Chapter 402 The System with a Terrible Sense of Humor

Chapter 402 – The System with a Terrible Sense of Humor


System Notification: Only 60 seconds remain to complete the current mission.

The system notification on Ye Zichen’s phone continuously flashed as if it was hurrying him to die. It was as if the person controlling the phone’s system had such a terrible sense of humor that it would ring once per second when only 60 seconds remained.

As the notification sounds continuously rang out in the room, Ye Zichen felt like he was about to break down. However, Lil’ White continued to look at him innocently, and refused to accept the qilin legs.

“These are Diting’s legs. Lil’ White, see it clearly, okay?”

Ye Zichen grabbed Lil’ White by his front legs, then placed the qilin legs on his claws. However, he struggled and shook his head.

“I know these are Diting’s qilin legs, but I can’t accept them,” Lil’ White’s tons were filled with determination and seriousness. Ye Zichen could see the desire in Lil’ White’s eyes when he looked towards the qilin legs, but he could also see a wall…

A wall that rejected the legs.

“Why don’t you want them? Lil’ White, are you trying to screw me over?” Ye Zichen’s forehead was already covered in tiny droplets of sweat. He looked at Lil’ White’s determined eyes and smiled wryly in confusion. “At the very least, you have to give me a reason!”


System Notification: 10 seconds remaining to complete the current mission.


System Notification: 9 seconds remaining to complete the current mission.

As the system notification sounds continuously rang out, Ye Zichen no longer forced Lil’ White after seeing Lil’ White truly refuse, and merely raised his eyebrows and spoke to his phone.

“Stop being so noisy. Lil’ White doesn’t want them… You are intentionally screwing me over, right!? Fine, fine, fine. You won, kill me!” Ye Zichen straightened his neck and closed his eyes as he awaited doomsday.


That was something he was definitely scared of.

However, what could he do? Lil’ White didn’t want the qilin legs, so he can’t exactly force Lil’ White just because something will happen to him.

After a long while…

When a good half a minute has passed, and the phone’s system notification sounds had already stopped for a long time.

Ye Zichen seemed to feel like he was still alive.

He raised his phone, and saw the system notification at the top…

System Notification: I was just kidding with you, why so serious? These qilin legs have other uses.

“F*ck you.”


Ye Zichen threw his phone down. To no surprise, his phone was completely unharmed when it landed, and it flew back to the sofa beside Ye Zichen.

System Notification: This is your second time throwing it to the ground. Do you really think that I won’t do anything to you?

“Just how bad is your sense of humor? Did you think that it was fun?”

Ye Zichen was extremely worried jut now, and if he had any heart diseases, then he might have just passed on.

But the system…

Actually told him that it was joking, and it was now threatening him once again.

“I don’t know what exactly you want, but you have to do as I say here. You definitely want me to do something by installing this crappy system onto my phone, right? Let’s negotiate…” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.


System Notification: Negotiate? What right do you have to negotiate with me? Do tell.

“Right? Me standing here is my right. I should be the spokesperson of your choice, right? You have never communicated with me so frequently before. It seems like… I have already reached the prerequisite of you setting me tasks to do?” Ye Zichen smiled.

The system paused for a moment, then responded.

System Notification: You might be thinking too much into it. I am only training you because I am rather interested in you.

System Notification: Also, you are not the only one with the system installed. Kid, don’t be too arrogant.


Ye Zichen’s face was filled with indescribable shock. He had assumed that all of the troubled had occurred due to his identity, but now…

It wasn’t just me.

Doesn’t this mean that there is someone in the Modern Realm who is able to deal with the Heavenly Court and the Underworld, while also being able to snatch red packets?

And that person might be in the groups?

System Notification: Shocked? Zezeze, what a cute child.

“What exactly are you?”

Ye Zichen felt like he was unable to endure all the pressure from the unknown anymore. Why is it that just when I’m about to get the hang of everything, something new would actually appear?

System Notification: You will naturally know who I am in the future. Don’t think too much into it. I can tell you that your progress is faster than the other person’s.

System Notification: You also have a higher intimacy level with the people from the Heavenly Court and the Underworld. Oh yeah, you should earn more intimacy level with the deities in the Heavenly Court and the Underworld. That will only be a benefit towards you in the future.

Ye Zichen merely glanced at his phone coldly in response.

Is it fun?

System Notification: Hehe… You really are a disobedient child. That one is so much more obedient compared to you, but he did go on the wrong path. It is a slight pity.

“Since that person is so obedient, then go and nurture him. Why was there a need of you to blabber so much with me in the middle of the night? You find this enjoyable?”

System Notification: Okay, then I won’t speak anymore to you. Let me just say one last thing. If you want to see that little girl with a holy spiritual body, then follow my main missions properly. Understood?

“It’s you!”

Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly. He stared straight at the screen, while the flames of anger in his heart burned…

System Notification: You are overthinking. Six Realms Patroller… That’s not something that I can control. He merely took her away because he thought that girl had talent. What I want to tell you is that if you follow my main missions, then there will be a day when you get there.

Ye Zichen let go of his clenched fists.

System Notification: How is it? Have you thought it through?

“Alright, then tell me what I should do.”

Ye Zichen bit his lips and smiled wryly as he sat down on the sofa, and read the system notification on his phone…

System Notification: Develop your Lil’ White well. Also, work hard in earning cultivation experience in the Heavenly Court. Buy all the secret scriptures you can buy in the Treasure Shop. As for the other things… You don’t seem to have spun the Lucky Roulette, which was part of your mission reward last time.

System Notification: That’s it. I look forward to you appearing in front of me, lucky child.

Then, all of the system notifications on the phone vanished, leaving Ye Zichen with an indifferent smile on his face.

“Boss, who were you talking to just now?” Lil’ White walked over carefully.

Ye Zichen rubbed his head and smiled softly, “To the phone… This phone was talking to me. Oh yeah, why did you say that you don’t want the qilin legs just now? That Diting seemed to be a canine as well can’t you use those?”

“I can, and I actually do want to use them,” Lil’ White’s ears drooped. “But if I use them, then I won’t be able to become a beast god in the future. I will only be a divine beast at best!”

“You’re young, but ambitious. Fine, tell me what you need in the future. I have to help you develop into a beast god. When you become amazing, then just beat up whoever bullies me.”

“No problem!”

Ye Zichen rubbed Lil’ White’s head a few times again, then clicked on the Lucky Roulette on his phone.

The system notification continuously told him to roll, so he was going to give it a shot!

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