Chapter 403 Zhu Yunbai, who got with

Chapter 403 – Zhu Yunbai, who got with

Ye Zichen did not roll the Lucky Roulette for quite a while, merely because the chances of getting a good prize were too low, and he had to spend several thousand cultivation experiences only to just get a Heavenly Court cabbage in exchange…

It was definitely a huge loss.

He clicked onto the Lucky Roulette, and saw that there was a “1” in the middle of the wheel.

He clicked on it.

This spin will not consume any cultivation experience. Would you like to proceed?


The roulette spun slowly, then the needle eventually landed on a white piece of paper.

You received Ox Demon King’s love letter x1. This item has already been stored into the Treasure Chest.

Ye Zichen blinked.

He looked at the treasure he just got with a bit of a surprise. Ox Demon King’s love letter? Doesn’t that mean it is a love letter for the vixen[1]?

Have they not stopped contacting each other after so long?

“Boss, what are you doing?” Lil’ White looked at the screen with curiosity.

Ye Zichen patted his head, then smiled with a shrug, “Rolling a lottery, but I didn’t get anything useful.”

“Oh,” Lil’ White nodded softly, then yawned.

Seeing him like that, Ye Zichen shook his head, then put him onto his bed.

“Alright, I’ve troubled you for so long. Hurry up and sleep.”

“Boss should get some rest too.”

Ye Zichen nodded, then returned to his room. As he laid on the bed, he continuously rolled over, but was unable to fall asleep, since his mind was truly in chaos…

Thus, another night passed by.

When Ye Zichen returned to the school dormitories the next day, his roommates were all sitting in front of their computers and playing League of Legends to as Ye Zichen expected, since there wasn’t school for the entire week.

However, what was strange was that the youngest of the dorm, Zhu Yunbai, did not play with them.

That brat was the one most addicted to the game. He can pass time without eating as long as he was playing a game, so Ye Zichen did find it rather strange not to have seen him.

“Ye-zi, you’re back. Hurry up and fill in and carry us for a few games,” Kang Peng, who sat closest to the entrance, waved his hand at Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen looked at Kang Peng’s screen…

They lost.

He nodded, and walked in front of his own computer, then raised his eyebrows.

“Why isn’t Lil’ Bro with you guys? You guys are lacking a carry without him!” Ye Zichen asked in confusion.

Zhang Rui instantly frowned in disdain, “That grandson’s got a date now. He’s always going out to… with his girlfriend, and when he comes back, he completely reeks of the stench of someone in love.”

“… Look at your damn look. You should get one too. Stench? You wouldn’t say that if you got one,” Ye Zichen smiled.

It was rather normal for someone in the dorm to stop being single, but it was definitely a critical strike for their dorm, which was filled with permanent singles.

“Hehe, I’m going to spend the rest of my life with my gossip!” Zhang Rui pushed up his glasses, then twitched his mouth. “Do you know who that brat got with? I won’t say it, but ask Big Bro and Second Bro…”

“What happened? It seems like there’s a bit of a story behind it?” Ye Zichen looked at Kang Peng and Bai Yu.

They merely raised their eyebrows in response.

“Lil’ Bai did change a bit after getting into a relationship. He… kind of looks down on us bros, but that’s normal. People do journey toward higher places. After graduating, we will definitely be mere white collars. I might even have to go back to my parents’ to continue the rice shop, so it really isn’t much,” Kang Peng smiled and shook his head.

However, Zhang Rui snorted, “Does he think that he’s upper class now just because he got with a rich second generation? I really think that girl’s just playing with him, and he seriously thinks that she’s sincere? Tsk… My sources tell me that the girl has a man behind her, and when I told Zhu Yunbai last time, guess how did he respond? He punched me!”

Zhang Rui’s words were filled with disdain, while his gaze was filled with mockery and a hint of anger.

“Alright,” Bai Yu frowned, then patted Zhang Rui’s shoulders. “Everyone want different things. We’re all in the dorm, and will see each other all the time, so say a bit less.”

It seems like everyone in the dorm has an issue with Zhu Yunbai. However, Ye Zichen was rather confused by what they said…

“Ai! Who did Lil’ Bro get with? Is she from our school?”

“She is,” Bai Yu squinted his eyes. “You should know her as well, it’s that survivor from Yao Yue’s dorm, she’s called something Jing!”

“Guo Jing, her family is in cosmetics. They’re rather capable, and she is a little rich second generation,” Zhang Rui added sourly.

“Oh…” Ye Zichen nodded. He did remember that girl. “How did they get together?”

“It’s all because of the murder!” Kang Peng stood up from his chair, then swung his arms around. “That girl came by everyday to tell you to… pay with your life! We bros didn’t want to disturb you, and back then Lil’ Bai comforted her all the time, and as time passed on… Get it?”

Ye Zichen blinked in confusion. I linked them together?

Could it be that I have a potential to compete with Yue Lao?

“In my opinion, that girl’s just looking for someone to comfort her heart during this period of time. Never mind, I don’t want to walk about it anymore,” Zhang Rui let out a long sigh, then created the ranked lobby with a frown. “Ye-zi, you in game yet? Let’s play.”

“I’ll login right now.”

Just as Ye Zichen sat down and prepared to login to the game, the door to the dorm was pushed open. Zhu Yunbai walked in covered in expensive clothes, while he had several bags in his hands…

“Haha, I’m back,” Zhu Yunbai chuckled.

Seeing him, Zhang Rui immediately pushed his keyboard away from his and begun to walk out the dorm.

“Fourth Bro, what is it? It was my wrong last time, let me apologize,” Zhu Yunbai nodded with a smile, then took handed Zhang Rui one of the bags he carried. “A present.”

Zhang Rui’s favorite handheld game system was in it, however, Zhang Rui merely smiled and accepted the bag before chucking it out of the window.

“I find it dirty,” He pushed Zhu Yunbai away, then left the dorm without any regards of what the other people in the dorm said.

“Tsk, he really isn’t accepting face when given it,” Zhu Yunbai snorted.

Everyone else immediately frowned after hearing that.

“Lil’ Bai, what you said was a bit too outrageous, wasn’t it?” Kang Peng walked in front of him with knitted brows.

Kang Peng used to be the one Zhu Yunbai was scared of the most in the dorm before, but he merely twitched his mouth indifferently and snorted, “What, you want to beat me up…?”


Zhu Yunbai threw the bags into the floor, then shrugged mockingly, “Sorry, I came over here this time to say goodbye. I had wanted to have a goodbye meal with you… It seems like, there’s no need for that now. The stuff on the ground are the presents I bought for you. They are the presents you guys once wanted to buy, but couldn’t afford!”

“F*ck you!” Kang Peng immediately swung his fist towards Zhu Yunbai’s face.

Bai Yu tried to stop the big bro, who was a sports student, but failed to do so.


At that moment, a hand gripped Kang Peng’s shoulders.

Ye Zichen walked over with a faint smile and shook his head, “Never mind, let him leave!”

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  1. The vixen refers to the Jade Faced Vixen (玉面狐狸), a concubine of the Ox Demon King.

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