Chapter 401 Abyssals

Chapter 401 – Abyssals

“Ye Zichen came out of it,” Song An squinted his eyes and said flatteringly.

“Came out?” the man on the sofa said indifferently.

Song An nodded, “It seems like he was injured quite heavily inside. He was being supported by the others when he came out.”

“Injured?” The man on the sofa raised his eyebrows, then shook his head in surprise. “This guy shouldn’t be that weak. Could I have overestimated him?”

Song An merely smiled coyly and did not dare to say anything in response.

Not long later, the man on the sofa smiled, “Turn a few more people into demons. I have to confirm how strong this Ye Zichen actually is.”

Then, he stood up from the sofa and walked towards the second floor with a dark smile.

“Don’t disappoint me!”

After Ye Zichen sent Su Yan back to the Su household, Ye Zichen, Wei Chen and Wei Teng went over to the teahouse.

All of the members on the third floor sat cross-legged on the floor as they cultivated. Wei Chen helped Ye Zichen into a room on the third floor, then closed the door.

“You can say it now, right?”

Ye Zichen said on a chair with a stark white face. Actually, what he should be doing was to go home and rest, but he was unable to rest peacefully after seeing what he had just seen.

“The situation right now is rather troublesome,” Wei Chen lit a cigarette and said after letting out a puff of smoke. “There is probably a person that can corrupt others around us. I had checked the surroundings while we were leaving… Although the demonic energy is dense, it isn’t pure. However, I did get there a bit too late, so I didn’t see their appearance, nor could I confirm or deny my guess. However, the chance of corrupting a person and turning them into an abyssal is above seventy percent.”


Ye Zichen tapped the tabletop lightly with his fingers, and recalled the appearance of the monsters he had seen.

They are indeed unlike the demons I have come into contact with, and they were very weak.

If I went at them at full strength, then I should have been able to deal with all those monsters, including the two monsters that were nearly ten meters tall.

“Then, what was the space just now?” Ye Zichen frowned.

“That is a self-protection method by the Modern Realm itself. When there is an existence threatening enough to disturb the order of the Modern Realm, it will automatically cut out a dimension to protect itself,” Wei Chen raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Of course, I’m not too sure whether someone is actually controlling that.”

Wei Chen rotated his arm, then stood up from the chair with a smile, “Basically, the situation over there is very troublesome. Since abyssals have already appeared, then more abyssals will appear in that dimension in the future. It seems like these little fellows and I won’t be able to have a comfortable life.”

“You guys…”

“Mhmm, let us take care of the abyssals in that dimension from now on. Boss Ye, hurry up and investigate the source of these abyssals!” Wei Chen smiled. “I don’t know why, but I have the feeling that you will be able to find something.”

“Okay, then leave it to me!” Ye Zichen nodded, then left with Lil’ White and Xia Keke.

Along the way of sending Xia Keke back home, Xia Keke continuously stared at him with a look of curiosity.

“Why are you looking at me?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Xia Keke couldn’t help but pout, “Was I mistaken just now? I just keep feeling like there’s a dragon in you?”

“You didn’t make a mistake, that was indeed a dragon,” Ye Zichen smiled, then told her about what happened between him and the old dragon god.

Hearing that, Xia Keke immediately blinked “Hehe, I want to learn too…”

“You’ve never learnt it before?” It was Ye Zichen’s turn to be shocked instead. Didn’t the old dragon god say that it’s dragon race’s secret scripture? How was it possible for Xia Keke not to have learnt it before?

“This secret scripture can only be learnt by dragon god candidates. I am a mere small fry, how could I possibly have the chance?” Xia Keke pouted unhappily.

Ye Zichen nodded understandingly, “Then wait till next time. The old dragon god said that he will find a time for me to enter his place. When I enter, then I’ll talk to him so that he will teach you as well.”

“Hurray, hurray!” Xia Keke clapped happily, then glanced at the mesmerizing moon. “It seems like it’s already really late. How about… let’s go and get a room.”

When Ye Zichen returned to the mansion, he noticed that Xiao Yumei had already gone to rest like he said she should.

He laid helplessly on his bed. Xia Keke seriously… just suggests getting a room randomly.

How can a proper boy like me casually go and get a room with a girl!

When Ye Zichen recalled Xia Keke’s expression after getting her proposal rejected, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile. Then, his mind was completely filled with the scene from earlier.

“Ugh, I’m so tired!”


System Notification: How was your first time in the Otherworld?


Ye Zichen was truly pissed. Who exactly was this guy supposed to be? He actually dared to come and ask me about how I feel? Was I supposed to give him a review?

“Is there something f*cking wrong with you? Come out if you can, stop doing these sorts of things behind back. It was actually you who gave me that Otherworld pass that the system gave me, right!?”

System Notification: Please calm yourself. If any more malicious attacks are heard, then the system will retract all of your gains, including real life money and the women around you.

“Fine, much wow,” Ye Zichen smiled wryly towards the phone, then put it high up beside his bed. “My lord, I don’t want to play with you anymore. It’s too late, I want to sleep.”


Dingdong your ass.

Ye Zichen directly turned the phone on silent, then covered his head with his blanket and proceeded to sleep, but the system notification continuously buzzed…

“Are you done!?”

Ye Zichen picked up the phone, and unlocked it…

System Mission Issued: Please hand Diting’s legs to Lil’ White within ten minutes.

Mission Reward: None.

Failure Punishment: You get it.

Current remaining time remaining: 3 minutes 17 seconds.

“I… Fine!”

Ye Zichen grabbed his phone, and immediately ran downstairs without even having time to put on his slippers. At that moment, Lil’ White was sleeping soundly in his nest. Ye Zichen immediately grabbed him out…


Lil’ White looked at him sleepily. Ye Zichen placed him onto the tea table and took out Diting’s four legs…

“For you, for you!”

“This…” Lil’ White opened his eyes white. He looked at Ye Zichen in shock. “Where did you get this?”

“I stole it!” Ye Zichen knitted his eyebrows and replied. When he turned to the menu…

The time was still ticking down.

Current remaining time: 1 minute 21 seconds.

“I already gave them to him. Is there something wrong with you? You’re still counting down?” Ye Zichen’s eyes had already turned red.


System Notification: Lil’ White didn’t accept it.

“Lil’ White, hurry up and put the legs away,” Ye Zichen quickly pushed the legs towards Diting again, but what he did not expect was…

“Boss, I can’t accept this!”

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