Chapter 405 Open Ended Side Mission

Chapter 405 – Open Ended Side Mission

Ye Zichen was not even the slightest bit surprised when he saw the friend request.

According to his understanding of the system, after getting a mission item like the “Ox Demon King’s Love Letter”, a side mission will definitely get triggered.

Ye Zichen accepted the friend request without any hesitation, and habitually glanced at the intimacy level.

100. Friendly.

“Little buddy, this is the first time we’ve talked!”

The Ox Demon King immediately sent him a message after accepting the friend request.

According to Ye Zichen’s predictions, his second sentence should be…

“Ahem, you seem to have a treasure of mine.”

Ye Zichen smiled. As I expected, the Ox Demon King added me for the love letter. Judging from my many years of experience in gaming, this sort of side mission would definitely give me choices.

For example, I could give the love letter to the Ox Demon King to gain his affability and some benefits; or, I could also give it to Princess Iron Face.

That sounds fun.

“Is Ox Demon King talking about that love letter?” Ye Zichen typed out his response with a faint smile.

The Ox Demon King immediately replied, “Yes, yes, yes. Little bro, can you return that love letter to big brother?”


I naturally have to do so.

Ye Zichen had no use for the item. He wasn’t someone with a strange interest, and liked to collect these weird things.

However, he had to understand something first.

“How did you know that this love letter is in my hands, and actually took the initiative in finding me and sending me a friend request?”

Ye Zichen replied with squinted eyes. He was slightly confused when it happened with Literari Star, and when it happened with Princess Iron Fan, he was completely stunned.

All of a sudden, he felt like there was definitely someone controlling it!

“Uhm… When I woke up just now, a master had passed me a message with their consciousness, telling me to go and seek you out. To be honest, I’m a bit confused right now, but I feel like that master wouldn’t go out of his way to trick me.”

I knew it!

Ye Zichen immediately thought of the system, who talked with him until very late the previous night, it might have been this brat who told Ox Demon King to come and find me.


System Mission Issued (Open Ended).

  1. Return the Ox Demon King’s love letter back to him.
  2. Refuse the Ox Demon King’s request, and give the love letter to Princess Iron Fan.
  3. Threaten the Jade Faced Vixen with the love letter.

Please choose…

This system is getting more and more high tech. There is no doubt that there will be huge changes whichever one of the three choices I choose.

Giving the love letter to Princess Iron Fan was clearly destroying the relationship of the couple, what’s more, the Ox Demon King will become hostile towards me, so I can’t choose it.

As for the Jade Faced Vixen, she someone who just acts as a mistress, so what use was threatening her? Was I supposed to make her sleep with me? It’s pretty obvious that this choice is useless as well.

Ye Zichen thought about it for a moment, then clicked on option 1.

Are you sure?



Right after confirming his choice, Ye Zichen’s phone uncontrollably sent the love letter over as a red packet.

Ox Demon King received your red packet.

“Little bro, thank you so much!” The Ox Demon King’s words of thanks filled the screen after he received the red packet.

However, Ye Zichen didn’t really care about that, what he cared about was…

Where are the red packets!

I already sent the love letter over, so you should give me a red packet, right?


Your intimacy level with the Ox Demon King increased by 100.


Intimacy level leveled up. Current intimacy level: Trusted.


You gained the Ox Demon King’s goodwill. Reputation increased by 100.

It seems like this is all the benefits I get from returning the love letter? That’s too low! It’s all some useless stuff, at the very least, it should give me some useful skills or something.

Otherwise, even a bit of cultivation experience was fine.

“Little bro, if you are in any trouble in the future, tell Big Brother Ox. Big Brother Ox will definitely do whatever I can for you… Big Brother still has a bit of other stuff to do, so let’s stop chatting!”


Ox Demon King’s profile picture darkened.

What a trap.

The side mission as completed with those words?


As Ye Zichen couldn’t help but retort, Su Yiyun suddenly called him. He answered the phone, and heard Su Yiyun’s bright laughter.

After a simple conversation, Ye Zichen turned around and left the teahouse, then hurried towards the place Su Yiyun talked about.

At Glory hotel.

When Ye Zichen arrived in the room Su Yiyun mentioned, he saw that the room was filled with people the moment he pulled open the door.

He barely knew any of them. The only ones he knew were Su Yan and Su Yiyun, alongside LI Min’e, who he had met once before. As for the rest…

What the hell?

For some reason, Ye Zichen felt extremely uncomfortably due to those people.

“Ye-zi, you came so late,” Su Yiyun stood up from his chair and walked over.

Ye Zichen immediately said quietly, “What’s going on? I don’t know any of these people!”

“Ha, actually, I don’t know them either,” Su Yiyun whispered in Ye Zichen’s ear. “Today is Min’e’s birthday, so the ones who came are all her friends… Su Yan and I felt a bit awkward as well, so we called you over. At least there is something to talk about with the three of us.”

“Oh,” Ye Zichen nodded.

Su Yiyun laughed, then clapped, “Everyone, be quiet for a moment. Let me introduce to you guys. Ye Zichen, my brother, he’s the owner behind the scenes for Maintaining Beauty Corporation and a true rich first generation!”

Unexpectedly, none of them felt revealed any changes in expression after hearing that.

It was as if they don’t know what Maintaining Beauty does at all!

All of a sudden, Su YIyun’s expression stiffened slightly.

“Boss Ye is here. Take a seat. This girl is truly honored for being able to invite you to the birthday party!”

Ye Zichen nodded, then sat down beside Su Yan. Only then did he start to observe the people around the table.

There were eleven in total, both male and female, young and old…

It was very hard to imagine a cute girl like Li Min’e actually had such a huge social circle. What’s more, Ye Zichen was able to feel a faint aura from them.

That was especially true for the woman with thick makeup sitting opposite him. If he was not getting it wrong…

Then the girl seemed to be seducing him. What’s more, he also couldn’t help but keep looking at her, while starting to feel like he was falling in love.

Suddenly, a spot on his waist begun to hurt.

Ye Zichen turned around, and saw Su Yan sitting beside him with a calm expression, but the hand she had used to pinch him earlier was still on his waist.

“Haha, jealous?”

Su Yan did not reply.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then whispered into Su Yan’s ear, “I’m telling you, I looked at the woman for so long just now, but I didn’t notice where she’s better than you…”

“Hehe…” At that moment, the woman sitting opposite Ye Zichen smiled. Mr. Ye, saying bad things behind people’s back is going to get you punished.”

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