Chapter 40 Old Man Xiao’s Invitation

Chapter 40 – Old Man Xiao’s Invitation

Ye Zichen understood everything the moment he saw Li Jiayi.

No wonder the young man could spray his car even when the young man did not know him.

It seemed like he’s someone from the Golden Spring Hotel, and remembered his car plate after checking the security tapes.

The only thing Ye Zichen couldn’t understand was, just how did he play with Li Jiayi’s feelings?

“Jiayi, stop pulling on me! I have to make this monster with a human’s appearance pay!”

Li Chuang pushed back, causing Li Jiayi to fall onto the ground.

Ye Zichen quickly ran over to help her up, then frowned towards Li Chuang.

“Come at me with any issues you have with me, what are you pushing a girl around for?”

“Let go of me!”

Li Jiayi frowned, while Ye Zichen obediently let go of her.

At this moment, Li Chuang also ran over to Li Jiayi’s side to see if she was alright. Li Jiayi merely shook her head towards him and signaled him to get in the car.

“Jiayi, why are you still on his side after him doing what he did to you?”


Ye Zichen raised his hand to stop Li Chuang from speaking.

“I just don’t get it. What did I do to Li Jiayi? From the beginning when you randomly cursed me with the megaphone, to saying that I did something Li Jiayi… Just what did I do to her?”

“You are the best one to be clear about what you did yourself!” Li Chuang clenched his teeth and swore. “Scum!”


Ye Zichen was truly a bit confused, he didn’t know what the situation was at all.

If he really did something, he definitely would not push away the responsibilities, but he really didn’t do anything. Why did he have to take the blame?

“Li Jiayi, tell me, what did I do to you?”


Li Jiayi directly slapped Ye Zichen.


Some of Ye Zichen’s roommates immediately came up to him, while the surrounding students also exclaimed quietly.

Ye Zichen raised his hand to stop them, then licked his lips and smiled towards Li Jiayi.

“Li Jiayi, you’ve got you have a reason for hitting me, right? I saved you yesterday, just what do you mean by this?”

“Ye Zichen, let’s just say I was wrong about you. I didn’t request you to take responsibility towards me, but you don’t need to hide it like this, right?”

“How am I hiding?”

“I truly was wrong about you. Ye Zichen, I hate you.”

Li Jiayi pulled Li Chuang into the taxi, while Ye Zichen stood on the spot like a man made out of wood, as he stared dumbly at the taxi that disappeared from view.

Just what the f*ck did I do?

“Ye-zi, what’s going on?” Kang Peng came over and asked curiously.

“Even I don’t know what’s going on, what am I supposed to say when you ask me?”

The scene just now had truly confused Ye Zichen. When he woke up in the morning, Li Jiayi had said some weird things to him.

He thought that the woman had her period, and so was in a bad mood.

But f*ck, she ran over to his school at noon again and said a bunch more random stuff.

What the hell!

“No, Ye-zi, what does your family actually do? Is that Porsche 918 yours?”

“Stop bothering me!”

Ye Zichen swore, then looked at that Porsche, which was sprayed to the point it was unrecognizable. Then he took out his phone to call Xiao Hai so that he would come and pick up the car. After which, he just returned to the room in annoyance.

“Where did you guys go? I wanted to find you guys! There’s a huge news in school! The student council president, Fu Chengming, appeared in the park beside the school in red underwear this morning. The thread is really heated up.”

Zhang Rui immediately started gossiping when they got back to the dorm.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth after hearing it. If it was known earlier, he might have been proud of his own designs for a while.

But now…

“Stop looking, the headline’s about to change later.”

Kang Peng looked at it for a moment before throwing the phone back. Zhang Rui looked at him in confusion, while Zhu Yunbai shrugged on the side.

“Fifth Bro’s going to be on the headlines once again!”

“What happened, what happened?”

It could be said that Zhang Rui was the most interested in gossip in the room.

He ran to Ye Zichen’s side with bare feet. Ye Zichen raised his foot and kicked him to the side, while swearing.

“F*ck off.”

“Hai-ge, I’m so sorry. The car you just gave me turned out like this.”

Ye Zichen said depressingly. Xiao Hai patted his shoulders without caring and laughed.

“You did piss off quite a lot of people. Just look at this spray, monster with a human’s appearance, just what sort of despicable thing did you do again?”

“What do you mean again?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth speechlessly. Xiao Hai also chuckled, signaled his subordinate to drive the car away, then laughed, “Do you need Hai-ge to help you deal with it?”

“Please don’t, it’s no big deal.”

When Xiao Hai spoke about helping him deal with it, that was definitely going to destroy them completely.

Li Chuang had sprayed the car for Li Jiayi, while Ye Zichen felt that there was certainly some misunderstanding between him and Li Jiayi.

However, he couldn’t think of where it could be from at the moment.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you. If you say there’s no need, then there’s no need.” Xiao Hai held Ye Zichen’s shoulders and said. “Actually, Hai-ge came because I had some business.”

“I knew it, if Big Boss Hai comes in person just to take the car away, it really wouldn’t make sense,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes as if he guessed it already.

Xiao Hai chuckled after hearing it, “I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it from you. Hai-ge came this time to invite you over to visit my home.”

“I’m not going,” Ye Zichen shook his head.

“You’re not giving Hai-ge face?” Xiao Hai showed an angry expression. “What’s more, not only Hai-ge wants to invite you, but our family’s old man wants to thank you in person as well.”

“The old man recovered?”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, he never would have thought that the Great Recovery Pill was that useful. He should stock up some more Great Recovery Pills in the future, since they might able to save his life if he gets some sort of disease in the future.

“Not completely, but more or less.”

Xiao Hai’s expression was filled with joy. The old man recovering was a huge joyous thing for the Xiao family.

More importantly, the burden on his shoulders had also decreased a little.

Although Ye Zichen called him Hai-ge, he wasn’t much older than Ye Zichen. He was only twenty-four.

He had to manage such a large corporation at the age of twenty-four, and it was without any prior notice.

He did have a lot of pressure.

“Lil’ Ye, just go. The old man gave the orders, he must see you. If you don’t go, Hai-ge will also be troubled.”

Xiao Hai showed a “please” expression. Ye Zichen thought about it, then raised his eyebrows.

“I have lessons in the afternoon.”

“Isn’t it fine if you skip, Hai-ge skipped quite a few lessons when he was in school too. This isn’t a reason for you to refuse.”

“I have stuff to do at night.”

“What stuff?”

“None of your business,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. He made this up, but all of a sudden, he couldn’t think of a good excuse.

“If you’re not saying it, then it’s nothing. Don’t messing with Hai-ge. You’re going if you want to, you’re still going even if you don’t want to.”

With that, Xiao Hai grabbed Ye Zichen and chucked him into the car.

Ye Zichen shouted towards the outside, while banging on the car window.

“Help, kidnapping!”

Xiao Hai chuckled, then shouted at the driver.

“Start driving back to the Xiao family!”

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