Chapter 406 Awkward Birthday Party

Chapter 406 – Awkward Birthday Party

The atmosphere at the dinner table sudden turned cold.

Ye Zichen looked up at the woman with thick makeup, and noticed that everyone else at the table turned their gaze towards him. Then, he saw the faint smile on the woman’s lips…

Could I have been too loud, so she heard me?

“What are you guys talking about?” Su Yiyun asked in confusion. Ye Zichen instantly squinted his eyes…

In terms of proximity, Su Yiyun was actually closer to him, but even he didn’t hear it, so how could the woman have possibly heard it?

Fiery Eyes of Truth, activate!

Ye Zichen looked toward the woman with faint golden eyes. All of a sudden, the elderly man beside her stood up and waved his right hand forward.

Ye Zichen instantly noticed that a glass-like barrier separated him and the woman.

“We came here to celebrate Min’e’s birthday. Everybody, calm down,” the old man said with a hint of authority in his voice.

The woman opposite Ye Zichen also nodded with a smile, “Yeah, I did come for our Min’e’s birthday. I don’t want to ruin the mood because of someone.”

“What’s this? We’re all friends here, why speak so enigmatically?” Su Yiyun also stood up, then twitched his mouth. “Don’t bully my brother just because there are more of you. Calm down? I think that you guys are the ones who should calm down… Hmm?”

Su Yiyun knitted his eyebrows closely towards, then snorted coldly as he swept his gaze across everybody’s face. “I don’t want to care since I’m giving face to Min’e, but if you guys want to make my brother uncomfortable, then I won’t let you guys be comfortable!”

As the atmosphere at the table got more and more awkward, the old man twitched his mouth and snorted with a hint of disdain, “Min’e, your boyfriend has a pretty huge temper. Speaking to us as if he’s lecturing… What? Do we need to be educated by him?”

“All of you shut up!” Li Min’e suddenly slammed the table and pointed at the woman with thick makeup. “If you didn’t try to seduce someone else’s boyfriend from the very beginning, would all this happen? I didn’t invite you guys for this birthday party either. You guys just came shamelessly. Can you guys calm down? If you can’t, then just go back, okay?”

“Okay, everybody quiet down a bit,” the young man opposite Li Min’e suddenly raised his hand. Everyone else at the table instantly turned quiet… “Min’e, we came to celebrate to make you happy. There is no need to make everyone unhappy, right? Let’s leave this at that. Give face to big brother, okay?”

Li Min’e twitched her mouth and sat back down, then dipped her head with a pout and stopped speaking.

The young man also turned to smile apologetically at Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun, then snapped his fingers, “Start bringing us the dishes!”

Actually, the birthday party was rather uninteresting. The atmosphere on the table remained suppressed to the max, and it ended prematurely before even blowing out the candles on the cake.

When everyone begun to leave, the woman with thick makeup intentionally walked in front of Ye Zichen and stuck her tongue out seductively. “Hmmph, I feel like you’re blind. I seem to be so much better than that innocent girly beside you.”

“Hua Kui!” Li Min’e scolded angrily with a frown.

The woman instantly shrugged with a raise of her eyebrows, “Fine, fine, fine. I won’t say anymore.”

Then, she left with the others as she swung her hips left and right. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen, Su Yiyun, Su Yan and Li Min’e stood at the hotel entrance and watched the others leave in black MPVs.

“Min’e, what sort of friends are these?” Su Yiyun frowned. He nearly exploded in rage with his young master temper.

“Sorry, I know them from when I was working a summer job. I have no idea how they knew that it was my birthday, but they all came over,” Li Min’e’s face was filled with a pitiful and apologetic look. She walked in front of Su Yan, held her hands and shook it left and right. “Susu, don’t be unhappy, Hua Kui just likes to tease men… I’ll call and scold her later.”

“Sis, how could I get angry!” Su Yan smiled, then raised her eyebrows. “I’m just worried if that guy being unable to hold it…”

She glanced over at Ye Zichen, who was walking with Su Yiyun as they had their arm around each other’s shoulder.

Ye Zichen set up a barrier around the two of them, licked his lips and glanced behind them, “Ol’ Su, your little girlfriend is not so simple.”

“I can sort of feel it,” Su Yiyun nodded. “None of those guys at the table just now were normal people, right?”

“Mhmm, they are at the very least stronger than me,” Ye Zichen nodded

Su Yiyun’s pupils contracted, “There’s no helping it. I just like her. We’ll see. If it really doesn’t work, then I’ll pull out.”

“Mhmm, my phone’s on twenty-four hours a day. Remember to directly call me if you get into any sort of danger.”

“No problem!”

They looked at each other with a smile, then Ye Zichen proceeded to disperse the surrounding barrier and walked towards Su Yan and Li Min’e.

“What are you two men whispering for? What did you just talk about?” Li Min’e smirked and asked coquettishly.

Su Yiyun smiled, “Ye-zi wanted to take me to see the elephants, so he asked me if I had time. I naturally rejected him justly since I’m such a proper person… But this grandson, Ye Zichen, was so sad, he actually wanted to move me emotionally in order to make me change my mind. That’s why the two of us argued for so long.”


What a shitty teammate!

Ye Zichen already noticed the change in the way Su Yan looked towards him.

However, Li Min’e raised her eyebrows innocently, “What’s seeing the elephant?”

“You don’t know what seeing the elephant is? It’s blah blah blah…” As Su Yiyun explained, he made sure to gesture it out along with some sound effects. This only caused the way Su Yan looked towards Ye Zichen to become even weirder.

In order to prevent the situation from getting even worse, Ye Zichen scratched his hand, “Alright, hurry up and leave you two. I’m going to send Su Yan back too, so let’s part here.”

Ye Zichen held Su Yan’s hand as they got into the car. Immediately after they climbed in, Su Yan stared straight at him.

Feeling uncomfortable, Ye Zichen smiled coyly, “What are you looking at me like that for?”

“Do you really lack women right now?” Su Yan said indifferently.

Like I thought, she’s bothered about what Su Yiyun said just now. That brat is seriously… a great person a screwing up friends.

“Your brother was kidding just now, don’t take it seriously, I’m not that sort of person,” Ye Zichen explained with a coy smile as he pondered about what to say next.

However, Su Yan merely nodded with a smile, “It’s okay, I can understand.”

Su Yan replied plainly, then bit her lips, “But going to that sort of place is no good. If you really lack a woman by your side… Then I can sleep with you tonight.”

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