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