Chapter 399 Otherworld

Chapter 399 – Otherworld

“Master, Ye Zichen is already going towards the incident location.” Song An’s sinister chuckle sounded out within the room.

The man on the sofa nodded, “Just treat it as a present for him. How strong are the ones inside?”

“They are all normal people who have been demonified. Their strength is around the spiritual body level, so they won’t pose Ye Zichen any threat at all,” Guo Jing said as she wore a light gown.

Song An couldn’t help but gulp when he saw her beautiful figure hidden beneath the piece of clothing.

“Hehe, you like?” the man on the sofa smiled.

Song An instantly shook his head, “No, no!”

“Don’t be nervous. Work for me properly. As for her… I’ll give her to you,” the man on the sofa directly said so in front of Guo Jing.

Guo Jing was momentarily stunned, but she did not dare to voice any objection.


At that moment, the phone she placed on the tea table vibrated. When she saw the message on it, she turned around to the man on the sofa.

“That guy is calling me, he might want to ask me out on a date.”

“Then go. Your mission is just to accompany him. Slowly infiltrate amongst them, then give Ye Zichen a huge present.”

“Okay,” Guo Jing left the living room with a nod, while Song An’s gaze remained fixated on her alluring body.

“Alright, stop looking. I told you that I will give her to you. But, she’s still my plaything right now. Hurry up and see where Ye Zichen is now?”

Song An instantly shrunk his neck and shifted his gaze, “He already arrived.”

“Lil’ White, it’s here, right?”

Ye Zichen parked his Panamera on the side of the street. However, he did not notice any abnormality when he got out, nor did he see Xia Keke and co…

“In here!”

As Lil’ White called out, Ye Zichen began to walk into the alleyway on the side of the street, but Lil’ White held him back by the edge of his trousers.

“What now?” Ye Zichen asked in confusion. He could feel just how dangerous it was for Xia Keke and co. from the call just now, so he had to hurry!

“Not in here like here, but here like there…”

Lil’ White suddenly said something random.

“What kind of crap are you saying?”

Lil’ White spun on the spot anxiously, since he wasn’t sure how to explain it.


At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone rang. He took it out and saw a system notification.

You received Otherworld Pass x1. The possessor of this pass gains the right to enter the Otherworld.

Ye Zichen clicked open his WeChat Treasure chest in confusion. The moment he withdrew the pass, he saw it lit up with a blinding light. When his sight finally recovered, he noticed that he had already in another world.

“It’s this place!” Lil’ White jumped up.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen nodded, while he turned even more vigilant.

He looked around. It’s still the street from before.

However, the street was now in shambles, while dense demonic swirled around the space above the streets.


Suddenly, Ye Zichen heard a loud noise.

“That way!”

He quickly ran towards the source of the sound, but when he got there…

“What exactly is this!”

Slimes filled the street, while two nearly ten-meter tall humanoids stood behind them.


Every single time they breathed, the demonic energy in the surroundings became denser.


A huge dragon roar sounded out from the corner of the streets, then not long later, a the mirage of a golden dragon passed through the monsters.

When the golden dragon mirage disappeared, the Slimes were also reduced to demonic energy before vanishing.


There were just too many Slimes. Even though the mirage was very powerful, it was unable to stop their advancement.

“Keke!” Ye Zichen’s pupils contracted. The ones in the corner of the street was Xia Keke and Su Yan.

“Break!” Ye Zichen yelled, while his swung his fist towards the monsters with a might that could break through winds.

A ball of flame also appeared in Lil’ White’s mouth…


A red wave instead appeared in front of him, incinerating a large area filled with Slimes.

“Lil’ White, good job,” Ye Zichen smiled. It seems like Lil’ White evolved again.


Soul Pearl Yiyuan, which had remained in him begun to deploy a water barrier without Ye Zichen’s orders and covered Xia Keke and Su Yan.

“Water blade….”

Several hundred blades made out of water suddenly appeared in the sky. They shimmered with a fear-inducing light, completely scattering all of the Slimes on the streets.

“Ye Zichen…” Obvious terror filled Xia Keke’s face. When Ye Zichen walked next to them, she immediately leaped on him.

Su Yan had wanted to as well, but when she saw Xia Keke beside Ye Zichen, she merely smiled wryly, then bit her lips and shuddered on the spot.

“Just what happened? How did you guys end up here?”

Ye Zichen had no time to care about anything else, as he fixed his gaze on the area outside the water barrier, he saw that slimes had filled the streets once again, while the two ten-meter tall figures also slowly advanced towards them.

“I don’t know!” Xia Keke sobbed. She trembled, then clenched her teeth. “We… just came back together after a meal, but when we got here, everything turned like this…”

Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then patted their shoulders.


Lil’ White, who was behind him, suddenly shouted. Ye Zichen turned back and saw that the slimes had already bitten a whole in the water barrier.

“Don’t let them touch you, those slimes are corrosive!” Su Yan suddenly spoke up. Only then did Ye Zichen notice a red mark on her arm.

“Are you alright!?” Ye Zichen quickly grabbed her arm.

Su Yan shook her head and smiled, “I’m fine. Keke already treated it for me. It shouldn’t leave a scar!”

Ye Zichen nodded softly, then turned around and kicked the slime, which had already gotten into the barrier, out. “Keke, protect Su Yan… Seriously, these monsters are endless.”


A ray of golden light suddenly shimmered around Ye Zichen’s body, then a faint mirage of an ancient dragon appeared behind him…

“Dragon?” Xia Keke raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“All of you, die!” Ye Zichen’s fist was covered with a gold light.

However, at that very moment, the slimes on the street suddenly disappeared, while the two monsters nearly ten-meters tall also collapsed.




A purple-haired and black-skinned boy suddenly appeared on the end of the streets. He tilted his head and raised his eyebrows at the places where the monsters disappeared from.

“Too weak. I can’t get excited at all!”

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