Chapter 398 - Genius

Chapter 398 - Genius

“Kid, I can be sure right now that you truly lack any attributes. You’re not the person with all five attributes like you said!” the old Dragon God squinted his eyes. At that moment, Ye Zichen was already sitting on the floor dejectedly.

He tried all five of the elements…

But he made no progress at all.

According to what the old Dragon God said, even a pig might have been able to get a grasp of things. What’s more, those were merely secret scriptures of the lowest level, and the Dragon God had guided Ye Zichen personally.

“Fine, then let it be. What do you think I should do now!” Ye Zichen shrugged.

The Old Dragon God frowned, “In this sort of situation, it seems like you can only learn from some support secret scriptures, and some body tempering ones. However, the body tempering secret scriptures of the dragon race cannot be handed over to outsiders recklessly.”

“Look at what you’re saying! How can you treat me as an outsider!?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “No matter what, you are my master. Even a single day as a master is like being a father for life. That means that you’re my godfather right now. Since you’re my godfather, then I am related to the dragon race. Then… I’m part of the dragon race!”

“…” the Old Dragon was also completely speechless by Ye Zichen’s argument. “Since you put it that way, then you’re saying that I have to give you the dragon race’s body tempering secret scripture?”

“Hey… Look at you? How do you want to treat your godchild…?”

“Never mind, this old dragon does like the look of you, so it’s fine to let you try! But if you fail, then don’t blame this old dragon for erasing it from your memories!”

“Sure! No problem!”


A golden secret scripture, which was obviously a top-tier one, flew in front of Ye Zichen. Ye Zichen immediately reached up to grab it, but the old Dragon God stopped him.

“Don’t be too proud and arrogant. You cannot endure reading too far ahead right now. Start training from the most basic Dragon Spirit. Let’s see how you do.”

“Alright,” Ye Zichen opened the secret scripture with a chuckle. The moment he flipped it open, he felt like the characters were like living dragons, and were glaring at him.

This secret scripture is truly different…

Ye Zichen muttered silently to himself, then started to continue reading, only to find that he was unable to endure it after the second character.

“Focus your mind, clear your thoughts… If you can’t continue, then don’t. Maintain the calmness in your heart!”


Ye Zichen nodded heavily, then discarded all of the thoughts in his mind.

When he finally did so, he felt as if he had merged into one with the book. All that was left in his world was the characters in the manual. He felt as if he was even starting to discard his own body.

Gradually, he began to read faster and faster, and the initial situation of being unable to endure reading further did not happen.

In the blink of an eye, he had already finished reading half of the information regarding the Dragon Spirit.

Meanwhile, the old Dragon God was completely dumbfounded. Even when the dragons had flourished the most, the shocking geniuses within their tribe did not reach the level that Ye Zichen was at.

When a faint mirage of a dragon slowly appeared around Ye Zichen’s body and entered his skin, the old Dragon God completely spaced out…

Reading, comprehending and absorbing at the same time. How was this possible!?


He’s an absolute genius!

At that moment, the old Dragon God completely surpassed all of the shock in his heart. He wanted to see just how far Ye Zichen could go, and whether Ye Zichen could be able to completely finish reading the information about the Dragon Spirit, and absorb it at the same time.


Ye Zichen suddenly spat out a mouthful of golden blood.

The Dragon God quickly patted his back and closed the secret scripture. “What happened? You can’t read further?”

“I really can’t. The information within the Dragon Soul gives me too much pressure. I feel like I can look at it a bit more after I reach the Earth Immortal level, but definitely not now,” Ye Zichen waved his hands weakly.

However, the old Dragon God instantly opened his eyes wide… “You said you can see the Dragon Soul?”

“Sure. I’ll be honest, your secret scripture is truly a good thing. I feel like I’m much more energetic and my body is filled with power!” Ye Zichen waved his fist, causing the sound of his fist shooting through the air.

The old Dragon God looked at him in shock, then rest his gaze upon the golden blood. Wait, only those that reach the level one of Dragon Soul will change their blood…

He has golden blood from the start. Are you messing with the entire dragon race?

If we had such an amazing person in the dragon race back then, then we wouldn’t have been pretty much eradicated. Seriously… It is clearly a secret manual for the dragon race, yet a human is so successful when tempering using it.

“Old Dragon God!”

“Hmm?” the Dragon God looked back, then patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder. “Alright. This is it for your training today. I will drag you back in here tomorrow night and get you to read up on the Dragon Spirit once again. You might have a new understanding of it then.”

“No problem!”

When Ye Zichen left the Dragon God’s space, it was nearly night. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw Xiao Yumei lying resting beside his bed.

He gently flipped the blanket over, but Xiao Yumei was still awoken.

“Zichen, you woke up!”

Xiao Yumei robbed her red eyes, which were filled with joy.

“Sorry, I made you worry!”

There was no doubt that Xiao Yumei was definitely worried about the situation he was in earlier the morning. That was undoubtedly why she asked Mother Ye for the key to his bedroom in order to take care of him.

The Dragon God is right. Even if I get injured, I have to lick my wounds in secret, and not always cause the people around me to worry.

It seems like lions weren’t the king of beasts for nothing. They were proud all the time, and still held their heads up high even after returning.

That’s what a true man should be like!

“Why are you apologizing to me? You should be hungry after sleeping for so long. How about I make you something to eat? Mom just went to sleep, so I think that we shouldn’t disturb her!”

“I’m not…” Just as Ye Zichen wanted to say that he wasn’t hungry, his disappointing tummy grumbled.

Xiao Yumei smiled, then pecked his lips, “Wait for me, I’ll immediately go and make something nice for you.”

Then, she left the bedroom. Not long after Xiao Yumei left, the door to Ye Zichen’s bedroom suddenly opened. Lil’ White came in through the gap and jumped onto Ye Zichen’s bed.


“Hey, little fellow, are you worried about me?” Ye Zichen smiled.

Lil’ White nodded, then spoke up with a solemn expression, “Boss, I do want you to get a good rest. But I feel like you would get angry if I don’t tell you!”

“What is it? Say it…”

“There’s demonic energy nearby.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. However, before he spoke up, his phone suddenly rang.

The caller ID was Xia Keke. When he put his picked up the call, he heard the screams of several girls…

“Go away… You ugly thing. F*ck off!”

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